5 Best Top Lane Bullies in League of Legends

Welcome back, dear players! In the League of Legends, there is no time for a break, the ranked list is underway and players must do their best to welcome the end of the season at the desired place in the ranking list. 

The higher the tier, the greater the popularity of the player, remember that. Each League of Legends player has their favorite role and favorite champions with whom they develop a strategy on how to best contribute to their team and win the match. 

Luckily, there are many ways a player can do great damage to another team, and certainly one of the better-known ways is to play a champion known as lane bully. You will find out what lane bully is and what famous lane bullies are later in this article. Stay tuned.

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a long time, or even if you’re a beginner, you probably know the basic League of Legends rules. In the League of Legends, there is a map known as Summoner’s Rift. 

On that map, two teams are fighting – the red team against the blue team. In each team there are five players who are arranged on the map, depending on their role. Each part of the map is specific in its own way, and at the same time difficult.

Today we are going to talk about the top lane, top lane is the hardest lane in the whole game. This is mostly because he is the farthest away and the players have to rely solely on themselves because their teammates are far away and will hardly arrive on time to come help them in the fight if a fight occurs. 

Fortunately, Riot did his best to design some top lane champions as ideal killing machines. These killing machines are popularly called lane bullies. 

The lane bullies are able to annoy the enemy players so much, and they do it with pleasure because they know that it disrupts their concentration and focus, which is very important in the League of Legends match.

Lane bullies can annoy an enemy player by forgetting the farm or forgetting to watch out for the jungle from which the bully’s teammate can jump out and send the enemy player to his death. All in all, meeting lane bullies is not a happy event at all, but if you choose to play as a lane bully, you will find yourself in an interesting match in which you will probably win.

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5 Best Top Lane Bullies In League Of Legends

5. Renekton

Renekton is a classic example of a lane bully. Renekton is eager for a fight and blood, and he will show that as soon as the game starts. However, Renekton can’t snowball, but he can harass their enemies to the point of driving them crazy and out of step. 

Renekton is not such a strong champion, but his passive stacks up every time he cast a spell or attacks an enemy is quite enough to bring him a kill. Furthermore, Renekton is not a strong champion when the game comes to its late-stage, moreover, he is extremely weak and should stick to his teammates so that enemy champions do not jump him when he is left alone and helpless. 

What is specific to him is that he has no mana, which means that he can constantly use his powers, which is ideal at the beginning of the game because here Renekton shows what a bully he really is. 

If you are playing against Renekton, wait for the game to come to a later stage, it is very important to survive the first moments of the game, and later it is easy to beat this bully.

4. Vayne

Don’t be surprised if you meet Vayne in the top lane. It may have been originally designed as an ADC champion, but Vayne is often found in the top lane – as a bully, of course. Vayne is a powerful weapon that can only turn the game around in favor of her team. 

At the beginning of the game, Vayne plays like a real ADC, he has to kill minions and at the same time from a safe distance poke her enemy. Vayne is a long-ranged champion which means she doesn’t have to risk going on the attack, she can stand under his turret and shoot her enemies without any problems. 

Her peak occurs at a later stage of the game when Vayne can do enormous damage to her enemies. Also, she is very mobile which comes in handy when she needs to escape from enemies and save her life. 

With all this, her cooldowns are very low which allows her to constantly attack and annoy enemy players. If you want to try to be a bully, choose Vayne without further ado.

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3. Gnar

This list cannot pass without Gnar, a very easy champion to play. Gnar also changes shape to Mega Gnar thus further driving fear into the bones of enemy players. The Mega Gnar looks awful, but the Mega Gnar is actually much weaker than the regular Gnar. 

Mega Gnar is very weak and slow, which makes him an ideal target for enemy champions. Especially at the beginning of the game. Gnar is an ideal lane bully because he is a long-ranged champion and can poke his enemies from a great distance. 

Like Vayne, he can stand in the safety of his turret and harass his enemy. If you want to try to play with Gnar, remember that it is better to wait for the later phase of the game where Gnar can come to the fore.

2. Quinn

Speaking of ideal lane bullies, we must not omit Quinn. Like Vayne, Quinn was originally intended for an ADC role, but more and more often we can meet Quinn right in the top lane. She is a very mobile champion, and at the same time, she is long-ranged, which is a great warning for all enemies who get in her way. 

She can move quickly around enemies, blind them and fly from location to location in seconds. Playing against Quinn is really hard and strenuous because her enemies can never properly farm or buy an item on time. 

Quinn wants just that – so she can eliminate them very quickly. Choose Quinn if you’re interested in playing like a real lane bully.

1. Jax

At the top of this list, deservedly, is Jax. It’s never pleasant to meet Jax on the other side of the lane, especially since Jax is a classic lane bully. His biggest weakness is at the very beginning of the game, Jax doesn’t have much strength and can’t poke his enemies from a safe distance like some of his teammates. 

If you are playing with Jax, you need to patiently wait for the middle of the match for Jax to collect items and become much stronger. Focus on farming and guarding your turret, and only later start attacking enemy champions and cleaning up the lane. 

Fortunately, his kit is very easy to learn so Jax can be intended for beginners in the League of Legends, as well. Choose Jax, his potential will pay off.

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Final Thoughts

Is it clearer to you now what it means when we say that some champion is a lane bully? As you can see, lane bullies can be very tiring if you find yourself on the opposite side. They will do their best to exhaust you and destroy your will to play, because they will be constantly attacking you and will try to do everything to annoy you.

Their abilities are created so that they can really attack from a safe distance (most of them) and so carelessly clear their lane. Conclusion: It’s great to play with a champion who’s meant to be a la ne bully, but it’s awful to play against them.

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