5 Most Mobile Top Lane Champions in LoL

This list details the 5 most mobile Top Lane Champions in League of Legends. We will discuss not only their mobility aspect, as that could be done very briefly. Instead, I will comment on their overall quality as both a Top Lane and general Champion. 

Mobility is something that has become highly emphasized in the recent Seasons, with everyone seeking to be as fast as the game allows. The addition of the reworked Lethal Tempo transfers that need for speed even to attacks. 

To avoid boring you with any more introductions, let’s get right into our list! 

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5. Akali

Akali’s whole schtick is her being incredibly fast and mobile. She, quite literally, has to go in and out repeatedly to utilize the potential of her kit. Akali will always try to attack you, back off, re-engage, and back off again. Rinse and repeat until the enemy is dead. 

Since she has an insane damage cap, this process is usually cut off somewhere in the middle as she’ll probably one-shot you no matter the approach. 

She’s incredibly elusive, making her a pain to play against. Her kit makes her one of the rare melee Champions that have genuine means of playing versus a ranged Top Laner. 

With continuous dashes, heightened movement speed, and her powerful invisibility, she can evade most of the stuff you throw at her. Engaging her full is also almost impossible. She can either escape using her dashes or just hide in the smoke. 

This mobility can thus save her from even the strongest of Assassins that seek to throw her out of the equation. Akali can bait out most of their kit, leaving them vulnerable, and then re-engage with her own full combo. 

Her Ultimate can take her through a huge distance and has more than a single cast, and a ton of damage. It is a vital tool that serves to give Akali some insane outplay potential, as well as her primary damage. 

Her complexity is something of a marvel, and it takes a skilled hand to play her. Thus, I recommend her only to intermediate players that have the time to invest into learning her. She’s much more difficult than she sounds, so strap on if you decide to pick her up. 

4. Fiora

Everything about Fiora revolves around mobility. She is a mobility addict, so to speak. Without proper speed, both in terms of attack and movement, Fiora would be left unable to realize her full potential. Thus, her itemization, runes, and kit are all tailored around increasing Fiora’s mobility to the highest extent. 

Her Q is her primary source of mobility. It is a solid dash that does damage to the nearest enemy. Its cooldown is halved if she hits an enemy unit, and can go on a long cooldown if she doesn’t. 

This puts a heavy emphasis on aggressive gameplay, something that fits Fiora both as a Champion and thematically. Known as “the Grand Duelist”, there’s no reason to wonder why she’d be made as offensive. 

Fiora’s mobility also comes from her passive and Ultimate which both grant her additional movement speed. With the proper items and runes, Fiora should be able to hit hard and fast, while also maintaining swift movement. 

She’s the sort of Champion that never runs from a fight, and uses her speed to chase enemies down rather than running away. 

She’s an incredible Champion that I’ve taken a liking to recently. I recommend her wholeheartedly to those that play Top, as she is one of the best Champions to climb with at the moment. 

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3. Kled

If there ever was a Champion that was built for engaging the enemy team – it’s Kled. Everything about this rage-drunken Yordle revolves around doing stuff, and doing it fast. With a bunch of dashes, attack speed boosts, and his infamous Ultimate – Kled is undoubtedly one speedy dude. 

Kled is an aggressive Champion that loves getting into his enemy’s face. He will primarily utilize Skaarl, his deranged lizard, to dash into opponents and start hammering them down. While mounted on Skaarl, Kled’s health bar and movement speed are significantly increased. Dismounted, Kled is exceptionally slow but still manages to retain a bunch of movement speed stemming from his passive. 

Chasing enemies down with Skaarl is fun, more fun than I’d like to admit. However, Kled’s infamy as being mobile comes from a single spell – his Ultimate. It’s a long-range ability, similar in use to Pantheon’s Skyfall. 

Kled initiates a targeted area, rapidly increasing movement speed as he goes. What makes the ability exceptional is that this movement speed also applies to his allies, making the whole team run as fast as possible. 

It’s a fantastic engagement tool that can be used in multiple scenarios ranging from an ordinary tower dive to a full-blown team fight. The bonus movement speed lingers on after the initial engage is over, making it a long-lasting mobility buff for the whole team. 

I recommend you give Kled a try. Though he’s lost popularity in recent Seasons, he’s nothing short of amazing. What also makes him super fun to play are his humorous and over-the-top voice lines which are by far some of the best Riot has ever written. 

2. Kennen

Kennen is one of my most hated Champions in League of Legends. There are many reasons for this, his mobility being the primary. To be able to move so fast and yet do so much damage in the process should be forbidden by law. And I am sure that some country out there has such laws in place, as this is nothing short of inhumane. 

Kennen’s primary mobility tool is his W. It gives him an incredible amount of movement speed, and though he cannot attack, he will do damage to anything he touches. It’s a huge boost to his mobility, and the relatively short cooldown makes it a core part of his gameplay. He’ll be utilizing this spell for any engage, escape, or just to clear waves. It is integral to anything he does. 

Kennen also has an insane amount of CC that he can apply through his passive stacks. His W is yet another way of getting additional stacks on enemies. But perhaps the best way to do it is his Ultimate, an AOE damage spell that has no proper words to describe it. A well-placed Kennen Ultimate can eviscerate the entire enemy team, leaving them either dead or stunned for long enough to be swiped up. 

Though I hate him a lot, I have to recommend him to you. There’s a lot of mechanical depth that’s fun to explore, and you should at least give him a try. 

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1. Irelia

Irelia is one of the most challenging Champions to both learn and play. Her skill cap is so incredibly high that the majority of players never even reach it. The skill floor isn’t precisely low either, and it takes more than a few games to get the hang of this Champion. What makes her stand out, apart from being inherently difficult, is her mobility. 

It comes primarily from her Q, which resets each time she kills a target with it. With enough minions around, Irelia can be jumping on them like Mario, healing and evading in the process. 

Her Q is a multi-purpose spell, as it can be used for mobility, engaging, sustain, and much more. It allows Irelia an elusive, fast, and deadly playstyle that every player fears. 

I won’t dwell on her much longer, as I’ve expressed everything there is to say about her in our other articles. Her insane difficulty makes me avoid recommending her to anyone, as it never really pays off. 

She consistently has a low win rate, one of the lowest in the game overall. And though she can, at times, rise from the ashes and become part of the meta – it never lasts long. 

Thus, I can remark that Irelia is, undoubtedly, one of the best mobile Top Lane Champions ever. But I cannot say the same for her overall quality and consistency. 


League of Legends is filled to the brim with mobile and fast Champions, and the Top Lane is no exception. Despite being often recognized as the Bruiser Lane, exceptionally mobile Mages, Fighters, and even Assassins enjoy their stay on Top. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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