How to See Chat in League of Legends Replays?

League of Legends chat in replays

When playing League of Legends there are all sorts of moments that we encounter in-game, and sometimes, after a game all we want to do is go back and have a peek at those moments again. Match relays are something that allows you to do that, many companies have incorporated them into their games, but most of the time, just the visuals of the game aren’t enough, and you need to view the game chat as well for a more in-depth experience. If you are having trouble locating or activating in-game chat when watching replays, we have got you covered.

To view chat in the game replays, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the main menu of the game.
  2. Open Options, and under the interface tab you’ll enable the option of ‘Show [All] Chat (Matched Games) and click ‘Okay’.League of legends options, interface tab open.
  3. Go to the profile tab.
  4. Select ‘Match History’ under the profile tab.
  5. You’ll see a list of recent games that you have played in chronological order.League of Legends last 20 recent games, with stats
  6. There is an option to download the game on the right side of every game.
  7. Once the download is complete, you’ll see that the play button has replaced the download button, click it.
  8. The game replay will start playing, make sure the all-chat option is ticked in order for you to view the chat.

Uses of Replays

The option of replays is quite dynamic in League of Legends and allows you to rewatch your games in detail, on top of that downloading replays just takes a few minutes, so it’s getting hold of the replays is actually quite convenient. You can’t fully benefit from the replays until you know what tools they provide.

Tools that replays provide:

  • On the bottom center, you have the time bar and all the important events of the game are time stamped on it, like, fights, kills, taking down a turret, etc. Clicking on the time stamp takes you to that event, in under 2 seconds.League of Legends time bar visible
  • You record a specific time window if you want to view that specific event later.
  • You can adjust the speed of the replay from 8x to 25x.
  • You can jump 15 seconds ahead or back.
  • View the all-game chat
  • You can freely control the camera and move to anywhere in the game and also disable fog of war for a better view
  • You can select a specific champion and the camera will follow that champion throughout the replay
  • Pressing H can hide the replay HUD and give you a fullscreen view of the game
  • Pressing A will open team fight HUD

Can Replays Really Help You?

We all sometimes have an urge to watch our game once it’s finished but is that really helping us in any way? The short answer is yes. Watching replays of the games you haven’t performed well in can be quite teachable for you. Going back and analyzing your mistakes will definitely help you avoid them in the future.

Maybe you missed on a combo with another teammate, you can also see the movements of the enemies and how they approached you if you were ganked too much, or maybe you just missed an important comm from your team in the chat.

Watching the replays of the games where you executed your role finely, will give you a sense of achievement and make you feel better generally. It will boost your confidence in the next games to come or you can use the replays to simply recall the strategic patch you took in a specific game.

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