Is Jhin AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Jhin is one of the scariest ADC champions, especially if he gains an early lead in the bot lane. He is a unique champion with four bullets making his auto-attack very limited if you don’t know how to play with his cooldowns.

But despite this auto-attack disadvantage, each hit he throws at an enemy has excellent damage and will also speed him up if he lands a critical strike. Playing him requires mastering his cooldowns and animations; if you manage to master this, then you can easily kite enemies with Jhin. 

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Is Jhin AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Jhin is an AD champion; most of his abilities scale with attack damage except for his E, which is a trap. Nobody builds AP on Jhin except for the laughs because it is tough to land the explosion damage of his E. 

He is the champion known to reach attack damage of up to 700 if given the right circumstances. His damage also scales with a critical strike and his 4th shot scales with the missing HP of an enemy. Here are what you should buy on Jhin.

Best Items on Jhin

  • Galeforce – Jhin’s lack of mobility abilities makes him a vulnerable champion in early to mid-game fights. Galeforce gives Jhin the ability to dash and use this to engage or disengage from a fight. The neat thing about this item is that the active effect can put a mark on an enemy to which Jhin can follow up with his W and root them.
  • The Collector – Jhin deals execute damage on his 4th shot, meaning the lower the hp of his enemy, the greater his 4th elemental attack damage will become. This item executes enemies upon dropping below 5% hp; this can be great for Jhin, especially during the late game when his 4th shot is guaranteed to be devastating.
  • Rapid Firecannon – This item increases Jhin’s critical strike chance, but the best thing that Jhin can get out of this item is its unique passive that increases his attack range every time the item gets fully charged. This is great when you are chasing an opponent with your 4th shot.
  • Infinity edge – The best item that an Auto-attack reliant champion can build is critical strike items, and this is one of the best crit items out there as it gives you a high bonus AD. It increases your critical damage by 25%, which can be huge, especially if enemies don’t stack up on armor.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards – Jhin doesn’t benefit much if he builds the blade of the ruined king, so to deal with tanks, he can build this item instead that deals bonus damage to champions with higher HP than Jhin. It also gives him bonus AD and critical strike chance, which can increase his bonus AD from his passive.

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Best Runes on Jhin

  • Dark Harvest – This is probably the safest rune for Jhin as it can scale with him towards the late game. Fleet Footwork can be great, but its value stops at mid-game, while this rune will only get stronger the longer the game goes on. This rune will also extensively work with Jhin’s staple, item the collector.
  • Taste of Blood – This rune will replace the early game heal for fleet footwork, and Jhin can easily trigger this rune’s effect because of his long range.
  • Eyeball collection – This simple late-game rune scales Jhin’s attack damage.
  • Treasure Hunter – Bonus gold on each kill so Jhin can reach his core items faster.

When Should I Pick Jhin?

If the enemy team picks immobile champions, incredibly immobile ADC champions, Jhin can easily hit them with his abilities. Jhin is also great if his team picks champions that can peel for him at any given point in the game.


Jhin can have high attack damage thanks to his passive therefore making him an AD champion. His abilities scale with attack damage; he is a very strong mid to late-game champion but needs all the peels he can get from his allies.

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