How To Find Out When Was Your League Account Created?

League of Legends is one of the most popular games out there. With this popularity and the big player base come and many various questions related to the game.

Such questions are, for example, how to find out when your league of legends- account was created. That would be a very- hard question- as this was made impossible a long time ago. 

You may wonder why, like many of the players out there. Riot Company did it for security reasons, and although before it was easy and possible to check the date of creation of your account, now it isn’t.

In this article, I will talk about how to create an account. How to find when it was created and how- to delete your Riot account. If you need tips or a guide for any of them, feel free to read on, as I’m sure that the information will be helpful for many of you.

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How to Create a Riot account?

When it comes to League of Legends, or any other Riot game, the first thing you have to do is create your account. That is an important step, as without an account- you can not access the game clients, and from there- you can not play any of their games.

To create your first account, you have to follow the guide.

The first step towards creating your League of Legends account is to open the Riot website. To do so, you just access your internet browser and type in “Riot.” The first link will be for Riot Games, so click on it.

After you do that, you will find yourself at the front of their website. You can take a look at the site and find the “Sign In” button. It is located- in the upper right corner of the screen. It is red and well visible. Press on it, and you will be redirected- to the Sign In page.

The next step- is to either log in, or create an account, but since this is an account creation guide, we will go with the latter. You can find the button on the lower corner of the screen in the menu. Press on it to proceed.

Let’s assume you did it and continue. The next thing you have to do is- to enter your e-mail, and after you enter it, click the big red arrow below. Now proceed with entering data in the fields: Date of Birth, Username, and then- Password of choice. Filling all of this out will lead you to the terms option. You can read them, and after you check them, click on them and just proceed. 

After completing all these steps, you will have an e-mail sent to your e-mail. The thing you have to do is to confirm your account, and you are ready to go. Register a Riot account, which you can use for League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and their other games.

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How do you Find Your Account Date of Creation?

Finding the creation of your League of Legends account is a bit tricky. If your account- was created long ago, it will be hard to remember the date, and that- is completely normal. When it comes to finding the date of creation, though, it can be very hard.

Riot as a company, and many other game companies as well. Have long stopped providing such information to their players. That doesn’t go only for them, but any other services out there. Most of them do not provide this type of data due to security reasons and to protect their customer’s accounts.

People’s accounts have been a common target for hackers and frauds for a long time. Data of that sort just proved to be a weak point in the defensive measures taken by companies and users who had similar problems. That is why it’s nearly impossible to get provided with the data for the creation of your account.

Now, this sounds disappointing and discouraging, right? Well, don’t worry, I am here to help you and give you a few tips on how- to check the date of our account’s creation.

Let’s start with the simplest way of them all. The first step requires some basic information about your side. You have to know on which e-mail you have the account registered. In case- you have more than one e-mail, it may take you some time, but it will be easy to do so.

Once you find the e-mail, try to find out the first mail you got from the Riot company. Usually, this will be the one where they ask for confirmation of your email. If you find it, congrats. This is the first mail you got from them, and as a confirmation, it clearly shows the date on which your account was created.

Another option for those of you who are unable to locate such an e-mail is to concentrate and try to recall the details surrounding the creation of your account. It may sound strange, but it’s important to remember them because they can help you figure out when you made them.

To give an example, we can say that when person X created their account for League of Legends, it was time for the new champion release. As usual, the hype was big, the fans were happy, and the news was all over the internet. This champion was Yasuo. He was released in 2013 on the 13th of December. With this in mind, you can determine the date of your account’s creation by linking in-game events. Be it a champion release, a big patch, or just a new ranked season,

In case you haven’t deleted League of Legends since you started playing the game, The best way to check the date of your account’s creation is to find your network logs. To do it, go to the location where you have LoL installed. Open the folder and go to Logs. From there, try to find Network Logs. If you haven’t reinstalled the game yet, or if you haven’t done so in a long time, this method may be useful. You will not be able to use this option to find the date of your account’s creation if you have reinstalled the game or if you have deleted everything and reinstalled it.

Reading this step means that nothing from above helped. Thus, why do I advise you to use it the following way? Many League of Legends players spends money on the game. Everyone loves skins, and this is the most common reason why we spend on the game. Given that we know how many people do this, you may have done it too.

Let’s say you bought something in League a long time ago. It would be wise to check your bank account. Depending on how long ago it was, there is probably data from your first purchase with the Riot company. That can be used as a guide and will help you to find out the date of your account’s creation.

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League of Legends and Account Deletion

I’ve already discussed how to create an account on Riot and gain access to League of Legends. You also saw the way to find when your account- was first created. Now it’s time to talk about account deletion.

That is not something that happens commonly. As we know, many players invest a lot of time, money, and care in their accounts. That way, the accounts become precious in one way or another to their owners. Be it memories, friends, or just pure investment, they mean something for every one of us.

Without questioning this, those of you who have thought of deleting their accounts Given that everyone has their reasons, I will share the way to do it with you.

The first thing is to open the Riot server. From there on, scroll down and go to support. Now choose League of Legends and proceed to the ticket zone. 

That is a problem that cannot be solved and does not exist in the guide solutions- which you can find there. You have to submit a new ticket and ask for the deletion of your account. 

To do so, press submits a ticket and choose account management. From there, find a data request or deletion, and you are set. Now just type that you need help with the deletion of your account and make sure to tell them that you want it deleted like you can write it in bold letters or something similar. 

Once you do this, you will also have to confirm the details, and after everything is done, send the ticket. Usually, getting your account deleted will take about 30 days. 

If you have changed your mind for good, make sure to text them a week before the 30 days pass. This way, with direct contact with the support team, you will be able to prevent the account’s deletion.


As a final, I can say that, be it finding how to create a Riot account, how to delete the same one, or just when you have created your League of Legends account, the article has it all. Although brief, the information and the tips should be of help to you in any of the three cases. Finding the date of your account creation can be by far the hardest, but as you saw, it is not impossible to do it. I hope the article provided the information you needed. Thank you for staying with us and until the next one.

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