Can Nasus’s Q Crit?

Have you ever wondered why people play Nasus on AD? Why is it so op, and why do they continue doing it?

In this article, we will briefly cover that information by pointing out how it is possible to play the champion by using his Q for critical strikes that decimate the enemies. Finally, we will cover some examples for a build and runes.

All the answers are down below; if you are curious to find them out, read on!

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Nasus’s Q Ability Breakdown

Nasus Q is called Siphoning Strike. It is his primary ability that many players use (besides the meta mages). In the essence of the ability is stacked the AD of the champion, the extra gained one from items, and a bonus that stacks on kills ( 3 for minions and 12 for large ones and champions).

The ability costs mana per cast – 20, and it does not change. The only thing that scale with the leveling of the skill is the base damage it deals ( 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 ), and the only decrease is the cooldown (7.5 / 6.5 / 5.5 / 4.5 / 3.5).

From this information, you probably already know that his Q stacks and deals on attack damage. But does this mean that it can critically strike? 

Can It Hit Critical Damage?

With one word, the answer is YES. Nasus Siphoning Strike can critically strike its targets. However, there is a small catch in this.

As all League of Legend players knows, to critical strike, you need a critical chance, and to increase the damage, you need critical damage. That means in order for Nasus to deal with crits, he will need at least a critical chance, which for him will come from items like Infinity Edge.

By building him on AD and adding such items to his arsenal, he will be able to critical strike his target. But, here comes the catch; the damage dealt and calculated for the crit will be only the base of his Q plus the attack damage he has. That does not include the stacks even if he has 600 plus because it will be too broken!

With that in mind, if you want to strike enemies critically, you will have to build this champion on AD. Otherwise, the damage done will be minuscule and will be pointless.

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Best AD Nasus Build

When it comes to AD Nasus build, there are many. Most of them differ from each other based on:

  • Where the champion will be played,
  • How tanky you want him to be, 
  • What are the opponents?

Based on these, the initial build paths will vary, but most will include some tanky items and some AD ones that also give him a critical chance.

We will not follow a strict path in this example because if you meet the wrong opponents, you will lose to a fixated one. That is why we will give you some of the core items you may want to include in your AD Nasus build.

To start with, you will need his actual attack damage Mythic item – the Divine Surrenderer. This item is one of the best for the champion as it provides the three essentials he needs: ability, haste, Health, and AD.

When it comes to the boots, you can pick anything besides the magic penetration ones and attack speed ones! Make your choice based on the opponent you face!

Besides that, the unique passive of the items adds extra damage to the one you will be dealing with the opponents. Combined with the mythic item passive, it will create e grand opening for an AD Nasus.

The second core item of yours must be Bloodthirster or Essence, Reaver. Both are great, but the main thing we aim for here is the critical chance they give. You must have one of them as the crit will be possible only thanks to these items, so pick one based on how the game goes.

Another thing you will need is Spirit Visage, which aids the healing effects received by the champion. It is excellent as you will need to keep him alive. Also, it makes him a bit sturdier, and it is perfect if you face mages on mid.

Then comes another tanky item, something that adds armor to your build. Usually, it is recommended to go for Dead Man’s Plate; it adds HP, Armor, and movement speed, which is essential.

After you get these essential ones, the rest of the build will be up to you. If the enemy is squishy and can’t kill you quickly, go for Infinity Edge and boost the damage to the max. On the other hand, if they are dealing a lot of wear and you cant survive long enough to kill them, go tankier! Stack armor, hp, and magic resist.

With these, the part of the item is done. If we look at the runes, it will be the best to go for Precision and Resolve. Again it depends on the team’s composition, but it will be a great idea to go with Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Tenacity, and Coup De Grace. For the second path, you will have to take Conditioning and Unflinching.

Bonus runes will depend on once again whom you face; it can be ability haste ( this one is a must), then two armor ones or two magic resist ones for some extra survivability in the early game.

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Final Thoughts

Assuming you have read everything, you know how Nasus Q critical strikes its enemies can. You also understand how to build him for attack damage plays and what to focus on. 

Whether it is a good idea or not, we can not say, as it is something for you to decide based on your predicament for the game. Using the information, however, you can make an educated choice and wisely pick your move!

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