How to Get S Rank as an ADC in League of Legends?

How to Get S Rank as an ADC in League of Legends? Complete Guide

Getting an S in League of Legends proves that you know how to play the champion and the game. It can be quite difficult to get an S rank if you continuously make mistakes. That is why this guide will show you how to get an S as an ADC in League of Legends. This will allow you to get more Hextech Chests and get a better grip on the ADC role and the game.

To get an S as an ADC, you need to ensure that your KDA is good and you have a good amount of farm. On top of that, playing safe will also help in getting an S rank.

That’s not all, however, you need to do some other things as well to ensure that you get a good rank. If you want to get an S on your favorite champion as an ADC, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how to get an S as an ADC in League of Legends.

Play Safe

Get S Rank as ADC Champions in League of Legends

I cannot stress how important it is to play safe as an ADC player. Since ADC champions have high damage but low HP, they can easily die if they do not position themselves properly. That is why it is crucial that you learn how to position yourself in teamfights depending on what champion you are playing.

Certain champions like Lucian, Zeri, Xayah, and a few others are somewhat forgiving since they have a dash ability or – in the case of Xayah – an ability that allows them to be safe for a few seconds. However, if you are playing a champion like Jinx, Jhin, or Aphelios, you do not have any dashes. This means that you need to position yourself safely or the enemy assassin will easily kill you and ruin your chances of getting an S.

If you have an aggressive playstyle, I suggest picking lane bullies such as Draven so that you can easily damage and kill the enemy in the lane. This will allow you to gain an advantage quickly and force the enemy to get behind. Once an ADC gets behind, it can take a lot of effort and willpower to come back into the game since everyone else becomes that much stronger.

Always Ward When You Get the Chance

Get S Rank as ADC Ward in League of Legends

This is something that every player on your team should have regardless of which role you are playing. Having a good vision score will allow you to evade ganks and stop you from getting picked off while roaming the map. Plus, you will waste the enemy’s time when you avoid their gank successfully since they do not get anything out of it and you will naturally have a good KDA.

On top of that, you will also know where the enemy is roaming so that you can potentially get a pick on the enemy champion. This will give you an advantage in teamfights since the enemy will mostly be at a disadvantage. So, make sure that you place wards in areas that will benefit you.

Plus, getting control wards is a good idea since they will allow you to see nearby enemy wards as well; denying them of any vision. On top of that, placing control wards on Baron or Dragon will allow you to deny the enemy vision and force them to come and check if you are doing it or not.

Sometimes, you need to farm in a lane where your turret has fallen. In that case, you should place wards in strategic areas so that you know if you are getting ganked or not. Plus, ADCs should often buy the Farsight Alteration ward that allows you to place a ward far away. This ward – while revealing less – allows you to safely place a ward in areas without having to be next to it.

Get a Positive KDA

Get S Rank as ADC Positive KDA in League of Legends

This is one of the most important things to do if you want to get an S rank or higher. As an ADC, your job is to be the main DPS of your team. As such, you need to make sure that you have a good and positive KDA. Try to position yourself in areas where the enemy has a difficult time getting to you. This will allow you to get more kills and die less. Plus, you’ll also get more assists this way as well.

Another way to ensure that you have a good KDA is to get more kills during the laning phase so that you gain additional gold to get your items. Since the bot lane is 2v2, there are more fights in that lane as compared to other lanes in the early game. Play smart in the lane and you will easily gain an advantage over your enemy.

Also, try to take part in as many teamfights as possible since you are the main DPS of your team. Dealing damage to the enemy will ensure that you get an assist even if you die. This gives you a higher chance of getting an S than anything else.

Farming is the Most Important Part

Get S Rank as ADC Farming in League of Legends

Farming is the most important part of any game if you want to play ADC champions. The best part is that it is quite easy to farm with ADCs since their damage is quite high and they attack fast. This means that you can easily get a good CS score without having to try a lot. However, you might need to practice in normal games if you wish to get a good CS score consistently.

Having a good CS score allows you to get a good gold income that allows you to purchase your items faster. Even if you die a few times in lane but have a significant CS lead as compared to the enemy, you’ll still be ahead of them.

If you are new to the game, farming can feel quite difficult. However, you can go into normal games or the practice tool to understand the champion that you are playing. Try to limit your champion pool so that you can easily understand how they work and get used to playing with them.

Plus, the more you practice, the easier and more natural it will be to farm in every game. There will come a time when farming will become second nature to you and you will not even pay attention to it despite having great farm in the game.

Stick With Your Team

Get S Rank as ADC Team in League of Legends

As an ADC, you need to ensure that you are sticking with your team. Since a teamfight can break out at any moment, you need to be prepared and be behind your team. As soon as the fight happens, you need to deal as much damage as possible.

Plus, this is the best way to increase the damage dealt so that you have a higher chance of getting an S. If you have less damage dealt, chances are that you might not get an S even if your KDA was good.

Splitpushing as an ADC isn’t the best idea since you are prone to get ganked. Most of the junglers have a dash or jump ability that allows them to easily gap close and reach you. So, it is essential that you stick with your team for the majority of the game unless you are certain that you can safely farm in the side lanes.

If the enemy team has champions like Rengar, Ryze, or Nocturne, I highly suggest that you do not over-extend while farming as an ADC. They can use their ultimate abilities and instantly get next to you and kill you in quickly. You won’t even have a chance to react and they will get free kills; leaving your team at a disadvantage.

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Get Objectives

Get S Rank as ADC Objectives in League of Legends

Getting objectives such as Baron, Dragon, Turrets, and Inhibitors is the most important thing in League of Legends. These objectives allow you to gain an advantage and end the game faster. As an ADC, you need to stick with your team and make sure that you are getting whatever objective your team is focusing on.

If your jungler wants to do baron, you need to help them since you are the DPS and you will deal the most amount of damage. Having an ADC at your side while doing objectives allows your team to easily and quickly get that objective without any worries.

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