The Most Played And Popular Roles in League of Legends (Ranked)

The most popular roles in League of Legends are those roles that players prefer to play more than others. For instance, if a player is better with Zoe, they will often pick Mid lane. But, there’s also a second option to choose another role where the gamers pick the role to improvise and adapt to win the match.

Naturally, if the gamer picks the top lane as a primary role, they are used to it and can deal with difficult situations. However, if they get picked as their secondary option, they will play with a champ that they can manage to play. 

For example, I main the Jungle lane – I have it as a primary role – and for my secondary option, I go for the Top lane role. If I get the Jungle role, I always pick my main champion (if he’s not banned), but if I get the Top lane role, I always go with Nasus because I can manage to win Top lane.

And ranked games are much more challenging than the normal ones because of the focus and thinking we put into them. We all want to play our main role and win with it – to get LP and get out of Silver, of course!

Now let’s jump into the topic of this article. So, here are the most popular roles in League of Legends ranked from least to most picked:

5. Support (17.2%)

About the Support Role

The support role is in the last place of most popular roles in League of Legends. Most players avoid going for support because not many gamers prefer to solo queue with a random player and risk a match. 

Good support needs to dominate the entire lane and match with wisdom, precision, champion, and support role mastery. Each matchup can be defeated if the support synergy with the ADC player. But, most times, this doesn’t happen, and that’s why most players avoid playing the support role.

The best way to enjoy this role is if you’re playing on Bot lane with a premade friend. This way, you and your partner know each other and play styles so that you can carry yourself to victory.

First of all, you’re a hostage if you play solo queue. Second, it takes character not to deal massive amounts of damage and only to support as much as you can. Third, it takes a little longer to build the items than other roles. Lastly, it sucks when your premade friend can’t play with you, and now you’re risking it.

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4. Top (18.8%)

About the Top Lane Role

The top lane role is slightly more played than the support lane. And that’s because most players often feel lonely at Top. Hence, most players want to be within the action and enjoy the game. But, the top lane role can feel long, and if not played correctly, players can fall behind and never return to normal.

The gamers who play on the top lane often need to split push, watch out from ganks, control the minion wave, try not to feed the enemy, and try not to fall too far back. 

The top lane role is in the last row of most popular roles, and that’s not because the top role is terrible or something, but because it’s one of the roles that is not picked that much. Generally, it’s not that easy to play on top lane, and the fact that gamers need to focus on so much can sometimes overwhelm them.

Why Is the Top Lane Role in Fourth place?

First of all, as we mentioned, it gets quite lonely being with only the enemy top laner. Second, it’s a role that requires more knowledge to play the champions. Third, it’s a role that gets only a few ganks and helps per match. And lastly, it’s a role that can impact the game’s performance the most in the mid or late game phase.

3. Jungle (20.4%)

About the Jungle Role

The Jungle role is also called the “heart of the game.” This is a role where players need to focus on taking objectives (like Drakes, Barons, Rift Herald, and even Scuttle Crab), clearing camps quickly, gank lanes when presented with an opportunity trying to beat the enemy Jungler with everything. 

The Jungle role is what moves the temp of the match. For instance, if the Jungle player ganks a lane three times and they secure a kill – the lane is 99% won. And, there’s always that 1% chance that the ally laner can still screw the lane up and lose towers. 

But other than that, people enjoy playing this role because it’s very competitive and can help all allies – by continuously watching the minimap for incoming lane ganks. This way, the Jungler can inform their teammates to fall back and save their lives. 

Why is the Jungle Role in Third place?

First of all, in the Jungle role, it is effortless to clear camps; hence players can eat their food and farm in-game simultaneously. Secondly, It’s a role that offers every type of champion to lead the game. Thirdly, it’s a role that can help each laner dominate the game. And lastly, it’s a role that impacts the whole match.

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2. ADC (21.2%)

About the ADC Role

We have the ADC role in the second position of the most popular roles in League of Legends. It looks like many players want to play the ADC role. The lane offers many options to choose from. For instance, gamers can pick ranged ADC champions that are early solid and scalable champions at late, such as Vayne.

The risky situation also applies to the ADC role to the Support rule. It might be easier to win if you’re playing with a friend. But, if you do get matched with lousy support, then you can’t expect to do much.

The ADCs need to win the lane early to be helpful in the mid/late game. Because if Bot lane doesn’t have a tower destroyed, some kills, and a good number of farm – then they will quickly fall behind when the Mid phase comes.

Why is the ADC Role Second Most Played?

The ADC role can be easily oppressed, and some there are less complicated champions than any other role. Plus, players need to watch out for each matchup. They need to pick counter pick champs and also practice the ADC role. 

It’s not easy to play the role, although there aren’t many things that the ADC focuses on. For instance, the AD Carry focuses only on the minion wave, incoming ganks, and an excellent opportunity to engage the enemy. It’s simple, and yet so many players fall back behind. 

And one of the main reasons this role is so popular is because it gives a sense of security when playing with someone else on the lane. For example, the Top lane is always lonely, and the players are constantly looking out from ganks and can’t protect themselves if they get ganked. But, on the Bot lane, every ADC can be protected because there’s always their support to tell them to back off or heal them.

1. Mid (22.4%)

About the Mid Role

The Mid Role is the most played a role in League of Legends. And, I kind of get why people enjoy playing this role so much. Mid-lane gives the freedom to pick what is needed for the team. Let’s say your whole team has AD champions picked – then you can choose to play an AP champion like Syndra. But this can also happen the other way around. So, being always prepared to switch from AP to AD can tremendously help you win more matchups. 

Also, players must learn as many mid laners as possible because the gamers are banning more Mid laners than in any other lane. But, the best thing when playing Mid is the freedom to roam between lanes and still be current with your farm.

There are plenty of assassins picked on Mid lane, and they are perfect for killing the ADC carry. Especially if the enemy ADC is fed with kills and farms. Zed, for example, can kill the enemy AD carry in a matter of seconds. And nothing can stop him.

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Why Is The Mid Role The Most Played?

It’s a role that has a massive impact on the game where the most kills and assists happen. The Mid lane is aggressive and very fun to play. So, players often choose the Mid role to help the Jungler with objectives and mostly roam around Bot or Top lane to secure the kills. 

And it seems that the higher the risk of getting ganked, the more a role is played. Mid and Bot lanes are lanes where the most ganks happen, and I firmly believe players enjoy it when there’s a slight risk in the gameplay. 

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