When Do Ranks Reset in League of Legends?

Ranked games. You love them. You hate them. Maybe in truth, the reality is a mix of both? The rank system in League of Legends is a good way for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, as we can visually see the work we put in through things like the ranked borders.

Seeing how far you’ve come can be exciting and frustrating at times, so it’s not uncommon for players to eagerly await the end of the season. But when exactly do ranks reset? Today, let’s take a look and find out.

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The Ranked System: An Overview

Similar to most things in League, a lot of features and systems are constantly changing. This is true for the ranked system as well. This is especially true because of the influx of new players compared to before. What that does is similar to what happens in real life: inflation. When the number of players started to grow, it became increasingly difficult to rank up yourself, because the slots allotted for other players took up space in the system. 

Ranks generally reset every new season, but where you place varies greatly. If you had the chance to notice, Season 12 brought about more drastic changes for players, both with the initial placement and how you climb. This means that Riot often plays around with the formulas and doesn’t strictly follow a single rule.

Soft resets that were implemented prior to it made it easier for higher ranked players to get back to where they once were. Previously, people found it harder to climb for several reasons, most notably because of their rank from the prior season. For older players who improved their skills over time, they struggled to climb in any meaningful way. This held them back because each player’s old rank was a deciding factor on where you would place in the new season, regardless of how well you performed in the placement matches. 

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The Result: Beautiful Chaos

What this basically means is that most people start in the same place, give or take a couple of paces. Scenarios like these result in Silver and Gold ranked players matching up with or against Platinum players. Initially, it sounds a bit unfair, on paper at least.

However, upon closer inspection, things start to look different. In fact, there are a couple of good reasons for it. In their own way, Riot is giving the players stuck in the lower elo a chance to climb with their improved skills and play.

For lower ranked players, this was a great opportunity to show off their improved skills and climb the ranks. It might seem unfair to pair off lower silver rank players with platinum and diamond players, but this is a perfect example of the saying “action speaks louder than words”.

On the other hand, higher ranked players may find it unfair for a few reasons as well. It might take them longer to climb back up to their original ranks. It goes without saying that higher ranked players will eventually find themselves up in the upper ranks if they deserve it. 

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Final Thoughts

While the decision may seem a bit controversial, it’s a way of recalibrating the ranks of everyone and seeing where everyone places. More than anything, this gave lower ranked players stuck in “elo hell” a chance to prove their worth.

How do you feel about the Season 12 changes? Are you for it, or against it? How has it affected your rank this season? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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