What Are Eternals in League of Legends?

League of legends is starting to be an old game, but that doesn’t mean it is terrible, it is still as good or even better than when it was launched. Many things have changed across the seasons, champions, maps, games, items, runes, masteries, roles, etc. 

And I might say the evolution of the game has been for good, there are some things that we miss, like maps, games, champion reworks, items, and some other minor changes. 

The Beginning 

Riot launched many seasons ago the Masteries. A system that allows you to show everyone how much you play with a champion, A.K.A how good you are with him/her and what is your “skill” level with the desired champion. What Riot says about it is: “The mastery system is designed to recognize a player’s respective investment in a champion and uses skill-based progression to measure advancement.”

But how do you get a Mastery? Well, that’s easy, playing with the champion, at the end of every game, you receive a score based on your performance while playing. The basic levels are five, and you can own until four if you don’t own a champion, the next levels are 6 and 7 and can only get unlocked by playing the champion and getting a -S, S, or S+ score at the end of the game. This will give you tokens that you can use along with blue essence to unlock your new Mastery Level. 

So what if I reach Level 7? Is that all? 

No! the road is not over, one path that you can take is to keep earning points, there is an unlimited amount of points you can have, the more you play, the more points you have, and it is visible for everyone on the loading screen, and you have an emote that you can use in-game, the emotes will be different depending on the Mastery level you have. 

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A Premium Way to Reward the Player

So what do Etenarls has to do with Masteries? Well, in short words, let’s say it is just a more specific way to show every how good you are. Masteries allowed you to show a certain amount of information regarding your skill with a champion. Eternals take this information to a different level, more detailed, more specific, and more unique. 

So What are Eternals Then?

Basically, Eternals are champion-specific stat-trackers that will record and show your skills in and out of the game, such as Kills, Objectives Destroyed, and Epic Monsters Killed. This makes it a more specific tool when compared to a regular Mastery. This means you will have a specific “task” in-game to show your ability with a specific champion.

Every champion has its own task, and some are not easier. To get points, you have to do complete the given task. So if your champion pool is small, it is going to be hard work to master all of them, on the other hand, if you are a One Trick Pony, it might be a bit easier. 

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How do I Get Eternals?

That’s an easy question, Eternals are sold by sets, Eternal sets are purchasable on a per-champion basis. Common Sets are available in-store for 225 RP or 2500 BE per champion. A package containing common Eternals for all existing and upcoming champions is available in-store for 1350 RP or 14750 BE. Unique Sets are available for 600 RP per champion and track progress toward three champion-specific feats. A package containing unique Eternals for all existing and upcoming champions is available in-store for 5850 RP.

If you consider the RP price it might be a bit expensive and Riot thought about it, so the RP price you saw before is a discount for players with a wide champion pool, Riot claim that price is about 90% discount package if you compare it to the price that would take to buy individually for each champion.

But you don’t need to have the Eternals for all the champions, however, if you are going to be playing for long, I will recommend taking this package even it is expensive, so in the future, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Besides, you can find Eternal Capsules that will work in the same way as skin does, you get Orange Essence and two random Set Shards, a Set Shard will unlock an Eternals set for a specific champion when upgraded with Orange Essence. You’ll also be able to disenchant unwanted Set Shards for Orange Essence if you so choose.

Eternals are separated by common and unique. The common is just related to basic stats in the game while the unique are tasks a bit more complicated and unique to champions like how many “long snipes” you can do with Ashe’s Ultimate (Yes, Lee Sin’s Insect is included too and also the “Long Javelin snipes from Nidalee).

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A Bit More About Eternals

Eternals are categorized by types. Every single type is directly related to a champion role in the game, meaning that you won’t be able to use a Tank type with a Magic type unless your champion is a tank as well. LeBlanc, for example, won’t work with a Tank type, and Alistar won’t work with a Mage type. The types names are below:

  • Empress: Superior demonstration of skill in the heat of the battle “We’re not even playing the same game.”
  • Guide: Following the path to victory, or opening one for allies. “Create the path. Light the way.”
  • Protector: Keeping yourself and allies in the fight “Fight until your last breath, then fight some more.”
  • Trickster: Deceitful mind games or premeditated chaos “What’s conflict without a little chaos?”
  • Warden: Controlling enemies and the flow of battle “They can’t hit hard if they can’t fight back.”
  • Warrior: Crushing foes mercilessly on the battlefield “It’s only ‘Brutality’ if they live to tell the tale.”

This is not just an option to categorize champions. It gives you some cosmetical features in-game for the champions belonging to this type, all of them are made with a different color, and the cosmetics will be the same color as the type is. 

If this is not enough for you, Eternals will provide you with perks that can be achieved by completing a set of milestones and unlocked once you have completed five milestones on a single Eternal. After this is done, the Eternal will keep tracking your personal record. E.g., Lee Sin has a milestone of defeating 2 Dragons per game. 

Once you have completed this milestone 5 times (in other words 10 dragons in 5 games, 2 Dragons per game) then, the Eternal will keep tracking on how many times you make this Milestone again and will show it to everyone in the game (including enemies) your score momentary to celebrate your achievement. So if you keep playing for long, let’s say a year, and you have killed 500 dragons, it will keep showing it every time you do the milestone, and it will keep the count, fantastic, right?  

But wait, there is more, after hitting 15 milestones in an Eternal, this will upgrade your Mastery emote with an “Exclusive Fiery Effect” The Mastery Emote can be upgraded multiple times with each Eternals set completed. You can upgrade your Mastery Emote multiple times, so the more sets you complete, the cooler your mastery emote will look for that champion.

And more Eternals will come, so this is just the beginning. I believe this system will bring a lot more chances to keep players interested, and it would be nice to see more rewards in the future, like unique skins achieving an incredible number of milestones or more. 

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