7 Best Tank Mid Lane Champions in League of Legends

Best Tank Champions To Play in The Mid Lane in League of Legends

In League of Legends, the best tank mid laners have an excellent positioning to get more control over the result of the match because of their great location – in the center of all. The central positioning allows mid laners to lend a helping hand to their junglers and other lanes. The tank champions can keep the pressure against their enemy mid laner while simultaneously roaming to other lanes for more control over the game. 

Players need to pay attention to enemy picks when choosing a mid laner. Having a weaker champion can cost gamers the lane and the game itself. It’s common now for players to pick tanky champions to gain durability in the lane and team fights. Some people like to even build these tank champs with AP damage – allowing them to deal more damage and lose durability.

The 7 Best Tank Mid Laners

7. Aatrox

Aatrox is a champion that needs to be played more. He is very tanky, and he can take a lot of damage and still be the last man standing. The most satisfying thing about him is his Q ability because it can be re-casted up to 3 times. His abilities make him one of the strongest and most useful champions in the game.

Aatrox can knock up enemies can be very helpful if there are fed champions on the enemy team. Engaging in fights is his special ability where he chains an enemy champion, slowing them and pulling him to the center of the chained area. 

Enemies fear him the most when he uses his ultimate move. Aatrox’s ultimate ability creates fear in enemies while slowing them and damaging them accordingly. After all, he is Aatrox the World Ender!

6. Malphite

Malphite is the strongest rock ever to exist. The fact that he can be played on so many roles makes him one of the most played champions in League of Legends. He has high durability against enemies when built like a tank and deals massive damage when built like an AP champ. 

Malphite can throw a rolling rock to an enemy to slow and deal magic damage onto them. It’s good that he also gains movement speed for a short time when hitting them. His Thunderclap allows him to make a sandwich with the enemy’s head – dealing bonus physical damage and gaining bonus armor points. 

His E move, the Ground Slam, or as Magikarp likes to say, “The Grand Slam,” deals a lot of magic damage onto enemies and cripples them for 3 seconds. And, the most feared is his ultimate ability, the Unstoppable Force. It’s very stratifying when Malphite hits all five enemies with his Ult at the same time.

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5. Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath is a monster that likes to eat everyone once his ultimate move is up. He can become so big while eating champs and epic monster that he can even become bigger than Herald! Overall the champ is so fun to play. 

Players enjoy when they hit enemies with his Q to knock them up. And to scream at everyone in his way to silence and deal magic damage to them. Cho’Gath also likes to throw Vorpal Spikes at these enemies to slow them so his teammates can swoop in for a successful team fight. 

The best thing about Cho’Gath is that he can heal himself every time he defeats someone. His passive and R ability allow him to heal more than half of his max health, depending on his AP.

4. Renekton

Renekton is the furious alligator that isn’t just going to let his enemies survive that easily. For each enemy or minion hit, he charges the fury that encourages him to deal a lot of damage. He’s the type of champion in LoL that punishes everyone who isn’t careful enough. 

His Q ability makes him non-approachable while dealing damage to anyone around him. The fact that he generates fury with each ability and auto-attack makes him one of the most damage-dealing champions in League of Legends.

He can stun, dash, and get 20% bigger while using his ability set. Renekton also heals his lost health by using his abilities and not leaving anyone to escape. The E ability allows Renekton to dash to an enemy and recast again if he dashes through someone.

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2. Nunu

Nunu is one of the most fun champions in League of Legends. Nunu can be played in mid-lane, jungle, and I’ve seen some players play Nunu as support. She’s the type that wants to deal with damage and also enjoy herself in the process. 

Nunu can gain health by eating a minion or taking a bite from an enemy. She likes to throw snowballs at everyone who stands in their way, making them slower or rooting them. One of the most fun things about this champ is the W ability to roll a snowball. In the rolling process, she gets movement speed and tries to hit someone when the snowball gets big enough.

Her ultimate move is one of the best Ults in the game. Players like to hide in bushes and activate it when someone gets closer. And, it does a lot of damage when activated on team fights. 

1. Vladimir

Vladimir is a dangerous vampire that’s not registered as a tank champion but gets very tanky at some point in the game. He is well-known for his healing and damaging abilities, making him the hardest killable champion in LoL. 

Vladimir’s Q ability drains the enemy’s blood while dealing magic damage and healing himself. With each ability attack, he gets Bloodthirst, and when it’s on two stacks, he gets 1-% movement speed and deals more damage to enemy champions.

He can become untargetable by using his W ability to sink into a pool of blood. His ultimate ability makes him very dangerous against everyone who encounters him on the lane. Vladimir can spread a virulent plague on the location of the targets and infect them in the process.

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Final Thoughts

Mid-lane is the best and worst place to be, depending on the situation. The best tank mid laners help players stay alive and support their teammates as much as possible. You can play these champions whenever you need a tank in your team or against appropriate matchups. 

Either way, these tank champions are very fun to play and can help anyone win more games. Most of them are very easy to learn and play. Vladimir is a little bit difficult to learn and master, but everyone can learn to play him like a pro with time.

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