5 Best Wave Clear ADCs in League of Legends

An ADC that can play weakside is a great pick for a team-oriented game, these champions are mostly picked by pro players and there are factors to consider if an ADC can play weakside. First, will the ADC be able to protect himself while the support roams around the map? 

And second, will he be able to wave clear fast so enemies don’t pin him under the turret and keep pressure on him. While the first reason can be managed by simply picking champions that have long-ranged abilities or attack range, the same cannot be said to the second reason. 

There are only certain champions in the game that can clear the wave fast before it crashes to the turret, and we are making an article about them today.

We have listed the top 5 of the best ADC champions who have extremely good wave clears, note that when we say ADC, we are most likely talking about bottom lane carry champions, so it will not be limited to marksmen. 

The season begins anew with season 12 and here are the top 5 ADC champions with the best wave clears. 

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1. Sivir

A champion whose basic abilities are made just for clearing waves, Sivir’s Q has insane damage especially when you build lethality items on her, one throw from this boomerang can cut down even the biggest minion waves, provided that they are all lined up. 

The only problem about Sivir is that her Q’s wave clear strength is based on whether minions are lined up or not, she can always move to change the direction of the boomerang but don’t worry, she still has a spell that can kill minions even if they are not in a straight line. 

Sivir’s W increases her attack speed and makes her next basic attack bounce off from target to target. Combine both Q and W and you can cut any wave down in an instant.

Does Sivir’s Wave Clear Have Mana Efficiency?

When talking about mana efficiency, Sivir really doesn’t have that luxury because it all depends on her spells. Seeing as how Q is Sivir’s main source of damage, she will most likely use her spells to trade with enemies and that can easily bring her mana down. A quick workaround on this is to build a Manamune and take the runes, Mana flow band, or Pressence of Mind. Without her spells, Sivir can hardly wave clear.

2. Jinx

Initially, Jinx’s wave clear is not that strong but she can still do the job with her rocket form. Her Q lets her switch her guns and when she is using her rocket, she can deal AOE damage. 

Not only does it deal AOE damage, it will also deal more damage and increases her attack range, so it doesn’t only give her a wave clear potential, it also gives her space to avoid taking damage from minions. 

Once mid game comes, however, Jinx becomes a monster at wave clearing thanks to Runaan’s, this is Jinx’s staple item and greatly improves the AOE damage of her rocket attacks. 

Does Jinx’s Wave Clear Have Mana Efficiency?

Jinx’s wave clear is circumstantial because she can toggle her Q on or off. Whenever she is using her rocket, it costs a bit of a mana and using it continuously will most likely drain Jinx of Mana. 

Luckily she can just turn it off and build a Runaan’s, this item can help her clear waves even with just her basic attack, but when there is a huge wave that will crash on her tower, she can just turn her Q on and cut the wave down really fast. 

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3. Xayah

Xayah has a really high pick rate this season thanks to her relevance to the Meta. She is a unique ADC champion that has her own interactions with her basic attacks, when she uses any of her spells, her attacks are empowered and it can pierce through enemies and leave behind a feather behind them. 

She can quickly clear a wave with her Q that lets her throw two feathers and improves her attack damage, if that is not enough, Xayah can pull the feathers she left behind and it will damage any unit it passes through. 

To add more wave clear power, just like any other ADC that relies on basic attacks, Xayah can build a Runaan’s Hurricane, it also synergizes with her W as it increases her attack speed. 

Does Xayah’s Wave Clear Have Mana Efficiency?

The answer to this question is no, Xayah will always have to use her spells to use her passive that lets her pierce enemies with her basic attacks. This is Xayah’s main source of damage and if you want to make her a very efficient wave clear champion, look to buy items that will boost your mana pool. 

4. Yasuo

Yasuo rose to ADC stardom when players discovered that he can be played really aggressively thanks to his shield passive. He is also great in the bot lane because he can shut an enemy ADC’s cs down with his wind wall. 

Yasuo’s wave clear depends on his very high attack speed and low cooldown Q that can turn into an AOE when it reaches two stacks. Yasuo can also use his E + Q combo to deal AOE damage every time he dives into a huge wave of minions. 

Just make sure that you have enough life-steal items before diving into a huge wave of minions because your shield passive won’t work against them.

Does Yasuo’s Wave Clear Have Mana Efficiency?

Out of all the champions in this list, Yasuo has the most mana efficiency basically because he has no mana, to begin with, all of his abilities can be cast with no cost meaning he can simply spam his abilities as much as he wants and it won’t matter, he won’t lose any resource for it. 

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5. Samira

Stylish as ever, Samira can simply dash towards the middle of a minion wave and deal tons of AOE damage to them. She can use her Q whenever she is near a minion wave and it will become a melee attack that deals AOE damage in a cone-shaped area. 

She can also combine her Q with her E which lets her leave a trail of bullets that also damages minions caught in the way. Her W is a self-peel ability but when she is not threatened by an enemy with a skill shot, she can use it as well while in the middle of a minion wave. 

Does Samira’s Wave Clear Have Mana Efficiency?

Samira’s basic abilities have a very low mana cost but it will still cost her every time she decides to use any of her abilities. Manamune is not really a great buy on Samiar so you don’t have to buy that item to make up for your mana loss, Runaan’s ain’t a good item on her as well so you can skip on that. 

Her spells have high cooldowns so you can simply use your abilities anytime you want to clear a wave, don’t worry as it doesn’t really have a high mana cost so knock yourself out. 

Final Thoughts

Wave clear champions are really great for the team, it really helps when playing weakside bot lane and it is a crucial factor to have during the late game. Having to clear a wave fast in the late game gives you a huge space and time to regroup with your team and not worry about a minion wave crashing on your towers. 

Anytime you are playing a premade game with your friends, make sure that at least one of your team comp has a champion with a good wave clear, not only is this really satisfying to do, it will also boost you in the macro part of the game. 

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