Best Passive Abilities in League of Legends

Every champion in League of Legends has a different passive. The passive of a champion is usually built around the role of the champion and what it’s designed to do. 

For that reason, some passives grant increased stats like armor or magic resist, and some grant shields, heals, attack speed, forms of crowd control or boosts to the champion. There are a lot of passives in the game that people often call out as being bad and useless, some of them are Shyvana’s or Kog Maw’s passives. 

But, there are many passives that players look at as being great or borderline broken. Many passives play a big part in why a champion is good, and some champions are even picked just because of their passive. 

With that being said, in this article, I will list the top 10 best passives in League of Legends, in no particular order.

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1. Ornn’s Living Forge

Ornn’s passive consists of 3 parts, from which the first one grants Ornn an increase of 10% for his bonus armor, magic resist, and health and an additional 4% every time he upgrades a teammate’s Mythic Item. 

Even though these bonuses are great by themselves and boost his tankiness, the other two parts of his passive make Living Forge a great passive. The second part of Ornn’s passive gives him the ability to be the only champion that can purchase items (excluding consumable items) from anywhere on the map. 

While most champions need to go back to base, Ornn can buy items while laning or preparing for an objective without wasting time going back to base. Buying the item takes 4 seconds, and can be interrupted if Ornn takes damage, disabling the passive for a few seconds. 

The third and final part of Living Forge is perhaps the strongest of them all, which gives Ornn the ability to upgrade his and his teammate’s Mythic Items. When reaching level 13, Ornn upgrades his Mythic item and with each level up (14, 15, 16, 17) he can upgrade his teammate’s items. 

He upgrades his teammates by just standing near them and clicking on the character. Each upgraded item has 1000 gold worth of additional stats. That means with hitting level 17 and upgrading the last Mythic item of one of his teammates he has granted his team 5000 gold worth of additional stats for free. 

Ornn’s passive has great usage, he gains free stats, and can buy items from anywhere, which is especially valuable in lane since it can give him a great item advantage. 

Finally, he can upgrade his and his teammate’s mythic items, which can be useful if his team is behind in gold, giving himself and his team free stats to close the gold gap, if the game is even, it can give his team the edge, and if his team is winning it can help accelerate the game.

2. Karthus’s Death Defied

Karthus’s passive is activated when Karthus takes lethal damage, after which he enters a state where he becomes untargetable, but he is unable to move. 

The passive lasts 7 seconds and in those 7 seconds he can use all of his abilities free of cost, and if Defile (E) is learned, the ability will be triggered and will remain on during the duration of the passive. 

It is important to note that his ultimate ability, Requiem (R) gets disabled 4 seconds after the passive is triggered, so make sure to use your ultimate on time. 

Karthus’s passive can be very useful in team fights or in close skirmishes in which he can deal lots of damage with his E being on, as well as throwing out Q’s and using his wall (W) that slows enemies and reduces their magic resistance. 

One of the best runes you can take on Karthus that works excellent with his passive is Last Stand in the Precision tree. Last Stand gives you the ability to deal 5% increased damage to champions while below 60% maximum health. 

This increases based on your missing health, up to 11% increased damage while below 30% maximum health. With Karthus being dead while in his passive you can fully use this rune and its 11% increase damage. 

This rune is almost always used on Karthus as it gives him increased damage, which is especially valuable for damaging champions with Requiem while being in his passive, as the ultimate hits all of the enemies.

3. Evelynn’s Demon Shade

Evelynn activates her passive after 4 seconds of not performing actions that break stealth, like clearing jungle camps, killing minions, combat with champions, or taking damage from turrets. 

When she is below 20-590 health (based on level) (+250% ap), Evelynn heals 15-75(based on level) every second. But, even though this is a great sustain tool for Evelynn, this is not what makes her passive great. After level 6, Demon Shade also grants camouflage. 

The camouflage brings Evelynn to another level and gives her a lot of assassination options. Let’s quickly explain her camouflage and how it works. After 4 seconds of not being damaged, she will activate Demon Shade and become camouflaged, you can notice a circle around her. 

That circle is 700 range and everyone outside of that circle cannot see her. Anyone who even for a second gets inside the circle will immediately see her. The great thing about her camouflage is that it’s hard to play around, especially with vision, since regular wards can’t see her in Demon Shade, while control wards will reveal her. 

In order to give Evelynn a bit of warning when face-checking bushes, she gets an exclamation point over her head whenever an enemy champion or a pink ward can see her. 

Pink wards in bushes are revealed to her in bushes if she is camouflaged and in range, but not a champion if he is in that same bush. Demon Shade can be very valuable if used correctly, because of her kit and her ability to quickly burst enemy champions, she can kill someone and get out without her target seeing it coming. 

Since regular wards cannot see her, one way that Evelynn can be countered is if you place wards on her jungle camps. You can see her while she is in combat with the jungle camps and from there see where she is heading and predict her movement.

4. Corki’s Hextech Shrapnel Shells and The Package

Corki has 2 passives. The first one makes Corki’s abilities modified to deal 80% AD magic damage and 20% AD physical damage. But the second part of Corki’s passive is what makes it really good, and that’s The Package. 

After 10 minutes Corki gets a package delivered to the fountain that he can pick up by right-clicking it. By doing so his W ability, Valkyrie, gets replaced by Special Delivery and he gains 40% movement speed. 

For 60 seconds he has Special Delivery, and when he picks it up everyone in the game can hear a loud horn that indicated that the package has been picked up. When used, it knocks aside all enemies hit in his path leaving a trail of fire for 5 seconds. 

Enemies knocked aside or that are stepping in the trail are burned and slowed for 2 seconds. The burn deals 7.5-25(based on level) (+50% bonus AD) (+6% AP) magic damage every 0.25 seconds. 

He gets a new package 5 minutes after casting the previous one. Corki’s package is one of the highest dealing abilities in League of Legends, stepping into the trail of fire can kill you if you don’t have a lot of resistance and health. 

Using it correctly can be game-winning since it deals a lot of damage and with the knockback, it can separate the whole enemy team, leaving a trail of fire that will do a lot of damage if someone steps on it. 

Picking it up 30 seconds before a Baron or a Dragon spawns is the best way to bring your maximum damage to important and big team fights.

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5. Braum’s Concussive Blows

Braum’s passive allows his basic attacks and his Q, Winter’s bite, to apply a stack of Concussive Blows to their target for 4 seconds. Concussive Blows stacks up to 4 times, refreshing with each time it applies a stack. 

Braum and any allied champion can apply stacks with their basic attack or on-hit abilities. When you stack it 4 times, it deals 26-196(based on level) magic damage and stuns the target for 1.25-1.75 seconds. 

This effect cannot be applied to the same target for a few seconds. Braum’s whole hit is designed to mostly peel for his teammates, with his E shielding any incoming damage, but his passive can be used offensively, to chase down targets or to dominate 2 v 2 bot lane duels. 

Furthermore his passive is also extremely useful for peeling and protecting his teammates, especially the Marksman who can easily apply Concussive Blows stacks. 

Braum goes extremely well with Lucian in lane, as Lucian’s passive allows him to auto-attack twice in a quick manner after using an ability, which means he can quickly and effectively apply Concussive Blows on his target. 

His passive is great in skirmishes where he can apply his passive on multiple targets, which makes Braum a great champion to be paired up with his jungler, with invades and contesting objectives.

6. Jinx’s Get Excited!

Jinx’s passive allows her to gain 175% bonus movement speed which decays over 6 seconds after she gets a takedown against an enemy champion, epic monster, turret, or inhibitor within 3 seconds of damaging them. 

In addition, she gains 25% total attack speed and is allowed to exceed the attack speed cap in that duration. This may seem like a pretty basic passive but it’s at the core of what makes Jinx a great late-game carry. 

Getting only one takedown in a team fight can mean that Jinx can take over the whole fight and win the game for her team. The movement speed helps her kite easier and chase down enemies, while her attack speed bonus helps her put down insane amounts of damage.

7. Draven’s League of Draven

Draven gains a stack of Adoration every time he catches a Spinning Axe (Q), kills a non-champion, or destroys a turret. When Draven kills an enemy champion he consumes all of the Adoration stacks and gains 40 + (2.5 x stacks) bonus gold. If Draven dies he loses 75% of his Adoration Stacks. 

This passive has a high reward if the player manages to use it correctly. Draven is a strong laner and if he procs his passive frequently or cashes out while having a lot of Adoration stacks, that can snowball him and give him a major gold lead. 

On the flip side, it can be very hard to use your passive and kill an enemy, before dying and losing all of your stacks. 

But the possibility to kill an enemy champion and gain bonus gold for doing so gives room for Draven to come back into the game if he is behind and carry his team.

8. Brand’s Blaze

Brand’s abilities apply a stack of Ablaze, which deals 2.5% of enemies’ maximum health. Applying 3 stacks of Ablaze forms a fire area around the target that explodes after 2 seconds, damaging all champions within the detonation dealing 9%-13% of their maximum health +2% per 100 AP. 

If an enemy champion that already has 2 stacks of Ablaze is hit by the fire area from another target, a fire area is also applied to him. Brand’s passive is highly underrated, but is especially important now, amid the durability patch. 

In this patch, besides armor and magic resist growth, champions were granted +70 bonus health and +14 health growth. 

With that said you can see why the percentages of damage based on maximum health in Brand’s passive is very important and powerful. 

His tick and burn damage goes a long way in prolonged fights and is great against champions with high health numbers. Considering every champion gained health from the durability patch, Brand’s passive is even more powerful than before.

9. Senna’s Absolution

Senna’s basic attacks and damaging abilities apply a stack of mist on enemy champions, which can be collected if she attacks them again. 

When enemies die near Senna, they may spawn a Mist Wraith from their corpse, which Senna can collect. For each stack of Mist, Senna gains 0.75 bonus attack damage and for every 20 stacks, she also gains 20 bonus attack range and 10% critical chance. 

If the critical strike chance goes over 100%, 35% of the excess is converted into life steal. Senna’s passive is all about stacking and scaling. This makes her a monster in the later stages of the game. 

Since she doesn’t need to kill minions to get souls, she doesn’t have to farm, and often she is paired up bot lane playing as a support, but buying damage items. She can be paired up with another Marksman or a Support champion that will farm and buy the needed items, while Senna picks up souls and scales. 

The great thing about Senna’s passive is that it makes her usable in creative ways and paired up with champions who are often not played bot lane, and even if she doesn’t farm, the stats she gains from her passive alone are enough to make her extremely strong.

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10. Bard’s Traveller’s Call

Chimes appear at random locations and they stay there for 10 minutes. Bard can collect these chimes, granting him 24% bonus movement speed out of combat for 7 seconds, stacking 5 times. 

He also gains 20 experience and 12% maximum mana per chime collected. With collecting these chimes he upgrades his Meeps each time he collects 5. Meeps are small spirits that follow Bard and on attack he consumes a Meep, dealing 35 (+14 pet 5 chimes collected) (+30%AP) bonus magic damage. 

Collecting chimes upgrades the Meeps, at 5 chimes, the Meeps slow the target and damage it based on the number of chimes. At 15, the Meeps deal splash damage as well as those in a cone behind the target. At 35 chimes the radius of the cone is increased. 

It may seem like Bard’s passive isn’t something special, but in reality, the Meeps do a lot of damage and the slow can be a great setup to apply damage or Crowd Control by Bard or his teammates. 

Furthermore the fact that the chimes grant experience is an often overlooked mechanic since Bard will keep up in levels even if he roams a lot, which can result in him having an experience advantage over the enemy support, while his Marksman is also a level up. 

The bonus movement speed is also a great attribute, as it helps Bard to quickly move to other lanes, create pressure, contest objectives, and counter gank or invade with his jungler. 

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