Can Support Carry in Solo Queue?

Welcome back, League of Legends players! With the new season underway, you’re probably grabbing your way to the top. Ranked seasons are a really special time for all League of Legends players. Players strive to break their own record and reach the highest possible tier, and with it they will gain the respect and amazement of other players. 

It is therefore not surprising that during this period the players are motivated and want to hone their gaming skills at all costs. Maybe they will try to play some new champions or roles, who knows, the tactics are countless and the winning team is only one in each match. Today we will deal with one question that may surprise you – can a support champion, for example, Nami, carry the game in solo queue?

We bet you didn’t expect a title like this, did you? Well, League of Legends is always full of surprises, even brave players who would really try to carry the game as support players. Is this possible, you wonder for sure, but we will tell you right away – yes, it is very possible to carry the game as a support player, so let’s find out how to do that.

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games today. It has been gathering players for many years, and each new ranked season brings novelties and improvements in this spectacular game.

Not to mention the esports competitions in which the League of Legends prevails and the contestants win big cash prizes if they are part of a winning team. Do you need more motivation to join the League of Legends franchise today?

Now let’s talk about the most hated role on Summoner’s Rift – support role, we feel you.

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Yes, support players can carry the game in solo queue

If you are a long-time League of Legends player then you know that support role is not the most favorite role for players to choose for. Maybe because the support champions are not strong enough to play for themselves but have to be with ADC or some other champion from their team, or maybe because they always attract the most hatred because they accidentally or intentionally kill minions intended for ADC champion or are not ready to stand in front their ADC and die instead.

There are probably many more reasons why players don’t want to choose support champions but these are probably the most famous.

However, Riot noticed that the support champions were terribly lonely and isolated, so he tried to improve their capabilities with new updates. The selection of support champions has become really large, from mages to tanks, most of them are nerfed which has led to the fact that today support champions can match ADC champions and also control the lane.

This only heightened the possibility of support champions becoming the lead in the duo lane. It’s time to find out what’s the secret behind supporting players taking control of the Summoner’s Rift.

Tips For Support Players Who Want To Carry The Game

The most important moment happens during the Champion Select. The Champion Select process is actually 20% -30% of the match itself. This is the moment where you have to choose a quality champion who can be a playmaker, and at the same time you are familiar with his abilities and movements. For example, Alistar, Leona, Nautilus and even Poppy can be decisive champions who with their crowd control abilities will turn the course of the match in favor of your team.

Champions like Zilean, Lulu, Janna or Fiddlesticks will be less likely to be able to carry the game by themselves so don’t be fooled and choose them unless you have a very good reason and a tactic that has already been successfully tested with the intention of turning the game to your advantage.

It is important that you already know the way of supporting champion you want to play, do not put yourself in the situation of choosing a new champion for the first time and expect the impossible. You will only upset the balance of the whole team which will very likely start attacking and insulting you because they will think they are deliberately trolling.

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1. Play It Safe

Another tip is to play it safe. At least in the beginning. Don’t immediately start attacking enemy champions or uncontrollably killing minions in the hope that you will reach the enemy turret as soon as possible. Play it safe, kill minions but don’t endanger yourself and your teammate in the lane. 

Also, rely on your Jungler. While you play safe and kill minions, your Jungler kills objects somewhere in the jungle until he gets strong enough to gank your lane and together with you and the ADC champion go on the attack and kill both enemy champions. That’s how it’s done with professionals!

Collaborating with Jungler will pay off in the long run, try to follow his movements and when you see that gank some other lane will join him in that campaign. Remember that you are stronger together and that this tactic will quite surprise the enemy team as they will not expect this kind of cooperation. 

Of course, this also applies to the fact that when it comes time to kill Baron Nashor and Dragon you also cooperate with Jungler because you will kill jungle monsters faster and thus you will not risk someone dying or having an object stolen in front of your nose.

2. Wards

The next tip you know very well – it’s about wards. Wards are extremely important in the League of Legensd because with wards you make it easier for yourself and your team to find out where the enemy champions are. Support roles have the task of setting wards much more often than other players and you really should take this seriously if they want to carry the game. 

Especially wards that are placed around objects. They are significant because they reveal the position of enemy players who may have been ready to kill Baron Nashor. With your ward they will be exposed and your team will have enough time to try to steal their loot or simply attack them which will distract them so that Baron Nashor will remain intact. 

At least until your team wins it. If you are not sure where to place wards, check out various online guides or YouTube tutorials where you will be explained in which places it is best to place wards during the different parts of the game.

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The last option is related to peeling in the League of Legends. No, we do not recommend peeling masks or skincare tips, although we can list them if you are really interested (cucumbers are ideal for resting your eyes from hard work, just cut two slices and put on your eyes while resting from the computer).

But in the League of Legends peeling means that as a player, in this case, as a support, you will do everything you can to save your teammate from enemy champions. This means that you will always be close to your ADC champion and help him defend himself if you are attacked by enemy champions. 

Remember that no matter what you want to play as a playmaker support you need to know that this is a team game and that you should primarily focus on the team winning, even if it means that in some situations you will have to play as a classic support, making sure your ADC a teammate does not die.


Do you believe us now that support players can be ideal playmakers? With these tips, next time let your choice of Leona not mean you will play as a shadow of a stronger champion. Let this mean that Leona will finally show what she is capable of, and that in the end, she will carry the game by herself.

If you have some more tips on how to climb solo queue as a support player, feel free to write them down. And of course, good luck and have fun!

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