How Much Does League of Legends Elo Boosting Cost?

Elo Boosting is a subject that we have been speaking about before. It is not the best practice, but it offers some benefits. We are not against Elo Boosting, but we are not supporting it either, we believe Elo Boosting has pros and cons. 

For those who are new to the subject, I will write a short definition of it. 

What is Elo Boosting? 

Elo Boosting is a service that will take your account to climb ranks effectively and flawlessly. It means, in other words, that someone called “Elo Booster,” an experienced and skilled player, will use your account to play and win Ranked games to raise your position in the ranking. In most cases, this Elo Boosting service is a paid service, and you pay for the experience and the capabilities of the Elo Booster. 

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Why Would Somebody Pay for Something Like That? 

Well, there might be many reasons, if you are trying to find a reason to use this Elo Boosting service, then probably I could recap some. 

Satisfaction might be one of the best “why” to answer this question, if you have ever wondered how it would feel to play on high ranks with the Elo Boosting you can achieve it. 

Rewards are a common topic as well, the game offers different kinds of rewards depending on your current rank, these rewards are given when the Season is over, a nice and good-looking border, icons, and champion skins are on the list. 

To impress your friends and other players. Haven’t ever happened to you that you are just starting a game, normal or even the famous Aram, and you are watching the loading screen or you are trying to sneak and check your opponent stats and you realize there is one high elo player on the other side when low elo players make your team?

Then, what’s your first thought? “Oh well, GG”. Even if you are the more positive player in the game, the fact that you have seen a High Elo player as an enemy will keep your mind busy and you won’t stop thinking about the fact he might be more skilled than you. 

The feedback. Many players. Besides the previous reasons, they decided to take advantage of this service to improve their own game style. Of course, it is totally different from being a skilled player than having the knowledge of a skilled player. Most of the professional players are a good combination between skills and knowledge.

Skills will let them do the plays while the knowledge will help them to make good decisions. So, some of the Elo Boosting services offer feedback and explanations why the Elo Booster took some actions or made some decisions over others, so the owner can learn from it and improve his/her own game style.

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Is Elo Boosting Illegal? 

Yes. It is illegal. Riot Games has made this clear for everyone. Before, there wasn’t a clear statement about this practice. The only way you got sanctioned was by sharing your account, which is something problematic since they actually can’t know if you are doing that, excluding obvious exceptions (like you playing in North American and the next day from EUNE and the day after in NA again).

 After a while, Riot decided to make an announcement where they make clear what happens to someone trying to increase their ranks or the well-known MMR (Matchmaking Rating). Basically, according to them, both parts will be sanctioned. 

The sanctions are:

  • A suspension of the account for two weeks 
  • The honor level is reduced to 0, and you can only start to get honor back after your suspension has been over.
  • The account will no longer receive the end season rewards 
  • The accounts that make the same mistake twice will be permanently banned

I think Riot has been taking this activity very seriously, and it is common to see people getting banned by the end of the season. 

So is it Safe to Pay for the Elo Boosting Service? 

That’s a tricky question. Everyone has the same chance to get banned when buying the Elo Boosting service, so saying it is safe would be a lie. Still, the truth is that the companies offering Elo Boosting service are working to provide always the best service and if you don’t believe me, just read below. 

Let’s say you are offering the Elo Boosting service on your own. Let’s say you are a Master/Grandmaster player that has been playing League of Legends since Season 2, you know all the roles, and you have no problem reaching Diamond (at least) in smurf accounts. If you are serious about the business, would it be a good idea to get your clients banned? Absolutely not. If you are thinking of doing a good business out of it, you want to protect your clients and offer them satisfactory results so they can even recommend you, and eventually, you get more work to do, right? 

Well, that is the same that the Elo Boosting companies do. They try all the time to look for the safest way to do it and, of course, to offer you the results you are expecting to get. A new season comes every year, and all the Ranks are rebooted. So what is better than having an old customer happy to get the same service as last time? 

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Now the Most Important Part, the Prices!

If you are wondering what service you might hire, I must say the one that looks better in your eyes. Nowadays companies offer different kind of services, it is not just a usual Elo Boosting, but you can choose from:

  • Seeing the Elobooster in stream
  • Select the champions you want the Elobooster to play
  • Elo booster plays in Offline mode
  • You can choose the order of the Summoner Spells 
  • You can get feedback from the games (if Duo Elo Boost is asked)
  • Choose from Elobooster to play with your account 
  • VPN service to play with a similar IP address

These are the most common options for extra services offered by companies, so in the comparison, I have checked 2-3 companies, and I’m going to show the base price, as the basic service they offer and compare the three prices. 

The following list contains prices from Silver IV to Gold I on the North American server (NA)

  • 139.90 (Includes VPN service, champion, roles, and SS selected by the client, Offline mode. This price includes already a 25% discount) 
  • 110 (Price includes Offline mode)
  • 142 (Champion preference and VPN service, includes a 15% discount already)
  • 212.23 (Specific role champions, play Offline, price includes already a discount)

Now, same prices, same server, but from Gold I to Platinum I

  • 140.90 (Includes VPN service, champion, roles, and SS selected by the client, Offline mode. This price includes already a 25% discount) 
  • 110 (Price includes Offline mode)
  • 147 (Champion preference and VPN service, includes a 15% discount already)
  • 212.23 (Specific role champions, play Offline, price includes already a discount)

Then comes from Platinum 1 to Master 0 LP

  • 637.90 (Includes VPN service, champion, roles, and SS selected by the client, Offline mode. This price includes already a 25% discount) 
  • No information found
  • 848.27 (Champion preference and VPN service, includes a 15% discount already)
  • 1009.31 (Specific role champions, play Offline, price includes already a discount)

As you see, the price raises immediately on Diamond V, every single division turns to be very expensive. And suppose you are wondering, why was always from Divison 1 to Division 1 instead of probably Divison 1 to Division 5 or from Division 5 to Division 5. In that case, the reason is simple, the Division 1 grants you a better frame, I mean, if we are not speaking about Diamond and higher elo, the price per Division is not much and if you are already paying to get to a Division 5, why not to pay to get into a Divison 1 and get the best frame? It makes sense, right? But then again, why not pay one more division to get into a Division 5 from the next rank? 

In the end, the decision is yours, you can decide if Elo Boosting is bad or is good, if is this last one, try to use it in a good way and learn as much as possible, decide from which Division you are starting and where do you want to reach and bear in mind the price always! 

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