Top 7 Most Annoying ADCs to Play Against in League of Legends

League of Legends has so many Champions that one could scarcely remember them all. Over the years, over one hundred releases were made on top of the original 40 Champions that shipped with the game in 2009. Even back then, one trait was common with a few Champions. A few then, too many now. 

That trait is annoyance, and we’re going to be dealing with it in this list. This is the fourth of a five-list series about annoying Champions in League of Legends. To ensure you don’t miss out, check the Mid, Top, and Jungle lists to be fully informed on the state of annoying Champions in League of Legends. 

Annoying Champions vary and differ in many aspects, but one thing is for sure with all of them – they all drive you mad. 

With the introduction out of the way, let’s begin, shall we?

(This list is in no particular order.)

7. Aphelios

Aphelios is the most broken Champion in the entire game. He is nigh unstoppable on his onslaught in the right player’s hands. His kit is so overtuned, bloated, and overloaded that it’s not even funny. He will find ways to completely obliterate you from the face of the Summoner’s Rift, and he won’t even break a sweat.

Aphelios has some of the highest range in the game as well, which will give him enough safety to farm and harass you from a distance. His damage only keeps getting worse as the game progresses, and he keeps switching between those stances/weapons that he has. I have to come clean with you, readers – I have no idea how this Champion works.

I’ve only ever seen Aphelios in the game a couple of times, mostly on my own team. I’ve never had the chance to fully experience this Champion and how it feels to play against him. However, from some of my other experiences, I can safely deduce that he is annoying as all hell to face. There’s so much wrong with Aphelios that one entry on one list couldn’t even scratch the surface of it – but I guess that’s why he’s considered the lowest of all tiers on the ADC role. 

6. Kog’Maw

Kog’Maw has been the topic of debate on my side in one of our other lists. I’ve argued and argue still that Kog’Maw has some of the best damage in the game. He can consistently and efficiently shred through the enemy’s HP, ignoring most if not all of the defenses they put up. This comes from his powerful W that grants Kog extra damage based on max HP. 

As with Tanks, this damage will also severely impact even squishier opponents. Likely more than it will Tanks since they won’t have the extra defenses to mitigate it. This makes Kog’Maw an ADC with an insanely fast time-to-kill, which makes him extra dangerous. But apart from being dangerous, he’s also super annoying to play against.

With a vast range, insane damage, and spammable spells that also do a ton of damage (and more), he can safely farm and harass you into oblivion. You won’t be able to farm properly, especially if he has good Support alongside him. He can constantly bully you away from the minions with his Ultimate, lest you want to take some damage in return. 

Kog’Maw is an outstanding Champion but very difficult both to play and counter. I recommend you learn him well because going into a Kog’Maw matchup blind will severely impact your chances at defeating him. And you wouldn’t want that, now, would you?

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5. Draven

Draven is one of the more aggressive ADCs in League of Legends. Everything about him revolves around getting farm or striking at the enemies with his axes. Whichever it is, it revolves around attacking, and Draven will constantly be running around and attacking everything he sees – all for the sake of his own glory. Draven’s passive is the primary incentive behind this attacking nature, and I will explain why. 

His passive gives him stacks for each minion killed and catches an ax each time. This passive stacks, granting Draven extra gold after he gets a kill. The bonus gold is based on the passive stacks. His Ultimate also gets buffed based on the number of stacks, executing enemies that have less HP than Draven has stacks. You can already see the vital importance this ability represents for Draven and why he would be running around attacking, farming, and picking up axes. 

He becomes super annoying once he gets a few kills in. If he had the passive stacks required to get the best early items, the Bot Lane is pretty much done for. It’s absurd how much damage Draven can do with his Q after getting an item like BF Sword or something similar. It becomes unbearable to play against him, and most players will opt to either leave or spam ping their Jungler to come and help them, which isn’t a guarantee, by the way.

At any rate, Draven is super aggressive and effective at doing what he does. I suggest you study the Champion well and even take him for a ride. If you’re not an avid Bot Lane player, Draven is perfectly viable on Top. I play him up there myself, and I’ve never had any issue arise from the sole fact that I’m playing Draven Top. Except, of course, some interesting comments from teammates coming my way. 

4. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s annoyance lies in the fact that she has a ton of damage. Yes, not that unique but still, bear with me. Her damage is so high that it becomes super difficult to farm. Her Q pierces through minions, so standing closely behind your own is not a good idea. Especially when you consider that her Q actually does more damage to the enemy behind the target. With her Q and E, MF can severely harass opposing Laners without much effort.

With that harassment, she can ensure a safer space for herself, where she can farm and even find more accessible opportunities for kills/roaming. If accompanied by the proper Support, MF can truly severely impact the game, considering that she has grown infamous for her insane damage. The damage is especially present on her Ultimate after an item or two and is capable of mowing down an entire team of enemies in a split second. 

Her Ultimate has many uses, and it can be pretty annoying to have you Drake or Baron stolen by an MF Ultimate. This is a scenario so plausible that I don’t even want to bring myself to speak of the number of times she did it to me. I also won’t mention how my team got wiped together with the Baron and Drake many times. It’s maddening how fast she kills with this spell, and it crosses the border of annoying into infuriating easily. 

Miss Fortune is one of the best ADCs, ever. Despite lacking mobility, she makes it up in damage. And I recommend all of you to at least try her out. 

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3. Tristana

Tristana, like Miss Fortune, relies a lot on her severe damage. Even passively, Tristana does AOE damage around every unit she kills. This means that she constantly blows up minion waves with each minion kill. Everything is explosive and damaging on this little Yordle, which contrasts her character nicely. This rocket jumping small thing is as annoying as it gets on the Bot Lane, and it infuriates me to play against her.

Her kit is borderline insane. She has speed, damage, mobility, everything you can dream of as an ADC. Her bombs are so OP that, even at level 3, Tristana can obliterate an entire health bar. It doesn’t even require having an item or two to reach full effect, no – it just does a crap ton of damage right off the bat. She’s mighty and will keep the Lane in check if there’s no Jungle intervention.

Even if the Jungler rolls around, she can still just use a single spell and cross a distance of two flashes just like that. Catching up to her won’t do much either, since her Ultimate will send you back flying whence you came. It’s enraging and frustrating to have to bust your ass to kill her, and you are constantly brought to a point where you want to give up. 

Tristana is powerful, and you have to try her out. If you don’t learn how to play her, she will play you, and that’s not a good thing on the Bot Lane. Knowing the enemy is as important as knowing yourself, so get on it ASAP. 

2. Samira

Samira is, after Aphelios, of course, my most hated ADC in the game. There’s that asshole Akshan as well, but he isn’t on the list, so I won’t bother to mention him. It makes me sick just o think of him.

Anyhow, Samira is my most hated ADC, and I am sure many of you will share my sentiments. She has all she needs– damage, speed, mobility, everything Tristana has but on steroids. Samira reminds me of Katarina, only she’s AD and ranged, and her Ultimate can decimate people on the spot (the rest of her kit is no baby either).

Samira is super difficult to Lane against. However, her Laning Phase isn’t as intimidating as her late game. In the late game, she gets so powerful so quickly that it becomes unbearable to fight her in any encounter. The team fighting potential she has is so maddening that you can’t bear to get closer to the fight. Even if you do, you’ll be sent back to the fountain in mere seconds by her psychotic kit. 

I won’t waste too much time on Samira since all of you likely know already what she’s capable of. As with all of the Champions in these lists, I suggest checking her out. Study her and see what makes her tick. It will tremendously help you win against her when you inevitably face her on Bot Lane. 

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1. Lucian

Lucian is a different type of Champion compared to the rest on this list. Seemingly, he’s not as annoying as you might have guessed. And you’re right; he’s not that excruciating to face. Initially, that is. Lucian becomes a monstrosity of a Champion that can siphon an entire health bar with his Ultimate by the time you reach the later stages of the game. When fed enough, it takes him not even a full two seconds to obliterate even a tanky Champion.

Lucian, in the Lane, is relatively tame. He does harass a lot and has a ton of mobility which can be annoying in its own regard, but it’s not too bad. His snowballing begins from around level 5, and he will exponentially grow with every few minutes if he’s not contained. Lucian players often tend to focus on farming a ton to speed up their snowballing process.

They are well aware of Lucian’s potential if he gets the right amount of gold and XP, so you should be too. Coordinate with your team to focus on containing Lucian and setting him back far enough that he can’t get an advantage just by focusing on farm. Even if he tries to focus on it, initiate an attack again with your team, so he learns his place. 

Trust me; if you don’t put a stop to him immediately, you’re going to lose. It’s impossible to beat a well-fed Lucian, especially if he’s a good player that’s mastered him completely. 

Lucian should be sufficiently studied since he is a complex Champion with a ton of detailed mechanics. To learn how to counter him, you first have to know how he works. Learning is critical in League of Legends, and having a knowledge advantage over your enemies will improve your chances of winning significantly.


The Bot Lane certainly has its fair share of annoying Champions. They vary in levels and ways of annoying their enemies, but they all have some things in common. These Champions are all complex and require time to be spent on them, so I recommend you take them to the practice tool to see what they’re all about. I hope you’ve found the list informative and wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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