How To Get Maximum Ability Haste In LoL?

Ability Haste is the statistic in the league of Legends, which replaced the cooldown reduction. Introduced back in the pre-season 11. The new statistic brought in some changes. The standard CDR ( cooldown reduction) % disappeared. AH( Alibity Haste) took its place, and instead of percents, it use just a number.

These changes confused some of the players. Making them wonder about many things. How does AH work? What are the differences between the two? And lastly, how to utilize it properly, and what is the maximum amount that you can get?

If you’re interested in the answers to this question, If you want to see the conversation between CDR and AH and learn more about it, Continue reading this article, as below you will find the information you need.

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Differences Between Ability Haste and Cooldown Reduction

As you already know, what both statistics are. It is time to talk about the differences between both of them.

Starting with the most obvious one. The two statistics- are measured in different ways. From one side, you have Cooldown Reduction, which uses percentages. And on the other hand, you have the new statistic- AH, which uses numbers like all other statistics in the game. 

The most obvious difference from the above is closely related to the most crucial one. AH and CDR differs mainly in the maximum cap they have. It was 40% for the cooldown reduction. The system made this the maximum. That is because the higher percentage made the CDR too buffed. 

For example, 5 or 10 percents were nothing serious. But once you reach 20, 30, or 40, you will see a tremendous difference. Now imagine if there was no limit to it and you could reach 100%. As you can guess, this is totally impossible, as it will mean spamming abilities nonstop like in URF. 

Now the ability to haste from its side, using numbers. From Riot made it like this in order to make players. To easily understand and utilize the new statistics, While AH has no particular limit, the system constructs it in a way where you can build it up quite a lot. But at the same time, you can’t abuse it.

 The maximum you can get is enough to lower some abilities cooldowns to mere seconds, and that if you sacrifice your build. The way they present this statistic makes it impossible to get a great build. And utilize some insane amounts of it. For example, you will get enough, to significantly reduce your CDs but not more.

Another difference is that with CDR, you can expect a huge decrease in CDs. While with AH, things stay differently. For example, Ability Haste decreases the cooldown of your abilities for every point you get. That makes things easier to understand as if you get 10 points. You will reduce the CD of your abilities by approx 10 percent. In short, buying AH brings the same impact on your CDs, while with the CDR, the higher the percentage, the bigger the difference would be. 

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How Much Ability Haste Can You Have?

That is an interesting question. As you already know the differences between CDR and AH, it will be easy to deduce that it is a lot. While the CDR was capped- at 40%, runes increased it to 45%. The amount of Ability Haste- that you can get in a match is unlimited, as long as you can get it from items. It can be 50, 100, or 150. It all depends on how you build your items and if there is actually a use for them.

When comparing both, it is crucial to have some understanding of how much 10 percent of cooldown reduction in Ability Haste is and the opposite. That will make it easier to understand and compare. To do that, you can check the table below.

Ability Haste Cooldown Reduction
5.26 5 %
11.11 10 %
17.65 15 %
25 20 %
33.33 25 %
42.86 30 %
53.85 35 %
66.67 40 %
81.82 45 %
100 50 %
122.22 55 %
150 60 %
185.71 65 %
233.33 70 %
300 75 %
400 80 %
566.67 85 %
900 90 %
1900 95 %

As you can see from the table, the ability to haste and cooldown reduction scales are different. That is, as I said above, one of the major differences. The higher the percent of CDR, the bigger the cooldown of your ability will be. While for AH, it will change linearly based on the number of Ability Haste you have.

As Riot said, the AH has no upper limits. But that doesn’t mean- that it is possible to reach the super high cooldown reduction of 70 or 80 percent. The table shows that the highest possible percentage is 50 percent.

That is the maximum, as afterward- the ability haste required to cover 5% of CDR is quite large and hard to achieve. The best example is the 90% to 95% range. There you can see the AH you need for 5% is 1000. While at the start, a little over 5 AH measures 5% of the CDR.

With this statistic, the most obvious goal to strive for is 100 AH. It is hard to reach, but it is not impossible. If this is what you want to aim for. Then the best advice will be to check your runes and to get the right items into your build.

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we can say that both statistics differ from each other. While the CDR increases in a multiplicative way. The Ability Haste increases- linearly. And by every single number, you get from your items. While the AH has no limitations like the cooldown reduction, it is technically impossible to reach CDR higher than 50 percent, as you can see on the table.

That sums up how much ability haste you can have. And the differences between it and cooldown reduction. Thank you for reading the article, and I hope it was helpful.

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