The 10 Least Bought Items In League Of Legends

League of Legends is a game in which your entire match depends on your items. Having good ones will give you an advantage over the enemy. Building proper ones will be the key to victory, so they are extremely important for the game.

In this article, you will find a ranking of the top ten least bought items in Lol. The stats of the items indicate their additional abilities or passives. Their construction costs and timeline

If any of this is what you are looking for, then continue to read on. You will learn the basics of each of the items and gain a better understanding of them.

1. Silvermere Dawn

This piece of equipment has a pick rate of 0.1 percent and a win rate of 58.5 percent.

Silvermere Dawn comes with core stats of +40 attack damage, +300 HP, and +35 magic resistance. 

The item has one active skill called “Quicksilver.” In its essence, this ability allows your champion to remove all crowd control effects from himself (except airborne). Furthermore, it grants a slow resist buff and tenacity of 40%. While active, you also gain ghosting for 3 seconds, and you can freely pass through units in the meantime. The cooldown for these skills is 90 seconds.

Silvermere Dawn costs about 3000 gold coins. You can, later on for approximately 2100 gold. The item consists of three lesser ones. Pickaxe (850 g), Ruby Crystal (400 g), and Quicksilver Sash (1300 g) are the first three items.

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2. Mercurial Scimitar

This item has a slightly bigger pick rate of 0.3 percent. The same goes for the win rate, as Mercurial Scimitar has 58.8 percent. The item itself is almost identical to Silvermere Dawn, as it serves the same purpose. The main difference is the core stats, as they fit different builds.

Core stats are: +40 attack damage, +20% critical strike chance, +30 magic resistance.

Mercurial Scimitar’s active component is called Quicksilver too. The difference between this. And the one ranked tenth is the effects of the skills themselves. Once you activate the Mercurial Scimitar ability, You’ll gain 50% more movement speed and 1 second of ghosting. In addition, all crowd control effects will go off, except for airborne ones.

To buy a Mercurial Scimitar, you will need 3000 gold. You can sell it for 2100. The following items are required to construct it: Quicksilver Sash (1300 gold), Pickaxe (875 g), and Cloak of Agility (600 gold coins).

3. Warmog’s Armor

This one is a favorite, probably only for Mundo. The win rate is 61.9 percent, and the pick rate is 0.3 percent.

Warmog’s armor has +10 ability haste, +800 HP, and +200 percent health regen.

This item has two passives. The first is called Warmog’s Heart. In short, it activates if you have a minimum of 1100 bonus hp. 

Warmog’s heart itself is regenerative and passive. If you haven’t fought for at least 6 seconds, The passive will activate, healing you for 2.5% of your maximum HP per half a second.

The item costs 3000 gold, but it can be sold for 2100 and consists of three lesser items. The first is the Giant’s Belt (900 gold), followed by the Kindlegem (800 g) and the Crystalline Bracer (650 g).

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4. Anathema’s Chains

This item’s pick and win rates are -0.5 and 56.1 percent, respectively.

The core states of Anathema’s Chains grant you +650 Hp and +20 Abilities Haste.

This piece of equipment has one active and two passives.

The active is called “Vow.” The purpose of this is to collect Vendetta. To activate it, you have to pick a nemesis, aka enemy. The laner is usually the opponent. After you have done that, Vow will start gaining vendetta over a minute. That will earn you up to a maximum of 30 vendettas.

The passive Vendetta on its side provides a significant buff, allowing you to take 1% less damage from your marked enemy. That means that you can take less than 30 percent of your nemesis’s damage.

Vengeance is the second passive, and it activates once your vendetta is maxed out. Once it activates, your opponent’s tenacity will be greatly reduced if they are in range.

This item costs 2500 gold and can sell for 1750. To build it, you will need Kindlegem (800 gold) and a Giant’s Belt (900 g).

5. Navori Quickblades 

This item has a pick rate of only 0.5 percent, and the win rate is 54.1 percent.

Navori Quickblades’ core stats are +60 attack damage, +30 ability haste, and +20 percent critical strike chance. 

The item has only one passive. It is called “Deft Strikes,” and its effects are to reduce the cooldown of your basic skills. In short, for every basic attack, you make and it lands with critical damage, Deft Strikes will reduce your normal ability CDs.

The item price is 3400 gold, which can be sold for 2380 coins. It consists of 3 main items: Caufield’s Warhammer (1100 gold), Pickaxe (875 g), and Cloak of Agility (600 coins).

6. Gargoyle Stoneplate

Gargoyle Stoneplate has a win rate of 58.6 percent, and a pick rate of 0.5 percent.

The item gives you the following base stats: + 15 ability haste, + 60 armor, and + 60 magic resist.

Gargoyle Stoneplate has one active and one passive ability.

The active one is called “Monolith,” and its main function is to give you a shield. The shield is calculated as follows: 100 basic shields + 100% of your maximum health. It will stay on you till the cooldown runs off (2.55 seconds) or it gets depleted. In addition, you gain 25% of your body weight in the same amount of time.

Gargoyle Stoneplate passive is fortified. That is quite simple, yet good passive. In short, fortify gives you additional magic resistance and armor for each enemy that attacks you, and it lasts for 6 seconds. It regenerates on attacks, and the bonus is 5% per attack. It can only stack up to a maximum of 25%.

This item cost 3200 gold, and the selling price is 2240. As usual, there are three core items in its build. Cloth armor (300 coins), the Legion’s Aegis (1400 g), and the Null-Magic Mantle (450 gold).

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7. Stormrazor 

The win rate is 56.6 percent, with a pick rate of 0.6 percent.

Stormrazor’s core stats are +40 attack damage. Last but not least, a 15% increase in attack speed and a 20% increase in critical strike chance.

This equipment has two passives- energize and paralyze. The first one works very simply. While moving with your champion or hitting some basic attacks, you gain stacks up to 100. Once you gain the maximum of a hundred stacks, the second passive paralyze activates. Once it activates, your attack deals 120 magic damage and slows the enemies.

Stormrazor costs 2700 gold and can be sold for 1890 gold. The main components of this blade are the B.F. Sword (1300 g), Kircheis Shard (700 coins), and the Cloak of Agility (600 gold).

8. Mikael’s Blessing

This piece of equipment has a pick rate of 0.6 percent and a win rate of 61 percent.

Mikael’s Blessing core stats provide your champion with +15 ability haste, +100% basic mana regeneration, +20% shield and health power, and +50 magic resist.

Mikael’s Blessing has no passives and only one active. The name of this active ability is “Purify.” In its essence, this item can clear most crowd control debuffs. The only exceptions are airborne, blind, disarmed, ground, nearsighted, and suppression. In addition to that, you can heal for 100 to 200 hp based on the current champion level.

The cost of building the item is 2300 gold. You can later sell it for 1610 coins. To construct it, you will need a Forbidden Idol (800 g) and a Negatron Cloak (900 gold).

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9. Umbral Glaive

Umbral Glaive has a pick rate of 0.7 percent and a win rate of 53.2 percent.

The core stats you can get are + 10 lethalities, + 50 attack damage, and + 15 haste.

Umbral glaive passives are called blackouts. In short, this passive allows you to spot nearby wards or traps once they are near you. The effect lasts for eight seconds and is reset every 400. Once you spot a ward or trap. You can instantly kill it and continue onward.

The cost of this piece is 2400 gold, and it can sell for 1680 coins. To build an Umbral Glaive, you need to first get two long swords for 350 gold each and then a serrated dirk for 1100 gold.

10. Chempunk Chainsword

The win rate is 54.9 percent, with a pick rate of 0.8 percent.

The Chempunk Chainsword’s core stats are +250 HP, +15 ability haste, and +45 attack damage.

The item passive is called Hackshorn. It applies a grievous wound to the enemy that you damage. That grievous wound effect is active for 3 seconds. If the target’s HP is greater than 50% of its maximum, the grievous wound has a 40% effect. If it is depleted during the fight and goes to less than half of its maximum HP. The effect increases from 40% to 60%.

The Chempunk Chainsword costs 2600 gold and is selling for 1820 coins. To build it, you need to get Executioner’s Calling (800 gold), Ruby Crystal (400 g), and Caufield’s Warhammer for 1100 gold.


With this, the ranking of the top 10 least bought items in League of Legends concludes. Although all of the items on the list are well known, the pick rate for them is low because they fit particular playstyles. particular champions and situations. They are not as popular as other pieces, which can be bussed every game and thus have a lower pick rate than their most popular counterparts. I hope the article was helpful, and thank you for reading it.

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