What Does Diff Mean in League of Legends?

What Does Diff Mean in League of Legends?

Every game has a different language, League of Legends’ lingo is a little different from the others and it’s a lot more toxic too. There are some terms used to give information about what you’re gonna do next, setting up a gank, roam to help, push tower, or calling for help. If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while you might have heard phrases like jpdiff,botdiff, midriff, gg ez, ez mid, or ez bot. You’ve might have seen people typing in all chat after kill you calling you “ez”. Diff is probably a term that players still struggle with, so let’s jump in and find out what it means, together with some other commonly used terms.

Diff means the difference in the performance of two same roles in different teams, for example,  ‘jpdiff’ means when your jungle champions dominated the game through the jungle and enemy jungle champions can’t do a thing which cost them the game or vice-versa.

It’s hard to define exactly when or why this slang was born but it started as hyperbole to a specific role having a greater impact in the game than the other. Typing bot diff in all chat means your team’s bot lane wrecked the other teams in the lane. There are numerous slangs that you’ll hear throughout the game, let’s have a deeper look into some of the most common slang of League of Legends.

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Commonly Used Terms in League of Legends

Commonly Used Terms in League of Legends

Slang terms and lingo of a game are the things that develop with the game, and League of Legends is no exception. Here are some examples of the most popular terms used in the game.


gg means good game. Opponent players usually type ‘gg’ at the end of the game or series to tell you they had fun playing against you and you also receive a ‘gg’ from your teammates if they enjoyed your contribution to the game. It’s also used to tilt people typing gg’s in all chat after killing an enemy to trash-talk them and to tilt them.


‘TP’ means teleportation, it’s a targeted summoner spell that allows champions from anywhere on the map to teleport to a friendly location like a minion, turret, or ward. Tp is mostly useful to set up a gank or to run away safely. In the League of Legends, it takes around 7 to 8 seconds to teleport.


Noob means a newbie, a player who recently started to play the game. The term “noob” can be used for insulting players and criticizing their play.


To roam means to move between the lanes in the laning phase. In League of Legends support and jungler often roam to set up a gank on opposing players or to help defend the turrets. Roaming is a key concept in the game because it helps you secure early kills.


If you’ve played or even watched League of Legends you might have heard about the net-worth of a champion. Farm means to earn gold by killing lane minions, jungle monsters, and champions, and knocking down the structures. Carry champions need the farm to win the game. You might have seen the rest of the team making space, even dying to get farm for the carry so they can finish up the game.


Easy is referred to as ‘ez’, players spam it in all-chat to enrage the enemy players it is used in chat after killing a champion, after winning the lane, or winning the game.

What Does ‘Diff’ Mean in League of Legends

What Does ‘Diff’ Mean in League of Legends

Diff is probably a term that originated in League of Legends and has found its way into other Riot games like Valorant. Diff is simply used to acknowledge the difference between two similar aspects of the game in different teams (champion, lane, roles etc). Below are different types of Diff slangs used in League of Legends.


 ‘jpdiff’ means when one team’s jungle champions have a more significant effect on the game than the other team’s jungle champions.


Botdiff stands for bottom lane so, ‘botdiff’ means that one team’s bottom lane has a better lane than the opponent team, which means that one team came ahead in fights and last hits in the laning stage which gives an early boost for their champion that helps him carry the game.


Mid stands for mid lane, ‘middiff’ means one team’s mid champion won the lane dominantly against the other team’s mid laner. Mid is a very crucial lane to win because mid laner usually sets up the tempo of the game if your mid-laner diffs the enemy mid-laner, they can help you win other lanes too.


The top lane is for tanks which is a 1v1 lane against the enemy tank champion. ‘topdiff’ means your team’s top laner won the lane significantly against the enemy’s top laner.

Significance of Slangs in League of Legends

Slangs are annoying and distracting most of the time but they can also be very important because they help you convey a piece of important information in one or two words instead of writing a whole sentence. For example, ‘tp bot’ means I am gonna come bot to help or to defend the bot tower.

People don’t read a sentence in the chat because it takes time, but a call-out like flanking mid, pushing top, ganking mid or defending bottom makes you understand what the player is going to do. People don’t use voice chat in the League of Legends that often, so slangs makes it easier for them to communicate with their team.

These video game slangs that we have talked about have also become a part of pop culture and we can see them being used outside of the games by people who are not even gamers.

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