How to Purchase Riot Points for 50% Less in League of Legends

Skins and modifications are common things in online games. League of Legends is not a stranger in that part. Skins are an alternative appearance for your champs. Sometimes, they bring good vibes and bring you good games. Also, if you want to enjoy the variations in the game, you may want to purchase a lot of champions.

So how do you obtain these champions and skins?

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League Currency

There are two main currencies in LoL. First, we have the Riot points. If you were gaming in the early era of League, you may know this at Combat Points. Tickets can be acquired with actual cash and used to purchase in-game products that enhance the experience by adding convenience, additional personalization options, or diversity.

The second is the Blue Essence. BE, along with Riot Points, is one of the key currencies needed to unlock League of Legends content. Blue Essence may be gained through leveling up, accomplishing quests, cracking Champion Capsules obtained from leveling up, or disenchanting champion shards stored within Champion Capsules.

League currency system is another read in an article. But in this article, we’ll talk about the Riot Points. And how you can purchase them at a discounted price.

Purchasing Riot Points

Riot Points have grown extremely expensive, especially on European servers. Riot Games boosts its prices whenever the value of the euro lowers, and there are few local discounts accessible inside the EU. 

Fortunately, there are people who have discovered and shared ways to gain RP for half the price without getting on Riot’s bad side. If you are playing in the European servers, I think this article is calling right for you.

Before we get started with the main act, you should know these first.

  • Riot Points are distributed in batches that increase in value as you progress to a more expensive package. The smallest EUNE and EUW package is €2.50 for 310 RP, while the greatest is €50 for 7,200 RP. you can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal to purchase this.
  • Transferring League accounts between servers costs 2,600 RP. Transferred users now have no limitations on purchasing Riot Points following the transition. As soon as you transfer, you may top up your account. There are no limits on switching servers several times each day. Some locations will not have direct transfers between them: see the table below, but always double-check. There are also no transfers from most Asian servers since they are maintained by third-party operators rather than Riot Games.
  • Riot does not, in general, impose regional limits on Riot Point transactions. You can buy RP for a Japanese account while in the United States if you use one of the supported payment methods. This is what we’ll use to gain extra RP. Personally, I took the EUNE->TR->EUW path to obtain some cheap RP while still ending up on the other European server. After purchasing four batches of 12,850 RP in Turkey and returning to the EU, I had 48,600 RP for 223 EUR. I could have gotten 50,400 RP for 350 EUR on EUNE/EUW.

Basically, Riot has this “regional pricing”. Because of that, there are servers that sell riot points at twice the price. But then there are also servers where you can buy points at half the price. I guess this is our chance to get back from Riot. Since they are not very generous at giving discounts.

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The main act…

There are other ways to get a discount with riot. You can buy it at discounted shops. Which offer only a small discount. Maybe there are promos if you buy them online, though they are hard to come by.

But we think that the simplest route entails creating a new account on the server where you’ll be purchasing Riot Points. This saves you 2,600 Riot Points (a 2,800 RP bundle costs €20) that you would have paid otherwise to switch your main account to the more affordable zone. 

The goal is to purchase RP on a separate account, transfer it to the region of your primary account, and then begin unlocking content with presents.

This may look like a dream, the perfect act. But I hate to break it to you, there are limitations to this trick.

Some of these limitations are mostly in-game rules. First, you have to reach lvl. 10 in your RP-only account. This will allow you to unlock gifting. Second, you can only send 10 gifts and unlocks per account. 

Third, the main account that you’re using can also receive 10 gifts and unlocks only. And fourth, you are only entitled to unlock champions, skins, icons, and rune pages. But, you can still gift bundles along with some Hextech Content and Prestige Points. 

Don’t be upset by these limitations. The trade out bests those limitations. Imagine getting the points for half the price with only those limitations. Plus you can easily cross out the two limitations by making more RP-only accounts. 

Because it utilizes your own account, the inexpensive method is more convenient. Simply transfer to a cheaper location, buy RP, and then return. The disadvantage is that you will need to top up your RP account on the main server for the initial transfer.

If you intend to acquire a lot of Hextech/event chest bundles, start on the foreign server. There is a 24-hour restriction on paid Hextech loot purchases, however it resets after a transfer.

Now you know the limitations and the theories behind this, let’s get to the guide. 

Purchase Guide

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways to top up. But in this guide, you’ll be able to top up at 50% off with just a few steps.

First, you may want to create a new league account. Preferably in Brazil or Turkey. Then, of course, you’ll have to sign out from your main acct and log in to the new one. You can skip the tutorial since you already know the game. 

This will allow you to access the store instantly. After you’re in the store, buy the Riot points. It should account for at least 2,600 RP transfer fees. From that, you have to transfer that account to the server you are normally using, then play it till you reach level 10. Finally, once you reach level 10, you’ll be able to gift the RPs to yourself.

It is pretty easy but can take some time. Especially since you need to play the other account to level 10. But just think of it as a smurf account. Also, here is another tip. You may want to do this with a couple of friends. That way you can divide the transfer fee among each other.

Get Rewarded

For some players, you may not have the cash to top up. But there are still ways to have RP. 

Summoners who played that month were compensated with 350 RP on occasion, such as when the server went down during Season One rotation week 40.

Riot rewarded 450 RP to summoners over level 6 who had not been banned in the previous two months in December 2011.

I suggest you become a good player in Riot and get those RP.

So, there you have it. you guys should try it out and let us know what skin or mods you purchased. 

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