How To Deal More Damage In League Of Legends?

How To Deal More Damage In League Of Legends? Complete Guide

League of Legends provides a burst of massive adrenaline boost whenever you deal damage and kill your opponents. There is no feeling like simply dominating by performing better than your opponents. Most people prefer to be the carry or damage dealers in their team for this exact reason.

The damage you deal can be increased by picking champions designed to deal damage, building items that provide damage, and taking runes that provide damage. Positioning aggressively and mechanically outperforming your opponents will also allow you to deal more damage.

Damage is a statistic affected by a multitude of factors. The player controls some of these factors, while the rest may be up to your opponents and even RNG. This is why it is essential to know your damage output and maximize it on your end.

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Importance Of Damage

Damage in League of Legends is defined as the deduction of health from a character’s current health pool. Damage occurs as a result of offensive actions and is essential for killing your opponents and winning games.

Each team has different champions with different roles. Someone on the team is supposed to deal damage so that the team can push their advantages and achieve success. If you lack damage, you will have no kill threat on the opponent and will allow them to do as they please.

Types Of Damage (Based On Resistances)

Damage in League of Legends is mainly classified based on the types of Resistances that mitigate it or not:

  • Physical Damage: Physical Damage is reduced by Armor and is dealt mostly by abilities that scale with Attack Damage.
  • Magic Damage: Magic Damage is reduced by Magic Resist and is dealt mostly by abilities that scale with Magic Damage.
  • True Damage: True Damage is not reduced by any resistances. It is not dealt by a select few abilities, items, and runes.

How To Deal More Damage

Dealing more damage in League of Legends is not simple. There are a variety of factors that play into deciding your total damage output. Some of the factors, however, are easy to control and can be affected by your decisions. We will take a look at these options now.

Items That Provide Damage

Deal More Damage Items Guide in League of Legends

Itemization is the simplest and the best solution to dealing the maximum amount of damage you can hope for. Optimal items vary from champions to champions and each provides its own set of stats and effects. Make sure you read what an item does before you build it.

Some abilities tend to scale with Attack Damage. If that is the case with your champion, you will build items that provide primarily Attack Damage and any other beneficial statistic that you may require. Similarly, Abilities that scale with Ability Power will require you to build items that provide Ability Power. Some champions don’t have very good AD or AP scaling on their abilities.

These abilities can be one of two types. The first type includes abilities that have a very high amount of base damage but little to no scaling. These abilities benefit the most if you build penetration against resistances. For example, an ability with very high base magic damage but poor AP scaling would benefit the most from Magic Penetration.

The other type mainly relies on lower cooldowns so that the ability may be spammed as soon as it is off cooldown for the maximum amount of damage output. You will need to build Ability Haste to deal the maximum amount of damage with these abilities.

Runes That Provide Damage

Some runes also provide you damage based on how you use your attacks and spells. For example, Press The Attack provides a burst of damage after 3 consecutive auto attacks on a target while Dark Harvest deals damage when you deal damage to an opponent under a certain HP threshold.

Your runes must be suited to the champion you are playing. For example, champions that don’t rely on auto attacks will have a hard time increasing their damage through Lethal Tempo but will benefit from Dark Harvest since Karthus is good at dealing consistent damage and finishing off low HP opponents.

Play Aggressively

It goes without saying that dealing damage is only possible when you are playing within the range of your damage dealing abilities and attacks. If you are playing a champion that excels at winning trades or all-ins, then you need to play aggressively and assert pressure on your opponents by threatening to damage them.

Of course, playing aggressive is not always the right play, this is a decision you have to make for yourself. But you need to make sure you are not wasting any potential windows for chunking out the enemy and forcing them to take a bad recall and miss out on minion exp and gold.

Pick Damage Dealing Champions

Not all champions in the game are made to deal comparable amounts of damage. Some champions have kits that revolve strictly around dealing damage while others rely on utility and crowd control to help their team win the game.

If your objective is to deal the maximum amount of damage, then picking a damage carry is the best option. Some of the best damage-dealing champions in each role are listed below:

  • Top: Darius, Gangplank, Gwen, Irelia, Jayce, Olaf, Riven, Teemo, Tryndamere.
  • Jungle: Elise, Evelynn, Karthus, Kayn, Kindred, KhaZix, Master Yi, Rengar, Taliyah, Viego.
  • Mid: Akali, Azir, Corki, Katarina, Pantheon, Rumble, Yone, Zed, Zoe.
  • Bot: Draven, Ezreal, Jinx, Kalista, KogMaw, Lucian, Tristana.
  • Support: Ashe, Brand, Karma, Lux, Nami, Pyke, Senna, Swain, Velkoz, Xerath, Zyra.

Ability Order

Deal More Damage Ability Guide in League of Legends

If you want to maximize the damage that your champion can dish out, you need to make sure you are putting points into the right abilities to always have the maximum amount of damage. For example, Camille heavily relies on her Q to deal the majority of her damage. If you don’t level up her Q and instead put points into other abilities, you will end up with much lower damage than you otherwise would.

Leveling up abilities that provide you the maximum damage allows you to win trades and pressure your opponents. Some champions have multiple abilities that can be maxed without compromising damage. These fulfill different purposes and should be maxed accordingly.


Finally, mechanics are what allow you to use all the runes and items you have to their maximum potential. Even if you pick damage carry champions and build full damage items, you will not be able to achieve anything unless you are mechanically proficient enough to pull off your champion’s mechanics.

High elo players can out-damage low elo players even if they are behind in items simply by mechanically outperforming their opponents. These mechanics include things like kiting, knowing your range, APM, and reaction times. So make sure you play a lot and optimize your mechanics so you can use your champion to its best potential.

Damage Modification

Items That Increase Damage Dealt

Deal More Damage Runes Guide in League of Legends

As we mentioned in the first part of the article, Items are the most consistent way of dealing damage and increasing the damage dealt. Some items, in addition to providing Attack Damage or Ability Power, also increase the damage you deal by a certain amount. These items are listed below:

  • Horizon Focus
  • Prowler’s Claw
  • Riftmaker

Runes That Increase Damage Dealt

There are some runes that don’t directly deal damage to the opponent, instead, they help by increasing the amount of damage you deal to the opponents based on certain factors. These runes include the following:

  • Coup de Grace
  • Cut Down
  • First Strike
  • Last Stand

Abilities That Increase Damage Dealt

Some abilities increase the damage you deal by a certain amount. Some examples of such abilities are:

  • Riven’s Wind Slash
  • Miss Fortune’s Double Up
  • Vayne’s Tumble
  • Mordekaiser’s Obliterate
  • Rek’Sai’s Furious Bite
  • Karthus’ Lay Waste


Damage is one of the most important statistics in League of Legends. You need damage to kill your opponents and destroy structures. You can increase the damage you deal using the various methods listed above. Make sure you are playing your champion optimally to maximize the amount of damage you are supposed to deal.

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