How To Properly Communicate in League of Legends?

There are many ways to communicate in League of Legends, but the easiest way to do it is the chat system in the game or in the client.

You can simply press Enter to type your message and send it to your teammates, but there are multiple commands you can use to send messages to certain types of people. There are also other ways than the built in chat system you can use to talk to other players and we will discuss them all in this article. 

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In-Game Chat

  1. /all

This chat command gives you the ability to talk to all of the players within the game, this is also the only way you can send a message to your enemies while in a game. Although you can filter players that can read your message by muting some of them in the scoreboard that you can see by pressing Tab. 

  1. /mute *playername* 

This command allows you to mute/ignore the messages of a certain player. You won’t receive any message from that player even if he is either your ally or an enemy. 

  1. /mute all

This basically mutes every other player in the game, you won’t see their chats as well as their emotes and pings. This is used mostly when there are toxic allies or enemies in the game. You can do this again to undo the mute all.

  1. /r 

This is a reply command that you can use to send a reply to the latest person who sent you a private message. 

  1. /msg *playername*

You can use this command to send a private message to a friend you added in the game, you can talk through this command wherever you are in the game. In-game or even in the client. 


You can communicate with all players without even typing by using emotes, these are animated stickers that gives a certain message to all players that see you pop it out. For Example there is a dabbing penguin emote in the game that players can use to add salt to the wound of the enemies they just killed. 

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By far, this is the best communication method you can use in League of Legends as you can communicate with your allies without the need to type. Simply press and hold alt or ctrl and drag the mouse to bring out the commands. Pings are a fast way to tell your enemies what to do. 

  1. On my way

This is ping gives your ally a heads up that you are coming their way either to gank or help them in whatever situation they’re in.

  1. Danger 

This ping gives a loud ping sound with red UI that denotes danger for your teammates, this tells them either to get out of there, or that there is an enemy hiding in the bush. This is a fast way to tell them to back off.

  1. Caution

This ping is as loud as the danger ping and it gives off an orange exclamation mark symbol to tell your allies to proceed with caution. This is best used to tell your enemies to not face check a bush or fog. 

  1. Missing Ping

This is the MIA ping in League of Legends to tell your allies that the enemy laner you are facing is missing and could very well be headed towards them. But most players use this ping on allies who just died pointlessly, kind of like an insult saying “What the **** are you doing?”

  1. Assist ping

This ping can be used to quickly ask for your allies to gank your lane or to help you push it out before recalling. 

  1. Basic ping

You can use this ping to point something out for your allies. A point of interest or tell your allies to push a tower or target an enemy. You can also use this ping to redirect the attention of your allies to a certain position in the map. 

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Voice Chat

League of Legends has a built in voice chat system but can only be used with players that are in your party. There are also lots of external apps you can use to implement this to your game. 


Communication is the key to victory in a team game like League of Legends, the coordination and planning is important to best your enemies. Catching opponents by surprise is the best thing you can do and you will be able to achieve this by having good communication. If your teammates are toxic in chat, you can simply use the ping system, that alone gives them a good idea on what you want to happen next. 

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