7 Best Ardent Censer Supports in League of Legends

The support role is full of champions that can shield and heal their allies, after all, it is the most important utility ability in the game. Healing or shielding turns the tide of battle and is greatly appreciated especially when it comes in clutch. 

Imagine your HP is low enough that the last tick of igniting will kill you, then your support will suddenly flash towards you and put a shield on you to protect you. That is how important supports are, behind every strong ADC is a support giving it their all so they can give you the kill that you need or the best peeling abilities to protect you from the enemies. 

There are lots of support items out there that have incredible utility effects, some can heal your entire time and damage the opposing units at the same time. Some items even cleanse you from a hard CC giving you the advantage during team fights, the idea here is that no matter what team you are facing there is a corresponding support item out there made to deal with such occasions.

Ardent censer has been dubbed once to be the most broken support item out there and we have listed 7 great support champions that can maximize the effect of this item.

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7. Soraka

Ardent Censer’s unique passive has no cooldown, meaning you can use it again and again as long as you have a spell to heal or shield your ally. Soraka does just that by having really low cooldown on her main heal ability, her W. Coming at the number one place, Soraka is not only the best champion to use Ardent Censer, she is also the best healer champion out there as most of her spells are focused on healing her allies. 

Her passive makes her move really fast when moving toward an ally with a critical health. She can proc Ardent Censer’s effects almost all the time, if she wants to keep buffing her ally, she can maximize its value by using her heal on said ally every 5 seconds. Ardent censer has a lasting effect of 6 seconds, so it only makes sense to reset its cooldown every 5 seconds. 

Another great reason why she is at the number spot on this list is that she can help her ally no matter where they are on the map. She can even use it during a team fight and buff all of her allies all at once, giving their entire team a huge advantage over the enemy.

This item also has a bonus stat that gives its user a 10% bonus on healing and shielding power.

6. Sona

Sona and Soraka have been every support player’s best bet for healers over the course of League of Legends history. The only disadvantage of sona which put her in second place against Soraka is because her heals cooldown is not that low compared to Soraka’s, but what makes her great with this item is that she can buff her allies almost all the time because her W heals all of her allies within an AOE surrounding her. 

Sona’s W puts shields and heals on her allies which makes her have great efficiency on Ardent Censer. She can benefit from the bonus 10% heal and shield power from this item and it’s just a basic spell that doesn’t cost lots of mana or HP, unlike Soraka’s W. 

This item also synergizes well with Sona’s basic attack buff on her ADC because every time she buffs her ADC with the heals and the bonus attack damage and attack speed of Ardent Censer, she can quickly follow it up with her Q to buff her ADC even further.

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5. Nami

Here is an enchanter support whose sole purpose is to heal and buff her ADC, Nami is an all-around support that can heal, buff, speed up, and provide CC for her ADC making her one of the best champions out there to build an Ardent Censer. 

Her W’s cooldown is not that low so you can’t depend on that to proc Ardent’s effects quickly, but the trick is Aery gets activated whenever you buff or enchant your ally, this means you can put a shield on your ally every time Aery is off cooldown. All of Nami’s spells, if it hits her ally, it speeds them up which leads us to the conclusion that whatever spell of her hits her ADC, she can buff them. 

Nami’s E gives lets her ADC deal bonus damage on their spells or basic attacks, Nami can buff her ADC big time when she casts her E on them. 

4. Lux

Ardent Censer’s value comes out whenever you use a multi-man shield or heal, it just so happens that Lux, while not really a utility support, can shield her allies with her W. Lux is a great team fight champion and an aggressive support, sometimes she can even deal more damage than her ADC. 

During fights, Lux can help her ADC kill enemy champions and her W can turn the tides of battle as not only will lux be able to kill or burst an enemy, but she is also buffing her ally while protecting them. 

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3. Lulu

The swiss knife or utility support champions, Lulu has got it all, from burst or poke damage, to one of the best peel abilities. She has all the shields you want in the game, she can even speed you up and turn an enemy into a squirrel whenever they engage you. Her ultimate increases her ally’s maximum health and gives them shields. 

When Lulu uses her ultimate on an ally, she knocks every champion that surrounds said ally back to protect them even further. While her ally is under the effects of her ultimate, their size and HP is increased, to give them Ardent’s buff of bonus attack speed and on-hit damage is to make an ally unstoppable. Not to mention this spell also gives her ally tenacity that reduces the duration of hard CC on them.  

2. Karma

Not really a utility support and more of aggressive support that has everything from poke abilities to bring their enemy’s hp down before initiating, to having CC abilities that can either slow or root enemies. 

Karma is one of the few champions out there who can use AOE shields on her allies. Her E puts a shield and boosts the movement speed of one ally, but her ultimate named Mantra can upgrade this spell’s effects and shield all of her allies within her Area of influence. 

What makes her a great support is that her value doesn’t really fall off no matter the phase of the game you’re in, she works great as a poke support or she can build utility items to proc Ardent’s effects even more. 

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1. Taric

One of the most underrated support champions out there, Taric is also a champion that can shield and heal her ally almost all the time. Her heal’s cooldown is conditional though because its cooldown gets reduced every time he uses his passive. His passive only works to reduce his heal’s cooldown is if he uses it to hit an enemy unit the second time. 

This ability makes him a great skirmishing support champion, his ultimate also synergizes so well with this item as not only does he make his ADC invulnerable for a few seconds, but he also buffs them with Ardent’s effects. 

Final Thoughts

Ardent Censer is a great item that makes every healer or shield supports really strong, increasing the shield health and heal really is a great way to peel an allied ADC, but giving them a buff on attack speed and on-hit damage at the same time? Now that’s just great item value giving you gold efficiency. 

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