5 Best Supports for Kog’Maw in League of Legends

Kog’Maw rose to popularity with the release of runes reforged. I’m sure all of us who have been playing league for quite some time now, saw the machine 5.00 attack speed Kog’Maw that demolishes absolutely everyone with his on-hit damage. Well now, it’s making a comeback. Lethal Tempo has been reworked and its passive effects are stronger than ever.

With that in mind, Kog’Maw becomes the lethal Living Artillery machine we once knew hi as again. For him to be able to deal insane damage, he needs tank supports that can take tons of damage and prevent enemies from getting to him. Let us take a look at the 5 best tank support champions you can use to utilize the new Kog’Maw.

5. Alistar

Not only is Alistar a very durable champion, he is also as support that can peel Kog’Maw from any champion in the game. Alistar has three main crowd control abilities he can sequence to maximize the effects of its stuns. Alistar is also an excellent engage hampion especially in early – mid game. His headbutt pulverize and E combo guarantees an early game kill if Kog’Maw knows how to react to it. 

Best item for Alistar


Kog’maw lacks mobility spells making him very vulnerable to some skill shots and because of this he also has no disengaging abilities. Shurelya’s active is great for Alistar because he might have all the engaging abilities for Kog’Maw but he has no means of speeding him up or helping him disengage from a chase. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

If you want to make Kog’Maw a killing machine, you have to adapt your playstyle depending on your opposition in the bot lane. If you are facing against a passive lane like a Soraka or a Janna support, by all means engage all you want as soon as you reach level three. Play aggressively until you gain a lead against their ADC. Otherwise play safe as Kog’maw excels in the late game when he has all of his on-hit items.

Mid Game Playstyle

Kog’Maw just needs one attack speed on-hit item for him to be able to demolish enemies. His lethal tempo rune synergizes so well with his abilities so all you have to do is set kills for him and peel him every time an assassin or a jungler comes to gank. 

Late Game Playstyle

Be the vanguard that Kog’maw needs in the late game. He can demolish an entire team with his late game damage, even more so if he has a Runaan’s. Stand at the frontline and engage when you need to but your main job is to stay in front of Kog’maw and never let anyone get past you. Do not get carried away of engaging their backline and leaving Kog’maw by himself. 

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4. Braum

Braum is an excellent vanguard champion that can prevent not only champions from getting past him, but also projectile spells that can be used to poke Kog’maw. His Shield stops any projectile from going any further if it hits his shield. Braum’s passive is also a great spell that Synergizes with Kog’s long range. 

Best item for Braum

Zeke’s Convergence

Of course, who wouldn’t want an additional bonus magic on-hit damage, this item is a valuable build for Braum as it can extend the slow effect of his Q and ultimate as long as he stay beside enemies after casting his ult. This will further protect Kog’maw from enemies and allow him to take enemies down even faster with its bonus magic damage. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Try to poke as much as you can with your Q, if you manage to hit one enemy champion with your Q you can either stay safe so you don’t get any damage back or use it as an opportunity for an early game pick. Kog’maw can easily follow up on your Q slow and he can even proc a stun from your passive. Be careful though, only do this if you know you can defeat the bot lane comp of the enemy. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Stay in lane with Kog’maw and try to control the wave everytime the Dragon is down. Manipulate the wave so it stays close to your tower and Kog’maw can farm safely. But if you think you can take the enemy with your all-in engage, try to set it up with your Q. It will be the indication of an engage if you hit an enemy with your Q.

Late Game Playstyle

In the late game, you will do your job as your role suggests. Be at the Vanguard and prevent any champion from ever reaching Kog’Maw, if you manage to do this, Kog will easily clean the entire opposing team up with his W And Lethal tempo combo. 

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3. Leona

Leona’s long-range engage is an excellent surprise tactic that can easily pick off an enemy adc or support. Kog’maw can also initially damage the champions caught by Leona’s ultimate by his ultimate as well. Kog’maw lacks engaging powers making Leona a great support for him.

Best item for Leona

Locket of the Iron Solari

Being a support that focuses on engages and has no enchantment spells whatsoever, Locket of the Iron Solari is a must buy on Leona. She already has excellent engage and she can peel nicely, but she lacks heals and shields making this item a great active utility item on her. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Play defensively until you reach your level 3 power spike as a support. You can play aggressively in the laning phase if you are facing against champions hat are weak in the early game. You can usually take a Vayne and Soraka duo but if the enemy duo consists of early game champions like Draven and Nautilus, focus on farming and peeling for Kog’maw instead.

Mid Game Playstyle

When Kog’maw reaches his item power spikes, slowly transition to being an aggressive duo. Kog’maw’s long range artillery can be used to weaken enemies down before going on an all-in engage. Commit to fights everytime you see Kog’maw engage enemies as he get’s stronger the longer the fight goes. 

Late Game Playstyle

Help Kog’maw secure more kills that can lead to a lane push by being a vanguard and engaging enemies for him. Avoid 2v5 fights as you won’t be able to peel Kog’maw against many champions.

2. Blitzcrank

Definitely one of the most lethal supports out there, Blitz’s hook is such a crucial spell through out the entire course of the game. One hook can lead to a pick which can also lead to the loss of the opposing team. Blitz’s hook + E combo immobilizes the enemy for one to two seconds giving enough time for Kog’maw to stack his lethal tempo. 

Best item for Blitzcrank

Knight’s Vow

This is a great item to build on Blitzcrank seeing as how he is always at the front line when his hook is down. After Blitz hooks an enemy, Kog will surely not be far behind, and this item increases the movement speed of Kog’Maw every time he is moving towards Blitzcrank.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Blitz’s hook is one of the strongest early game spells in the game. One lucky hook can result in a huge lead of the lane he is at. Play defensively and control the minion wave but be aggressive everytime your hook is up. Once you manage to hook an enemy in the laing phase, this could lead to the start of Kog’s snowball.

Mid Game Playstyle

Building up to Kog’maw’s lead with hooks that lead to kills is a great way to play the mid game. Blitz’s mid-game lethality is quite strong and should be abused with roaming or pushing lanes. 

Late Game Playstyle

Once late game comes, Blitzcrank should be at the back line as well so that his hooks can lead to guaranteed kills. Or he can even be at the front line leading the charge so he can be closer to enemies for him to be able to hook them easier. Being in the front also intimidates the enemy making them think about side stepping as long as your hook is up.

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1. Janna

Janna’s damage enchant can be a very strong early game mechanic. Her enchant comes with a shield that can even be improved by certain support items. She also has excellent peeling with his tornado and ultimate. Both can be used to keep enemies away from Kog’maw as he builds up to his ethal tempo.

Best item for Janna

Ardent Censer

While Janna’s shield is up on Kog’maw he gains a flat amount of bonus physical damage, this item imporves not only the health of the shield but also empowers Ko’s basic attack power. It gives him bonus magic on-hit damage and attack speed.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Janna can use her tornado as a means to poke enemies in the laning phase. But she should max her E and W for better laning. Janna’s W, while it has a shorter range, it is guaranteed to poke enemies because it’s a targeted ability. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Try to play defensively even in the mid game because Janna really has no engaging power. Try to find kills from the mistakes of your opponents when they start a fight and engage you. Protect Kog’maw all the time as fights rage on using your shields and other peeling spells. Some Janna users only use her ultimate to push enemies away, you can continue channeling it instead after pushing enemies away and utilize the heal coming from it. 

Late Game Playstyle

Be careful as Janna becomes really squishy in the late game, she becomes really useful however because of her utility items that can turn the tides of battle. Stay at the backline beside Kog and keep all assassins from getting to him.

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