5 Best Supports For Caitlyn in League of Legends

Since the recent release of League of Legends’ first animated series Arcane, Caitlyn’s play rate has substantially increased. She wields a sniper rifle, making her the ADC with the most extended base range. Her ult is also extremely long-range and has very significant damage you can use to finish enemies that survive your initial assault. Her long-range is enough to serve as a peeling factor for her, and she also has her traps and E ability to extend her self-peeling potential. 

Her central outplay ability comes from her traps. These traps can be easily placed if Caitlyn is playing with a support that can root enemies or any ability that impairs the movement speed of enemy champions. With that in mind, Let us take a look at excellent CC support champions that either engage or enchant Caitlyn.

1. Morgana

The queen of long-lasting roots, if Morgana’s Q catches you, expect to be rooted for a very long time if you don’t have tenacity in your stats. Morgana’s skills can be sequenced perfectly for her CC to last more than 5 seconds; she even has a black shield that can be cast on Caitlyn for extra peeling. 

Best item for Morgana


Morgana as support is terrifying to lane against. Her Q and W radiate too much kill pressure, especially when paired with a Caitlyn, who can deal burst damage to champions who are stunned or rooted in one location. Everfrost Extends Morgana’s already impressive crowd control durations, and it also gives her bonus ability power for every legendary item she builds.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Morgana has an extreme kill pressure at whatever point of the game. Her Q is very threatening that even if Morgana is walking up to the enemies, they are threatened. This works great at zoning enemies away from the minion range. Morgana and Caitlyn can play aggressively with the constant threat of casting their traps and binds. An enemy caught by Morgana’s Q could lead to all summoner spells being burned or, better yet, scoring a takedown.

Mid Game Playstyle

Morgana needs to build a mobility boot for her to have high movement speed and easily catch enemies off guard with her Q. Both she and Caitlyn can roam different lanes easily because once Morg catches one enemy with her Q, it is pretty much a grey screen for that unlucky champion. 

Late Game Playstyle

Once Morgana has built her Zhonya’s hourglass, she can easily walk up and flash in the middle of team fights and cast her ultimate. If she is about to die, she can use the hourglass activity to extend her survivability and ensure the stun of her ultimate. She should be the one initiating the fights and kills for Caitlyn.

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2. Lux

Much like Morgana, this duo relies on the root of Lux so that they can follow up with a lethal combo, be it an early game or late game. Lux’s combo is much more Lethal than Morgana’s because Lux has a more substantial burst potential. Lux can also grow as a mage carries in the late game while still playing the support role to protect Caitlyn.

Best item for Lux

Luden’s Tempest

This is the best item for mages and supports mages as it has an item recipe that refunds your mana every time you level up. This gives Lux the luxury of casting her abilities to zone enemies without thinking about running out of mana. 

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Lux is excellent poke support in the early game; thanks to her AOE e and CC Q, she can use this poking ability to secure early game kills for Caitlyn. Cait’s W traps can also follow up her Q so both of them can deal burst damage every time they catch one champion.

Mid Game Playstyle

Lux’s combo in the mid-game is enough to burst one champion to death. She can use this to help Caitlyn secure more kills so both of them can snowball until the late game.

Late Game Playstyle

It is much easier to siege a tower in the late game with this duo because they have great poke and finisher abilities that are both long-range. Play aggressively and take towers down whenever there is no significant objective up. 

3. Leona

The champion with the best engagement ability in the game is one of the best support champions for Caitlyn. Not only does she have lots of CC abilities to help peel Caitlyn and give her kills, but she is also incredibly tanky with her W that reduces incoming damage as long as it is up. Her ultimate is also a long-range stun that can be hard to dodge, especially if you don’t have a flash or a dash ability.

Best item for Leona

Zeke’s Convergence

Leona engages enemies with her E, which closes the gap between her and the enemy; this item is great because after all of Leona’s CC combo ends, she has the slow effect of the frost of Zeke’s Convergence. She also gives Caitlyn bonus magic damage which is always great. It is also a very cheap item and can be rushed to build.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Leona can be played either defensively or offensively in the laning phase depending on the bot lane matchup. If the bot lane duo is passive and relies on late-game, play aggressively and control push them fast under the tower to delay their CS and push their lanes simultaneously. This way, passive champions don’t get to scale for late games, and the game can be ended fast before they even reach their power spike. Otherwise, play defensively and wait for swindles until Caitlyn receives her item power spike.

Mid Game Playstyle

Thanks to her items and her full combo, Leona can now engage enemies with ease no matter the matchup. Once Leona catches an enemy with her E, it is ensured that the champion will be movement impaired for more or less than 4 seconds. Caitlyn’s trap CC can also be extended, making it easier for her to hit enemies and deal bonus headshot damage.

Late Game Playstyle

If Leona built through a tanky build with small utility items, she can stand at the Vanguard and act as a wall for Caitlyn. Every time she sees an opening for an E engage, Leona can commit to it and cast her ultimate during team fights and hit multiple champions to maximize its value. 

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4. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is also excellent support for Caitlyn; you might think, wait, shouldn’t Caitlyn take her enemies down from afar? Why is Blitzcrank great for her? The answer is that Blitz, as support for Caitlyn, is a very aggressive laner and even in the late game. His hooks followed by a knock-up are enough to ensure the proc of one of Caitlyn’s Traps. Aside from great engagement and initiating ability, he works great as a tank and a peel champion for Caitlyn.

Best item for Blitzcrank

Turbo Chemtank

This item is an excellent replacement for boots of mobility. To ensure the hit of blitzcrank’s hooks, he needs to initiate a fight with his uppercut and use his hook if the enemy uses a disengage ability like a flash. Hooking enemies after using their disengaging ability renders their efforts to get away from this duo useless. 

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Gain control over the bushes in the early game so you can radiate a high kill pressure and zone enemies away from minion exp range and gold. Caitlyn can also lay her traps in front of Blitzcrank, so whenever Blitz hooks a champion, they automatically get trapped by Caitlyn’s W. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Roaming is the best playstyle in the mid-game for Blitzcrank, primarily if he acquires his Turbo Chemtank fast. His hook is constantly lethal for the unlucky enemy caught by it. Caitlyn can play the weak side, but if ever Blitz decides to stay in lane and help Caitlyn, he can play aggressively and help Cait push the enemies under the tower. 

Late Game Playstyle

Like the mid-game, Blitz should utilize his hooks to lead to picks and team fight initiations. Caitlyn can easily follow up on Blitz’s hooks, so try to land your hooks often.

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5. Lulu

Caitlyn can be built for a late-game or early game angry; whatever her build is, Lulu is a great general pick for Caitlyn as she has both the damage, utility, and peeling. Lulu is like the swiss army knife of the league of legends that has it all.

Best item for Lulu

Moonstone Renewer

Lulu has all the shields and HP boosts she can give Caitlyn, but she lacks heels to mitigate the loss of HP after or during team fights. Lulu’s abilities can be long-ranged and be used to poke enemies, making her proc the effects of moonstone quite often.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Poke the enemy bot lane duo whenever you have the chance and when they are in range. Lulu’s early game poke is quite strong so try to abuse that while keeping in mind your shield that you can cast whenever the enemy tries to poke back. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Lulu’s mid-game is quite strong as she is an incredible engagement champion. She can speed Caitlyn up to chase enemies, and her ult and her item build are vital peeling factors that almost guarantee Caitlyn’s safety. 

Late Game Playstyle

Despite her shields and ult, Lulu should still stay back and be back with Caitlyn. Her utility abilities are the essential value she can offer Caitlyn. Play defensively and let Caitlyn do all the damage and engage. 

Final Thoughts

Caitlyn deals damage with a very long-range, so enemies probably won’t reach her. HOWEVER, her W is the cornerstone of her combos, so she needs champions that stun enemies or root them. The ones I have mentioned above are excellent support for Caitlyn, but all playstyles should adapt depending on the team comp you face.

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