What’s The Best Role To Get Out Of Bronze in LoL?

Nobody likes being stuck in elo hell. It’s something like the abyss that stares right back at you when you stare into it. If Dante had played League of Legends, he would have made being stuck in Bronze V the tenth circle of hell. There are lots of hilarious youtube clips on players struggling in elo hell. Regardless of which role you prefer playing, crawling out of the pit that is elo hell can be tough indeed.

With these harsh realities in mind, it becomes imperative to have a clear discussion on which role you can play to improve your chances of getting out of Bronze in LoL.

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Playing as Support means you get to choose the tone, speed, pace, and timing of battles and teamfights. It is up to you to engage the enemy AD carry and other squishy damage dealers, lure or rein them in for your teammates to finish the enemy off. 

After that, it’s pretty easy for your team to kill the surviving members of the opposing side and push towards the Nexus.

All that sounds pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, the reality is a lot more messy and complicated. You may decide to engage the enemy, but your teammate might not follow. 

That leaves you hanging alone with enemy champions coming at you. Sometimes the AD carry you are supporting might be just bad at CS, and that wastes half your efforts in the bot lane.

While the role of Support can help get you out of Bronze in LoL, it is not without its challenges.

AD Carry

The logic of AD carry is straightforward. Your Support aids you in the early game for you to grow in strength. You focus on getting kills and a high Creep Score to ensure you get those damage-dealing items faster than your opponent. 

AD carry is an instrumental part of the team, especially when it comes to taking down enemy towers, inhibitors, and the Nexus. So getting out of Bronze by choosing to play AD carry seems like a good option.

That being said, the role of AD carry has many occupational hazards. The enemy team, if they are smart about it, is always going to want to kill you first. Staying just out of enemy attack range during teamfights and having the presence of mind to jump in for the kill at the right time takes a lot of skill. 

If you navigate these game dynamics for the role of AD carry, you have a fighting chance to get out of Bronze in LoL. Otherwise, the challenges of playing ADC can be overwhelming.

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Many League of Legends players enjoy playing midlane for two simple reasons: you get lots of kills, and you can show off your skills in a 1v1 with your opponent. 

You can get kills because usually, the ideal choice for playing in the mid-lane is either a Mage or an Assassin or some combination of these characteristics. In other words, you can close in for a kill with the ability to do large amounts of burst damage. 

A good mid-laner roams around to help the top and the bot-lane and sometimes even helps the jungler! A strong Mage or an Assassin will kill the enemy AD carry before they can start inflicting pain on your teammate during teamfights. 

A high Kill/Deaths/Assists ratio is always good to boast about post-game credits. It would seem that being a strong mid-lane player can be a good choice for you to get out of Bronze in LoL.

However, you can’t do much in mid-lane if the enemy Jungler decides to babysit their mid-laner. With the threat of the Jungler or a roaming enemy Top-laner keeping you defensive, you hardly have the chance to do a 1v1.


Junglers rely on surprise, speed, and audacity. A good Jungler means all of your lanes will do well. When all of your lanes do well, you automatically get an advantage in teamfights. 

With an advantage in teamfights, you win the game, and the path to getting out of Bronze becomes easier. A strong Jungler alone is sometimes enough to carry the game for the entire team.

Learning to Jungle, however, is not that easy. Getting a high CS is more difficult as compared with when you are playing in a lane. There is so much fog of war in the Jungle you can’t guess where the enemy Jungler will spring up from. You can carry the game in the Jungle but better be prepared to face these risks.

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Finally, the Top Lane can be another choice to help you get out of Bronze in LoL. Mostly Tanks and Fighters fight it out in the top lane, although League of Legends players has mixed up the meta quite a bit. 

You can see Vayne in the top lane to counter enemy tanks, Quinn as well, etc. A well-fed Top-laner can be a significant boost in teamfights. Winning teamfights is a sure way to get out of Bronze in LoL.

Tanks and Fighters can engage the entire enemy team at once. Some well-known top-lane champions like Tryndamere can absorb most if not all of the enemy team’s ultimates. 

Others such as Mundo can regenerate health rapidly after taking hits on behalf of your team. These are time-tested ways to get out of Bronze in LoL by carrying the team as a top-laner. 

Even though you have to watch out for the enemy Jungler and the mid-laner who might be roaming about near the top lane, playing as a Tank or Fighter can be immensely rewarding, mainly if it helps you crawl out of Bronze in League of Legends.

Final Thoughts

Which role do you think is best for getting out of Bronze in League of Legends? Each role has its advantages as well as its challenges. One role might not be suitable for all players who want to get out of Bronze. 

Each player needs to be able to decide for themselves which role is best to get out of Bronze in LoL. You can combine the advantages of different roles if you queue up with a friend, and you can both carry the team!

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