Is Elise AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Elise has been in the game for a long time and is one of the first jungle champions in the game; however, she has fallen in popularity over the years because of the complexity of her kit and the META being relevant only for certain champions. 

She is a champion with two forms meaning you need to think about what form to take depending on the situation. Being in her human form, she acts like a mage in which she is ranged, and her abilities are skillshots; her 2nd form, however, makes her a bruiser champion that can trade blows or burst enemies. 

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Is Elise AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Elise is an AP-based champion that can be played as a bruiser or a caster. Her kit relies on combo sand skill sequences; she can deal damage using single targeted spells or AoE abilities, all of which come in spiders, be it a web or small spiderlings. Elise can also be built like a tank or a hybrid, but currently, the best build is a hybrid of tank and AP. Some AP items give defensive stats, and those are the ones you should look for. Here is the best build on Elise that you can do.

Best Item Build for Elise

  • Night Harvester – First up is the mythic item Elise has the highest win rate with. Elise’s Q has a very low cooldown, meaning he can often proc this item’s effect. This also offers better positioning for Elise while she is in human form to land her stun easier.
  • ShadowFlame – If there are tanks in the enemy team, one shadowflame can deal with them, mainly because Elise has spiderlings that also scale with this item. 
  • Morellonomicon – Even in her spider form, Elise still deals magic damage, and her spiderlings can constantly attack her enemies and apply grievous wounds continuously.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – Elise has a gap closer to her E, and she can easily burst enemies with her spider form, but the problem is once she dives in, she has no way of getting out. This will fix her problem by giving her the active status effect.
  • Void Staff – An additional magic penetration item.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes

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Best Runes for Elise

  • Electrocute – As Elise, you will be spending most of your time-fighting enemies with your poke. Electrocute is the best rune for poke champions with combos. 
  • Cheap shot – Elise initiates her combo with a stun, and with her pokes, she can also deal bonus damage with this rune.
  • Eyeball collection – for late-game bonus adaptive damage.
  • Relentless hunter – Elise gains bonus movement speed every time she is in her spider form, and being a jungler, you need to have high movement speed to clear camps faster and swindle lanes faster.

When Should You Pick Elise?

Elise is generally a good pick because of her two forms; she can deal with most enemies, be it melee or even long-range poke champions. When enemies pick squishy champions, you can build Elise as a burst mage that can one-shot ADC champions with a simple combo.

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Elise is an AP champion, and all of her abilities scale with ability power; she can be built like a tank, but it depends on the team comp of the enemy. You can build purely AP-increasing items on Elise or build AP items with magic penetration. The hybrid tank AP Elise is also viable and is a generally good item build.

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