Masterwork Chest vs. Hextech Chest – Key Differences

Have you ever wondered about the Masterwork and Hextech chests? Which one is better and why?

You do not need to fret anymore because we are here to give you all the answers! We will let you know the differences, which one is better, and how to obtain the chests in Lol.

In this article, we are going to provide you with all the information you need in an easily accessible and informational way!

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What are Masterwork and Hextech Chests?

In the League of Legends, both types of chest play a role in the looting system. That is an in-game system created by Riot to provide the players with two essential goals and rewards.

If we look at these two things with a little bit of attention, we will spot that they are the primary driving force for the players. They provide them a reason to play and perform better. 

For example, to outdo their achievements and learn new champions, play better to earn S ranks, or get a lot of honors from teammates for their behaviors. All of this will be able to combine and trigger their performance. It will give them chests, keys, etc.

Using these rewards, you will be able to unlock chests, the so-called Hextech and Masterwork ones. In general, these types of loot give you the chance to obtain various in-game items (cosmetics). Most of the time, they are icons, skins, chromas, emotes, etc. 

The drop and the rate of it strictly depend on the chest type. But even with it, everything is up to your luck, and you never know what you may get.

At this point, you may wonder what the difference between the two types of chests is? Well, it may not be as big as you expect it. The main difference is in the drops and the rates, as we said. So, for example, the Masterwork chests will drop better things, as they are of higher quality.

Examples of drops from such a chest are things like gemstones, champion skins (some of which you can’t buy), cool emotes, and others.

Drops and Dance Percentage to Obtain Them

As with some of the drops, the chance of getting specific loot from the chests differs. For example, the Hextech chest can drop you a champion shard with quite the excellent rate of 25%. 

The masterwork one, on the other hand, lacks this option and instead has a higher chance for a skin shard drop of 70 percent ( the hextech one has a skin shard drop of 50%).

The general rates beside the Skin Shards of (70%) and the Gemstone ones with their 3.6%, the rest of the loot from the Masterwork chests are stuck on the 10% drop rate.

For Hextech, on the other hand, things are a bit different. Most items you can receive are paired two by two of drop rate percentage, except for the Champion and the Skin Shards. Everything else goes like Emote or Bonus chest plus its key – 10%, Gemstone, and Summoner icon about the 3.6% and lastly the Ward Skin Shard with its 11 to 12%.

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Are the Chests Worth it?

That is an exciting and understandable question. Many gamers would wonder that after reading about the Hextech and the Masterwork chests. In short, the answer would be YES, but some variables may change it to NO. 

For example, if you are a veteran League of Legends player who has tons of experience and time in the game. You would probably not need it. 

There is a big chance that you have your favorite character skins, emotes, champions, etc., which makes the chest unnecessary for you. Also, there will be too few things you can gain, like gemstones or orange essence.

On the other hand, if you are a new player. You will lack a lot of cosmetics, and this hints that you will either have to buy what you want or depend on luck. If you are not a fan of spending, then the looting system is your friend. That means all the chest and possible rewards will be of need to you because they give you the chance to obtain what you desire without spending money!

In that sense, the Masterwork and Hextech chests are necessary for the new players and some of the veterans. However, having said this, you must know that this can also be strictly individual, as many players have different preferences.

Which is Better, Masterwork or Hextech Chest?

As we are getting on to the point on which is better, we ought to say that both are good but for various purposes. First, in case you want skin shards, or specific ones, for example, one that you can not buy anymore. 

Then the Masterwork chest is your option. It will give you the chance to obtain a skin shard, hopefully, the one you desire, for a relatively low price.

On the other hand, the Hextech ones are better mainly for random cosmetics. If you are a fan of the icons or emotes like me, this one will be your best option. A Hextech chest cost only about 125 Riot Points which is worth it. 

The other plus is that this chest drops champion shards, and if you are lacking in champion numbers, you will benefit better from it!

While we are at it, we have to say that no matter which chest you prefer, you will get almost the same rewards, given that you buy and open many! Both will give you skins, but the Masterwork one will add a Legacy one to the table ( if you are lucky), while the other chest gives the champions shards. 

After that, it is up to your preferences and in-game needs. Based on them, you can pick one of the two types of the chest.

The price itself is not huge, and a Masterwork will go for about 1,5 dollars while Hextech for about one dollar. But, of course, that is based on the RP prices and can change!

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How To Get The Chests?

Good question; for those who are new to the game and do not know how the system works, we are here to help!

There are only two options when it comes to getting chests in League of Legends. The foremost one is to earn them. Earning a chest happens when you win matches and end up getting the S rank. 

That will give you a chest deducting one from your monthly limit. Currently, that limit is four, one per week. Another thing is that they do not provide them with the same champion; for example, you can not get S with Yasuo four times and earn 4 Chests.

The other option is to buy them from the in-game Store. That is an easier option, saves time, and is not limited! You can go and get yourself some Riot Points (from the in-game shop) or from your Prime. Then spend them in the game for Chests. Later you can open and enjoy them!

These are the two options you get; as a piece of good advice, we will tell you to prepare the keys! It will be awkward to get chests and not keys to open them. Also, please do not get carried away with buying them! Know that everything is random, and buying 100 will not guarantee the drop you want!

Bottom Line

Assuming you have read everything, you know everything there is about the Hextech and Masterwork Chests. Their benefits, pluses, and which one is better.

By using the information you have learned, you will be able to make an educated decision on which chest is better for you. Which one will benefit you the most based on your in-game situation and how to pick one! 

Once again, we thank you for your patience and for reading our text! If you have any questions, leave a comment or reread the sections!

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