7 Best Pool Party Skins in League of Legends

7 Best Pool Party Skins in League of Legends Complete Guide

It has become a tradition for Riot to add a few new skins to the Pool Party universe whenever summer rolls around.

The concept for many cosmetics in the Pool Party line is pretty straightforward. Take your favorite champion, dress them in cute or sexy swimwear, add some water effects, and you’ll have a Pool Party skin.

However, sometimes the team behind cosmetics has a stroke of genius and designs a Pool Party skin that twists a champion’s concept in fun or creative directions, taking the formula beyond a simple “what if X champion but in a bathing suit?”.

Here is our list of the 7 Best Pool Party skins in League of Legends.

7. Pool Party Renekton

The slick shades, the lifeguard fit, and the bright green recolor on the scales earn Pool Party Renekton the first entry into this list.

For a champion that likes to dive in, it’s only natural that Renekton would be a great candidate to watch over the waters and be ready to jump to act at a moment’s notice.

Flipping the role of the crocodile from a predator that lurks in murky waters to a life-saving protector is a clever twist that adds to the well-thought concept of this skin.

Unfortunately for all the Top players out there, matching up against Pool Party Renekton doesn’t mean your life is anywhere near safe.

In fact, you’re probably in for an embarrassing time where you’ll get beat up with a paddle board and have to sit through your enemy spamming this skin’s excellent recall animation.

6. Pool Party Ziggs

Best League of Legends Skin Pool Party Ziggs

Ziggs was the first champion I ever unlocked, so I have a soft spot for this adorably unhinged pyromaniac. I’m glad he has a Pool Party skin that takes the ridiculousness of his character to a whole new level.

Pool Party Ziggs comes geared with flippers, floaties, and a snorkel to make sure he’s ready to divebomb at any moment.

Watching Ziggs waddle around the Rift wearing so much protective gear for fear of the water makes a good contrast with his original character since this creature will willingly throw explosives under themselves just to move around.

As for the animations, they’re precisely what you’d imagine. Pool Party Ziggs obliterates his enemies with the overwhelming force of water balloons of various sizes and a cute duck floaty.

5. Pool Party Fiora

Best League of Legends Skin Pool Party Fiora

Fiora is a graceful, precise, and ferocious swordswoman. She is so far beyond any opponent that she doesn’t even need a real weapon to come out victorious.

Pool Party Fiora arms the Grand Duelist with an utterly ridiculous weapon choice. A pool noodle that wiggles around and makes a thick, thwacking noise whenever you swing it. The sounds and water visuals deliver well the fantasy of having a playful swordfight at a pool.

I’ve had my fair share of games where a Fiora rocking this skin is running rampant on the Rift, and it’s amusing to watch entire teams run away in fear from a woman viciously chasing them with a foam stick. Extra points for adding some humor!

As for the outfit choice, you can’t fault Fiora. She looks good, and she knows it.

This skin makes the cut on this list thanks to its comedic direction and clever execution of the Pool Party concept.

4. Pool Party Heimerdinger

Best League of Legends Skin Pool Party Heimerdinger

There’s something absolutely hilarious about the renowned Professor Heimerdinger revealing to us that he’s chiseled like a Greek statue under his shirt. Plus, he has the sharp sense of fashion needed to pick out those shutter shades. Who is this guy?

Pool Party Heimerdinger shows us that this brilliant scientist has way more going on for him than just his intellect. Who would’ve thought?

All the small details added to flesh out the skin concept at every opportunity bring this skin to the next level.

From the sharks that jump out of the water when using his E ability to the crab that hides inside his dashingly handsome hairstyle and the sand tools he uses to build castles, Riot masterfully integrated the beach concept into this skin.

Heimerdinger has some top-tier skins, but this one stands out despite its fierce competition.

3. Pool Party Rek’Sai

Best League of Legends Skin Pool Party Rek’Sai

Hear me out, Rek’Sai rides a jet ski when she leaves base. This skin lets you play as a shark with floaties and cruise around riding the waves on a motorized vehicle.

I genuinely think that alone earns Pool Party Rek’Sai a spot on this list.

The fearsome Void burrower becoming a snorkel-wearing nightmare shark is a perfect marriage of the original Rek’Sai design and the Pool Party universe.

Further adding to the greatness of Pool Party Rek’Sai, her burrowing ability is now an underwater dive that plays sinister music whenever you detect nearby enemies.

No other skin in League of Legends will allow you to play as the ocean’s apex predator.

Pool Party Rek’Sai earns the third spot on this list for its hilarity, imaginativeness, and overall execution.

2. Pool Party Lulu

Best League of Legends Skins Pool Party Lulu

I put Pool Party Lulu in this spot almost entirely because of that ridiculously adorable squid hat, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Lulu has always been a precious Yordle, but seeing her bop around while the googly eyes of her squid hat bounce around and stare blankly off into space is not something I knew I needed in my life until Riot released this skin.

Her recall, where she pulls the hat down over her head and pretends to be a squid, is probably one of the most endearing animations League of Legends offers.

However, this skin has even more going for it.

Lulu’s trusty companion, Pix, is now a charming little pufferfish with a decisively derpy look to them. Additionally, Lulu’s W ability now polymorphs her enemies into a precious tiny seal, complete with sound effects to match.

The cuteness factor is entirely off the charts with this skin!

Pool Party Lulu is a must-have in your collection if you’re a Lulu player.

1. Pool Party Taliyah

Best League of Legends Skin Pool Party Taliyah

With the introduction of her Pool Party skin, Taliyah was spared the sexy outfit treatment and was instead turned into a thrill-seeking surfer, complete with stylish sportswear.

The connection between her being able to rock surf and portraying her as an actual surfer is such a no-brainer that there’s no way her Pool Party skin could’ve been anything other than this.

Additionally, her natural ability to manipulate earth is adapted to this universe by having her control sea coral and creating waves, which fit perfectly into her already fluid and dance-like animations.

The cherry on top of this skin is the delightful animation for her Ultimate Ability. Taliyah busts out her surfing board and summons a wave that she can ride to her location of choice. It’s truly something to behold!

I respect the extra effort to ensure every detail of this skin was well thought out and added to the surfing concept.

Taliyah mains can rejoice in the knowledge that she has the best skin in the entire Pool Party universe!

Summer has always been a great time to see our favorite champions shed their serious roles and show out for beach time fun, and I’m glad Riot is not afraid to show their characters portrayed in more laidback scenarios.

When done right, we get some fun insight into their personalities and the kind of people they could be in another life.

And that’s it for our 7 Best Pool Party Skins, and we hope you enjoyed these rankings!

What is your favorite Pool Party skin?

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