How to Identify The Real LeBlanc and Shaco?

Do you know what I hate most? I hate when I play against Shaco or LeBlanc and when they are in low health. Why? Because I always hit the wrong Shaco or wrong LeBlanc! I mean, I hit their clone, and they get escape points while I get nothing. Do you agree with me? Yeah, I thought so. In this article, we will discover how to recognize the real Shaco and real LeBlanc. Stay tuned because, with these tips, you will no longer be tricked by their foolish clone stuff.

Let’s Talk About Shaco and LeBlanc

We will not delay, don’t worry. We will mention some familiar stuff about Shaco and LeBlanc and what are key things to watch out for when you play against these champions. We will begin with Shaco or demonic jungler, we could say. 

Shaco is an excellent magician; with his Deceive spell, he becomes invisible, and already in the next step is in front of his target. Surprise! If you want to catch him, wait until his Deceive is at the cooldown, you have a bigger chance of catching and killing this evil clown. Be aware of his Jack in the Box spell, also. When he summons it, the box appears at the chosen target location and is activated with enemy contact. 

When this happens, all of Shaco’s enemies will have their movement speed reduced, and they will be rooted for 0.5 seconds. Enough time for Shaco and his teammates to attack you and your team. Another tip, Shaco’s Hallucinate spell (yeah, the ugly one with a clone) is extremely strong when it comes to destroying turrets. That’s why Shaco often split pushes the lane, and he can very quickly clean it. It is important to notice on time that Shaco is not with the rest of the team and send someone from your team to try to save the turret.

Mysterious LeBlanc, she is a mage champion who you can usually find in the mid-lane. With her Distortion, she aggressively dashes into her target, disabling her enemies to defend. At the same time, after attacking her target by re-activating the Distortion, she can quickly return to her original position. When LeBlanc summons her Distortion, you can stun her or silence her, depending on spells your champion owns. 

This is how you will disable her to escape after she attacks you. Minions can also save you if you find yourself on the opposite side of LeBlanc. Just stand behind the minions and prevent her from using your famous Ethereal Chains, which can root you for 1.5 seconds.

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So, How do I Recognize the Real Shaco and the Real Leblanc?

Here are some tips that will help you to recognize real Shaco and real LeBlanc in order not to be fooled by their clones.

How to Identify Real Shaco?

For Shaco, his Hallucinate spell creates his clone, which the player can control for 18 seconds. This clone can deal 75% damage of Shaco’s attack. So, his clone is weaker and takes 50% more damage, and you better watch for that. Look for Shaco’s Items. They can easily reveal which Shaco is real and which is fake. Lichbane is a must-have item in Shaco’s build; when Shaco uses his Hallucinate, Lichbane will be activated, and you will see the red aura around Shaco’s hands. 

Fake Shaco won’t have a red aura around his hands, so you will know for sure which one is real. Besides the red aura around his hands, his buffs also won’t be shown on his clone. So, when Shaco kills some of the monsters in the jungle, the buff will show only around real Shaco. Watch for that. Another trusted way to determine which Shaco is real Shaco is to click one of two Shaco’s on the terrain. The real one will have a list of items he owns, while the fake Shaco will not have anything. Here’s your truth.

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How to Identify Real LeBlanc?

For LeBlanc, the situation is very similar. Pay attention to the red or blue buff around the champion. If Leblanc does not have a red or blue circle around herself, it’s her clone. Also, if you click on one of two LeBlanc in the lane, the one that has items is the real one. Fake LeBlanc will not have any items. Another way to find out which Leblanc is the real one is to pay attention to her position. 

Fake LeBlanc might stand in one place and do not move. Or it can run towards you, which real Leblanc will not do; she will instead take advantage of the situation to escape while you fight against her clone. Also, in team fights, her clone will separate from the rest of the team, revealing that she is not willing to fight. If you notice it on time, you can save a few seconds of advantage and do not attack the fake LeBlanc.

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Final Words

We came to the end of this article, where we were reminded of what badass dangers Shaco and LeBlanc can be. And fake Shaco and fake LeBlanc, also. Shaco lurks from the jungle, and his high mobility is very useful when Shaco decides to gank his enemy champions. Be careful of his Jack in the Box, and it can do serious damage to your champion if you don’t spot it on time. 

Also, wait for his Deceive spell to be on the cooldown so you can jump him easier because he won’t be able to escape. About LeBlanc, watch for her Distortion; she can dash into you and deal damage in a blink of an eye. By the time you manage, she has already returned to the starting position. 1-0 for LeBlanc. 

She also has the power to root you; with her, Ethereal Chains can capture you like an illusion, and you will be rooted for 1.5 seconds. Trust me, 1.5 seconds is enough for LeBlanc to use all her spells on you and easily kill you. Stay behind the minions, and this is essential advice if you play against LeBlanc. The minions will thwart her attempts to reach you.

Let’s repeat how you will recognize real Shaco from fake Shaco and real LeBlanc from fake LeBlanc. The tactics for detecting them are pretty similar, differing only in one or two tactics. First, pay attention to the buffs. This may be more useful for Shaco since he is primarily a jungler, but also pay attention if LeBlanc is your opponent. Won buffs will only be shown on real champions, so you won’t be able to see a red or blue buff around fake ones. The second way is related to items. When there are two LeBlanc’s or two Shaco’s in front of you, click on one of them. If he is a real champion, he will have a list of items he owns, and if he is a fake, he will have nothing. You can easily spot the difference if you pay attention during a team fight. The clones will appear during a team fight, that’s for sure. If he is a clone, the champion will move away from the rest of the team; for example, he will go into a bush or something; it is also possible that the clone will move towards your champion and thus confuse you, so you will try to kill him. It is the tactic of the enemy champion to divert your attention from the real champions and steal a few seconds of time to escape or attack you. So use one of these few tips to find out in time which champion is right and which is fake.

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