7 Junglers With High Sustain in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends players! Welcome to a new dose of information and useful tips that will greatly improve your gameplay. As you already know, in League of Legends you choose champions according to the roles they can play. 

Not all champions can be junglers or adcs, you have to keep that in mind. Today we are interested in champions whose role is to roam around the jungle and kill jungle monsters. 

Of course, we are talking about junglers who are a special kind of champions in the League of Legends. Junglers can make or break the game, especially if they don’t watch out for Dragon or Baron Nashor and allow enemy champions to kill them. 

Today we have compiled a list of 7 best junglers with high sustain in the League of Legends, so scroll down to see which are the champion deserved place on this list.

League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that has been gaining popularity since 2009. Seriously, do you remember what League of Legends looked like when it first went public? 

Riot probably had no idea that he was launching a game that will be one of the most popular games in the world thirteen years later. Today, the League of Legends has found its place in esports competitions where players who want to win a big cash prize and become popular and professional players apply. 

In addition, League of Legends has found its place in film (Netflix’s animated series called Arcane, which follows the lives of our favorite champions), in the form of toys and through spin-off games such as Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics or Wild Rift.

Not every player can play a jungle role, everyone knows that. A jungler must be very thoughtful and capable, and he must be careful that he can kill jungle monsters and not worry about whether he will survive. 

Also, junglers have to follow the map very closely and watch where the danger is – that danger can be an enemy jungler or members of an enemy team that will wander into the jungle. 

Furthermore, junglers need to know how to use Smite as well as their other abilities in order to fight enemy monsters, especially Dragon or Baron Nashor. 

As if that wasn’t enough work, junglers are expected to gank other lanes from time to time and to help their teammates who are struggling on their lane.

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What is Sustain in League of Legends?

Basically, sustain is what makes champions stay alive longer on their lane or in the jungle, depending on the role they play. 

So, sustain keeps champions alive, it can be through healing, or through shielding, or through abilities, depending on which champion we are talking about. Champions with low sustain will often have to use recall to return to base and replenish their health bar.

Now let’s see which 7 junglers have high sustain and are the best choice for you.

7. Irelia

Irelia may not be seen often in the jungle, but she is undeniably great in that role. Her passive gives her high attack speed and bonus attack damage once she reaches the maximum number of stacks on it. 

That’s a great advantage over some other jungler who has a weaker ability kit than hers – which means he’ll have a hard time keeping up with Irelia going from monster to monster and killing them one by one. 

Also, she has Bladesurge which heals her, and there she already has an advantage due to high sustain. If you haven’t tried playing Irelia in the jungle before, you’ll see many benefits.

6. Nocturne

Nocturne is a somewhat forgotten champion, we don’t see him that often, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an ideal jungler. On the contrary, his passive allows him high sustain because he can attack enemy champions and heal himself at the same time. 

With his attack speed he can quickly clear the jungle of monsters without compromising his health. How cool is that, right? Nocturne is also good at ganking other lanes, for which his teammates are grateful. 

When his teammates are in danger, Nocturne is there to save the situation. With his E, he can catch enemy champions who will try to escape, but their escape will most likely be unsuccessful because Nocturne will catch up with the fastest enemy champion in a few seconds. 

Another big advantage is that Nocturne is very easy to learn, so if you are looking for an easy champion to try yourself in a jungler role, choose Nocturne.

5. Nunu

Nunu has such an ability kit that he is ideal for the role of a jungler. His Q heals him that comes in handy when he kills Dragon or Baron Nashor. Basically, when Nunu is in the jungle, all he needs is to cast his Q and he will be healed. 

And at the same time he will quickly kill jungle monsters because he will not have to return to base to heal. 

That is why Nunu is an ideal jungler, he kills jungle monsters quickly and does not lose heal. This all gives him enough time to gank other lanes and help his teammates.

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4. Xin Zhao

This list would not be complete without Xin Zhao, the ultimate example of a jungler with high sustain. 

His passive will heal him every third attack, which means that Xin Zhao is an unstoppable machine and hardly any other jungler will surpass him. 

In addition to heal, Xin Zhao will have increased damage, which means that enemy champions will fall dead if Xin Zhao approaches them nearby. With healing, high mobility and extra damage – Xin Zhao is ready for his bloody jungle trek.

3. Warwick

This werewolf has a great healing ability, when Warwick gets below 50% HP he gets bonus damage that heal him at the same time. Every time his HP drops, he will be healed, which means he will almost never get to low HP. 

Combined with his other abilities, Warwick is an ideal choice for a jungler because in addition to always being on high HP he can catch enemy champions and kill them, directly from the bushes if he wishes.

2. Evelynn

Unlike other champions from this list, Evelynn gets her high sustain only when she reaches level 6. However, Evelynn is therefore very careful while cleaning the jungle of monsters, so she will not risk losing her life in the early moments of the game. 

When she reaches level 6 Evelynn becomes very, very dangerous to her enemies. She can gank other lanes and will be very successful at it. 

Her HP will be regenerated the moment she becomes invisible, and it is her invisibility that makes her dangerous – she can reach enemy champions behind their backs and kill them.

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1. Kayn

In the first place is Kayn. Kayn heals himself by killing jungle monsters, thanks to the Omnivamp boost. With his Q, he has a low cooldown and can deal extra damage to jungle monsters, while increasing his HP. 

His ability kit is simple, so it’s not hard for players to master Kayn. We have nothing more to tell you, choose Kayn for the next game and see why he is one of the best junglers in the League of Legends.


And that’s it! On this list we have included 7 best jungle champions with high sustain, and playing with them is a very interesting experience. 

Each of these champions is special in their own way, and each of them expresses high sustain differently, which is evident based on their abilities. 

But each of them is a very strong champion and can contribute a lot to their team, you will not make a mistake whoever you choose for the next game. 

Feel free to comment if you have another jungle champion with high sustain in mind, we look forward to new suggestions. Good luck!

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