How to End Games Early in League of Legends?

Although they can be extremely tense and exciting, no one likes too long League of Legends games. Sometimes the game takes so long that both teams do not think tactically but just want to finish the match as soon as possible, which results in a row of kills on both sides. However, then it is too late. 

How long the game will last should be considered at the very beginning of the game. With the proper distribution of tasks, your team’s players can have a significant advantage and thus control the course of the game. We do not doubt that your tactics will speed up the game so you will finish it in an average of 20 minutes as the winning team.

1. Choose Your Focus

The most important thing at the beginning of the game is to choose what to focus on. You choose that by choosing a champion, of course. For example, if you choose a jungle champion and kill jungle monsters on time, and if you and your team come together and take a red or blue buff before the opposing team, you are already at an advantage. The game monsters are an essential item of every match. The benefits you can get by killing Dragon or Baron Nashor are great and can speed up your path to victory. 

It is not unknown that the losing team decides to attack Baron Nashor altogether. Once the team kills Baron Nashor, all champions from the team gain more strength, as do their minions. It often happened that after the team killed Baron Nashor, the game ended in just a few minutes. However, no matter how fast and reliable this tactic is, the team must cooperate because if only a jungler comes to fight the monsters, he will not have a good time.

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2. Force Teamfights

Another team tactic is, you guessed it, team fights. Team fights are an integral part of every match, as are monsters. Team fights involve the whole team and are a relatively easy way to take control of a map. Of course, several factors must overlap here for team fights to succeed. The ADC champion must be fed up, and there must be a tanky champion who will be hit by the opponent’s spells and at the same time will not lose health so he will help his team in numerical advantage. 

The whole team has to play their part well in team fights, and the more players stay alive, the more significant the advantage. With a few good team fights, the game can be quickly brought to an end. Of course, the goal is to be a winner in every team fight, and we don’t have to tell you that.

3. Split Pushing

Unlike team fights where all ten champions participate, the following tactic applies to the individual champion. The one who is brave enough to dare go split pushing. What is split pushing? Split pushing is when one champion plays practically separately from his team and tries to clean up the lane as soon as possible and get to the opponent’s Nexus. This tactic can significantly speed up the course of the game as it often happens that opposing champions are preoccupied with other lanes or killing the monsters or some other stuff. They can pay dearly for this mistake if they get fooled by a good split pusher, such as Ziggs or Shaco, who will knock down all the turrets and get to the main Nexus. You just need to assess when is the right time to split pushing, and there is your victory, just around a corner.

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4. Protect Your ADC

Apart from split pushing, there is another way to finish the game quickly with the help of one champion. It is, of course, the ADC champion. As the name suggests, the ADC can carry the whole team on its back if it is a good and experienced player. 

This tactic requires a good selection of ADC champions, as not everyone is the same, and not everyone will achieve the best possible performance. For example, Garen or Miss Fortune can be quickly fed and thus be an unstoppable force that will gain kills. Your performance should be S +, and your build should have all the vital items to reach the peak of power. When the ADC embarks on its killing mission, it is important to try not to lose a life or allow the opposing team to harass your allies. 

With this strategy, the ADC can really carry the whole team, which can be very confusing and annoy enemy champions because they will not be able to get close to your ADC or get a chance to destroy your turret. You will be 1v9, and we can only say: Let the games begin!

Final thoughts

Each League of Legends match has several stages: an early game, where players try to gain control of one of the three lanes and try to destroy the turret as soon as possible and stop the creep wave of the enemy’s team. In the mid-game, both teams try to collect as many kills as possible by winning buffs hoping that it will bring them bonuses and that they will successfully reach the last stage. 

The late-game phase is the last phase of the match. In the late game, an attempt is made to destroy the Nexus of the opposing team with as few deaths as possible on both sides. In the late game phase, a killed champion takes almost a minute to come to life, which can be crucial at this stage. That is why it is crucial to play the first two stages well and try to finish the game as soon as possible. There are several ways to speed up the course of the game, and here we will briefly repeat them.

Focus on objectives, we said. Even if you are not a jungler, do not neglect the importance of jungle monsters. Red or blue buff can mean a lot when it comes to team fights; they can give a significant advantage to a team that successfully collects bonuses given to them by killed monsters. 

If you reach Dragon or Baron Nashor several times before the opposing team, the strength of your team increases, as does the strength of your creep waves. Enemy champions will have a hard time stopping your minions and your breakthrough towards their Nexus.

Another way to end the game early is to win team fights. Take advantage of some good team fights, and you and your team try to come out as winners. Winning team fights gives a significant psychological advantage because opponents will be confused and scared to enter a duel with your team. Just win in two or three team fights to speed up your chance of victory.

We also mentioned split pushing, a tactic for the brave who are not afraid to push the lane themselves and who are strong enough to defend themselves if attacked by an opposing champion. Putting the ADC in the foreground can also end the game quickly. If a player on your team is strong enough to carry the whole team, you have no reason to worry. With these two tactics, you can finish the game quickly, and you just have to make sure you have a few deaths as possible in your team and catch your enemies when they least expect it. Good luck and have fun!

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