Is Braum AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Braum is a tanky-looking champion with all those muscles and his huge door shield, despite this, Braum is really squishy if he has his shields down. Braum is a great peeling champion though as he can block everything with his E and it gives him damage reduction. 

He has a spell that lets him go to his ally instantly and increase their defensive stats. His kit is revolving around the fact that he needs to peel his allies so that his value doesn’t fall off. Most support champions now are mages that can be played aggressively and help the ADC during team fights or early game skirmishes. Braum is different and is really focused on peeling. 

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Is Braum AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

The basic answer here is none of the above, sure Braum has AP scaling on his Q and passive but that’s it. He is a support champion whose sole purpose is to protect his teammates, this only makes sense because his abilities scale with bonus HP and Armor, so he really is not an offensive champion but a defensive one. Braum’s abilities alone already have lots of value, so you really don’t need to build offensive items on him, just utility items and some defensive items will already work wonders for Braum.

Braum can be built like a tank but it depends upon the situation, usually, you can just build utility items and reduce his cooldowns so he can use his shield more often. Here are the best items you can build on Braum.

Best Items For Braum

  • Evenshroud – Proccing this item with Braum’s ultimate is a great initiating factor that makes enemy champions take additional damage and be slowed at the same time. 
  • Locket of the Iron Solari – instantly save a dying allied champion by dashing towards them and using this item to immediately give them a shield.
  • Knight’s vow – Receive the damage your ADC should which would protect your ADC even further
  • Zeke’s Convergence – follow the slow from your ultimate up with a slow from this item’s effect. 

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Best Runes For Braum

  • Guardian – Enhances the defensive effects of Braum’s dash
  • Font of Life – can be easily procced and used by your ADC when you hit enemies with your Q.
  • Bone plating – Gives you additional tank stats especially in the early game if you try to trade with the enemy bot lane duo.
  • Unflinching – having tenacity guarantees that you can always react to your ADC’s aid.
  • Biscuit Delivery
  • Cosmic insight

What Lane Or Role Can I Play Braum

Braum can only be played at the bottom lane as a support, his damage is too underwhelming even if you build damage items on him to quickly proc his passive stun. His kit revolves around protecting an ally and all of this means the best role for him is a support.

When Should I Pick Braum?

If you have a late-game champion as an ally, Braum is great as he can peel those champions really hard. He can also initiate fights so he is quite a balanced and underappreciated champion.


Braum is neither AP nor AD, he focuses on defensive stats along with defensive items. I hope you have picked something up in this article and help you on your next games with Braum.

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