Is Blitzcrank AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

League of legends has lots of champions who have vertical abilities that can grab and displace champions, but there can only be one best champion who can hook enemies and that is Blitzcrank. He can use his Q to rocket grab an enemy unit, Blitzcrank’s rocket grab immediately pulls the enemy he grabbed towards him which he can follow up with a quick uppercut and a burst of damage from his ultimate. 

Getting grabbed by Blitz basically is a death sentence, not only will you be hard CC’ed, you will also be silenced and get your shields destroyed. With the mention of his kit, let’s have a look at the type of damage he deals.

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Is Blitzcrank AP or AD?

Here is the answer.

Blitzcrank is a tank champion that has AP scaling abilities. When it comes to damage, blitzcrank main source comes from his basic combo of Q grab and E uppercut. You can build Ability power items on Blitz but it won’t have that much value because all his team needs from blitzcrank is to be able to grab one enemy champion so they can pick him off before starting a team fight.

Blitzcrank is best built with hybrid AP and defensive items, utility items are also a great buy on him as he doesn’t need to increase his damage. His abilities alone are overpowered and this has got him into the list of champions with the highest ban rate. Here are the best items you can build on blitzcrank.

Blitzcrank Builds

  • Locket of the Iron Solari – is a great item after engaging the enemy, you can use this item along with the guardian rune to improve the shields on your ADC. 
  • Zeke’s Convergence– Being a champion who is meant to be up close and personal with enemies, Zeke’s Convergence will really stand out on Blitzcrank. 
  • Knight’s Vow – You can peel your allied ADC even further with this item as it provides them damage reduction.
  • Shurelya’s Battlesong – Instead of using your hook to knock an enemy up, you can instead use this to speed up towards an opponent and knock them up with your E, and once they disengage or flash away, at least you have your hook ready and off cooldown.
  • Frozen heart – to give Blitz tons of defensive stats and a large mana pool that he really needs because of the high mana requirement of his Q.

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Best Runes For Blitzcrank

  • Aftershock – gives him bonus defensive stats whenever he hits an enemy with his hook. 
  • Demolish – being an aggressive support champion means you get to push the lane faster than the opponent and bonus damage to towers is great during the early game, especially with the gold plates. 
  • Conditioning – for late-game durability
  • Overgrowth scaling defensive stats for late game.
  • Biscuit Delivery – Blitz needs all the bonus mana he can get and this is also great to restore your mana during the early phases of the game after using your hooks.
  • Cosmic Insight – for bonus ability hastes.

What Role Can I Play Blitzcrank In?

Blitzcrank might look like a really fun champion to play and he might look viable for a 1v1 lane like top or mid, but his damage is too underwhelming. This is why the best role for Blitzcrank is in the bottom lane as a support. You can play build lots of utility items on him and make him a champion that has everything his teammate is looking for. 

When Should I Pick Blitzcrank?

You should pick Blitzcrank if there are squishy carries in the opposing team with no mobility spells like Lux or even a Varus. Once Bltizrank hooks these types of champions, there is little to nothing they can do to survive. 

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Blitzcrank is a great champion and scales really well with AP, but his kit really doesn’t require him to build AP items and should focus on items that can help his teammates. If you think about it, Blitzcrank is already a great champion even if he has no items, his kit is just too overpowered if you know how to use him right. 

I hope you picked something up in this article that might help you on your next games as Blitzcrank, Good luck, and have fun on your next games. 

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