Which CC Abilities Stop Summoner Spells?

Which CC Abilities Stop Summoner Spells?

Crowd control (commonly shortened to CC) is a blanket term used in League of Legends to describe abilities or spells that remove the control a target unit has over aspects of itself. This includes being able to cast spells and issue any movement or attack commands.

While CC usually stops players from using normal abilities and their ultimates, does it stop them from using summoner spells as well? Worry not because we will answer that for you right now!

There are very limited CC abilities that stop champions from using summoner spells. The only two CC spells that stop summoner spells are silence and suppression. You can also include statis to that list as well.

If you are curious to know how many CC effects there are in the game and why only two of them can stop summoner spells, continue reading to find out more. Without further ado, let’s dive right and check out which CC abilities stop summoner spells.

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What Are Summoner Spells?

What Are Summoner Spells?

Before we talk about CC and how it can be used to stop summoner spells, let’s get to know what summoner spells are. Unlike other MOBA games, League of Legends has two additional summoner spells apart from the 4 usual spells that every champion has. 

These spells have a long cooldown and have useful effects that can either help you sustain, chase, damage, or run away from the enemy. Summoner spells are chosen in Champion Select before the start of the game. 

Some summoner spells increase in effectiveness relative to your champion’s level, but some provide the same effect at champion level 1 as they do at champion level 18. They do not have any cost other than their cooldown.

There are a total of 9 summoner spells (11 if you count Mark and Clarity in ARAM). Here are all of them:

  • Ghost
  • Heal
  • Barrier
  • Exhaust
  • Clarity
  • Mark
  • Flash
  • Teleport
  • Cleanse
  • Ignite
  • Smite

All of these spells have various cooldowns and effects. You can choose only two of them in the champion select screen and you will have to use them in the entire game. You can use the Unsealed Spellbook rune to change your summoner spells during the game as well.

However, other than that, there is no way to swap them out. So, make sure that you pick the correct spells or you will have a tough time in the game. 

Over time, there have been tons of summoner spells that have been removed from the game but the ones that are present now have been in the game for a long time. Unless Riot decides to add new ones, it looks like we are going to be stuck with them.

What is CC?

What is CC? explanation

Crowd Control, or CC for short, are abilities that can either disrupt, disarm, stun, root, silence, or cripple the enemy. There are tons of CC abilities that can apply various effects. If you are curious to know what type of effects there are, we’ve got you covered:

  • Airborne
    • Knock back
    • Knock aside
    • Knock up
    • Pull
  • Blind
  • Cripple
  • Disarm
  • Disrupt
  • Drowsy
    • Sleep
  • Forced Action
    • Berserk
    • Charm
    • Flee
    • Taunt
  • Ground
  • Kinematics
  • Knockdown
  • Nearsight
  • Root
  • Silence
    • Polymorph
  • Slow
  • Statis
  • Stun
  • Suppression

These are all the CC types that are available in League of Legends right now. All of them have different effects but the end result is the same. They are used to stop the enemy in their tracks and potentially kill them while they cannot attack you back. 

Which CC Stops Summoner Spells?

Now that we know what summoner spells and CC is, let’s talk about which CC stops these spells. As aforementioned, the only CC that stops summoner spells is suppression and silence. 

While you can also include statis to that list, only Bard can apply that effect on all targets with his ultimate. Other than that, the statis effect was only done by the item, Zhonay’s Hourglass. So, if you want to include Bard’s ultimate, you can say that the statis CC also stops summoner spells since it makes everyone untargetable and unable to move.

Apart from this, you can silence the enemy with Soraka, Blitzcrank, Malzahar, or Chogath just to name a few. The easiest method is to use Soraka’s silence ability. This will cause all enemies in that radius to be silenced and unable to use their spells. 

When it comes to suppression, the best champion for that is Malzahar. He can use his ultimate on an enemy champion to suppress them. During that time, they cannot use their abilities or summoner spells as well. 

Fun fact, you cannot remove Malzahar’s ultimate with the summoner spell Cleanse. Instead, you need to either wait for it to end or use the QSS item for it. 

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