Best Mid Lane Streamers (League of Legends)

Hello, League of Legends players, are you ready for another article in which we will share with you interesting and useful information from the world of League of Legends. 

League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular gaming franchises with over a million players. 

In addition to the game itself, League of Legends has found its place in Netflix production with the animated series Arcane, and in spin off games such as Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift (mobile version of League of Legends) and Teamfight Tactics. 

We could list until tomorrow where all our favorite champions are represented, but this is enough. Today we will present our selection of the 5 best mid lane streamers whose content can teach you new tricks or just make you laugh after a hard day.

Being a League of Legend streamer today is a very desirable occupation. League of Legends professional streamers make a very good amount of money doing what they enjoy – playing League of Legends. 

All of these players started out as amateur players, playing for fun, but over time they developed their gaming skill so much that it would be a shame to keep it to themselves.

Because of this, they decided to create profiles on various streaming sites like YouTube, Twitch, Discord or some other site. They soon began to gather fans and make money, some will say, a dream career.

League of Legends streamers can be divided into different categories, but most often we can distinguish them by the role they play. Today we will talk about mid lane streamers, whose main task is to show how to play in mid lane, of course.

Mid lane is a favorite part of Summoner’s Rift for most players. Mid lane is perfectly positioned, relatively short distance from the base and the right center where teamfights take place. 

Also, the jungle is very close so junglers can come and help the mid lane player at any time. Mid lane is definitely lane that is highly desirable in every match, and champions who are meant for mid lane pose a great danger once they collect all the items and go for the win. 

Especially since it is somehow common for all action to take place in mid lane, mid lane leads to enemy base and Nexus so players should be careful and try to keep their turrets in mid lane for as long as possible while aggressively attacking enemy turrets in hope to clear the mid lane before the enemy team.

Therefore, any advice is welcome, any information is useful, and any professional streamer who is happy to share their knowledge with the audience deserves a standing ovation. 

We have selected 5 mid lane streamers that we think are the best in their job, some of which you may have already heard of, and some of which will be unknown to you. 

Our advice is to take a look at each of them, to check if you like their way of playing and to decide whether to become their fan and listen to the tips or bypass them. The choice is entirely yours, so let’s go.

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5. Bjergsen

If you’ve been in the League of Legends world for years then you probably know about Bjergsen. Bjergsen is a Danish professional League of Legends player who plays for Team Liquid. 

Bjergsen has been playing mid lane for many years and is truly the perfect coach for anyone who wants to learn how to do their best and play the best match with mid lane champions. 

What makes Bjergsen special is that he is very relaxed and his content is always very entertaining. 

Probably because of that and he has a lot of fans, his energy is simply addictive. He usually plays with Ahri, LeBlanc Zed or some other champions, so if they are your favorites – find content that Bjergsen creates.

4. PeekinWoof

PeekinWoof is a streamer who really wants to educate his audience. Kudos to him, creates quality content through which its viewers can learn a lot and then apply it in their games. 

You can find it on YouTube where it regularly posts new content. His videos are fun, and at the same time instructive – the perfect combination. He also plays with different champions, so everyone who wants to learn something new will be able to see him play as a Mage or as an Assassin. 

PeekinWoof can boast of being in the Challenger tier, another reason why you should listen carefully to his advice on how to play the mid lane role.

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3. Midbeast

Midbeast is an ideal choice if it is more important to you that the streamer is interesting, energetic and humorous. 

He is very funny, but he tries to analyze each of his games in detail so that his viewers can learn new tips on how to play in mid lane. His fans love to watch him approach games with a dose of humor and relaxation, and yet he does so professionally that he will rarely make the wrong move.

If you like to play Twisted Fate or Taliyah, get to know Midbeast because he usually plays with Twisted Fate and knows all the possibilities of this quality League of Legends champion. What are you waiting for, find Midbeast on his YouTube channel today!

2. Coach Curtis

We can’t always have fun, if we want to be professional we have to learn a little too. Coach Curtis has one big goal – to become the best mid lane coach in the whole world. 

And so far he is doing very well. Coach Curtis adores theoretical knowledge, he believes that theory is a necessary basis before starting a real game. Because of this, Coach Curtis focuses on a theory that he explains very precisely to his viewers, most often on his YouTube channel where he is most active. 

He’s the perfect streamer if you really take League of Legends as a serious game you might want to make money from when you’ve honed your knowledge and gameplay enough. 

Don’t expect overly fun content, but prepare a notebook in which you will write down everything that this professional coach can teach you about League of Legends.

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1. Froggen

Another Danish professional League of Legends game, Froggen, is currently working as a professional streamer for Luminosity Gaming. 

Froggen has been in the League of Legends world since the very beginning, back in 2011, which means he really knows what he’s doing and is highly regarded in the professional gaming world. 

Froggen mostly plays with Anivia, and in his videos we can see an equal dose of fun content as well as quality tips with which his viewers can improve their gameplay. 

Froggen is really deserved in the first place because his experience means a lot to new players who want to learn just about everything about the mid role. You can find his content on his official YouTube channel.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends streamers strive to pass on their knowledge to those who follow them, and this is the best and fastest way to improve your own gaming skill – by watching professionals. 

Of course, in addition to watching their videos, you need to apply the same strategies, so if you watch streamers to learn something, always record what you think will be useful to you in the next match.

Of course, even if you want to watch others play League of Legends during breaks from playing League of Legends, choose streamers whose content is a little more fun and a little less intended for actually analyzing different gaming strategies.

However, you won’t go wrong with whichever streamer you choose to follow, and if there are any other mid lane streamers not mentioned here, be happy to share them with us. And have fun playing League of Legends!

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