Turret Aggro in League of Legends – All You Need To Know

Welcome to the new League of Legends guide. As before, we share with you new and useful information on how to improve your League of Legends gaming skill. In the League of Legends, it is important to have a developed strategy and good communication with the rest of the team because it is a team game. 

Players must cooperate and be willing to help their teammates in the event of a fight. In addition, players must do their best if they want to clear the lanes before the enemy team and reach the enemy base where the Nexus is located. Before they get to Nexus it’s important to knock down the turrets found on all three lanes. 

Today’s guide is about turrets – everything you need to know about turrets is in the text below, so read it carefully.

We have to admit, Riot Games really put in the effort when designing Summoner’s Rift map. Monsters in the jungle, evil minions and turrets. You’re probably used to tearing down turrets in every game, but you’ve never wondered what turrets really are and how to behave next to them. Now you’ll find out.

Turrets in the League of Legends are also known as towers. These are forts that have the ability to shoot anything in their circle. This way the turrets guard themselves and prevent the enemy team from approaching the main Nexus at the base. 

Turrets are capable of inflicting heavy damage on an enemy team, so players must approach the demolition of these forts carefully. There are a total of 11 turrets on Summoner’s Rift map, meaning 11 obstacles before reaching base.

At the very beginning of the game when the players are in the lane phase, the turrets are very, very strong. Each lane contains turrets that must be knocked down if players want to get to the main base and knock down the enemy Nexus and thus win League Points.

Each lane contains three turrets, the first turret is called the Outer turret, when players knock it down they come to the second turret, the Inner turret, and the third turret is better known as the Inhibitor turret. When players knock down the enemy’s Inhibitor turret, super minions appear. 

Super minions are bigger, faster and do a lot more damage than regular minions. The Enemy team is much harder to defend itself against super minions, so it’s important to keep the Inhibitor turret in one piece as long as possible.

Once players get to the enemy base and start tearing down the Nexus, the enemy team is in big trouble. Unless all team members are alive and at base ready to defend the Nexus, it is very obvious that the Nexus will fall into the hands of their enemies and the game will be over. 

That’s why it’s important for players to keep track of what’s happening on the map to keep enemy minions or enemy players from approaching their base.

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Turret Targets

As we have already said, and as you know, turrets attack everything that is near them. And this by the algorithm that anyone who first comes into their personal area will be attacked. The turrets will not only attack their targets, but will do so until they are completely destroyed. 

Therefore, players must be careful, it is always good to let the minions enter the personal space of the turret first and that they only shoot the turret from the side and reduce its health. 

Also, if you find yourself under a turret and go cast a spell on an enemy player, the turret will change its target directly at you and thus try to eliminate you. Turrets can sometimes be better support than real support players.

But don’t forget the armor, each turret has its own armor that increases as the turret is destroyed. This means it’s getting harder to knock down a turret if your team allows the turret to stay intact once it starts attacking it. 

Jungle monsters, such as the Rift Herald, which can do a lot of damage once it crashes into a turret, can help. The Rift Herald can destroy an entire turret if the turret is left with little health.

Furthermore, demolishing turrets brings gold to your team, so it is important that in the lane phase your team focuses on demolishing turrets. The more gold you win, the better your chances of buying the necessary items and thus gaining an advantage over the enemy team.

Have you heard of the Demolish rune? The Demolish rune is ideal for demolishing turrets because six crystals appear around the turret. These six crystals indicate when the turret will be vulnerable to Demolish rune. With Demolish runes you can win more gold, so try it in your next match.

What is Turret Aggro?

Turret aggro is when turret starts attacking your champion, that is, you. When does this happen? This happens when you enter the personal space of a turret, turrets obviously do not like company and will immediately direct their target at intruders. 

In normal matches there is no indication of how far you can go, so you have to properly assess how close you can go to the turret without him pointing his laser at you.

As you already know, the turret will shoot the first target that approaches it, be it a champion or a minion. That is why it is desirable to let the minions do the dirty work and be the first to violate the privacy of the turret. Turret will shoot the minion until he kills it, and he will do so with each target. 

When you find yourself near him and start shooting at enemy champions, the turret will transfer its laser to you, as we have already said. In that case, it’s best to run away because the turret will keep shooting until it kills you.

If you have played with champions like Annie or Yvern, then you know that their pets can bring a big advantage to their team because they are ideal for tearing down turrets. Annie’s plush Tiber will do its best to destroy the turret, and if Annie is with him they can very quickly completely demolish the turret.

Another good tactic is for multiple players of the same team to start attacking the turret and the players around it trying to defend it. That way the turret will target only one champion and the other will still be able to continue to demolish the turret or attack the enemy champions. 

The player can stay under the turret until his health bar comes to an end, then he can go outside the turret zone to save himself. In that case, the turret will find another target.

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Which Turret Should be The First Target?

In case you didn’t know, a mid turret is a turret that needs to be knocked down first for the team to gain an advantage. This is because the mid turret has a convenient position on the map, and when demolished, the mid player can roam the map freely to help his teammates on other lanes.

Even when the first turrets on the second lanes crash, mid lane should be a priority, Inner turret should become the next target for demolition because mid lane is the easiest way to reach the enemy base. In the next match, apply this tactic and let us know if it paid off!


Turrets in the League of Legends are already so familiar to us that we often do not pay attention to them, but automatically destroy them when we are close to them. However, if you have come to the end of this article then you know that turrets are not just ordinary forts, but that they have their own rules and policies.

It is important to learn how turrets work, and it is also important to remember their hierarchy. If you know which turret should fall first and which second, you already have an advantage over the enemy team who may not be familiar with this information. Use them wisely and don’t forget to have fun while playing League of Legends.

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