Is Gnar AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Gnar is a small champion that seems harmless once the game starts, but fill up his rage meter and watch him turn into a terrifying giant monster. He is a ranged champion when his rage meter is not filled yet, and he is in Gnar form, but when he fills his rage meter and becomes Mega Gnar, he becomes a melee champion, and this time, he can use his ultimate. 

He is a grand poke champion with a self-peel ability in his range form. His W is just like Vayne’s W, but aside from the bonus damage he deals when he procs his W, he also gains movement speed. 

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Is Gnar AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Gnar is purely an AD champion, and all his forms benefit from attack damage scaling. His Q is his central poke ability, be it melee or ranged form, and it scales with ability power. Gnar can initiate for his team with his ultimate; he can stun all of the enemies caught by his ultimate as long as they hit a wall once Mega Gnar throws them. 

He also gains bonus HP every time he becomes Mega Gnar which can come in clutch whenever he is fighting another champion. Here are some of the different item builds on Gnar.

The Best Item Builds on Gnar

  • Hull breaker – Another champion that works extensively with a split push item, Gnar benefits with this item, especially when he goes Mega Gnar. The tanky form of Gnar also works well with split pushing, and his AoE abilities will help him split push much better. 
  • Trinity Force – Gnar has low cooldowns on his abilities, meaning he can frequently proc the spellblade effect of this item. The bonus damage also greatly synergizes with Gnar’s W procs. 
  • Death’s Dance – Top lane is a scary lane to play in; it is the farthest lane in the game, so you can’t expect help most of the time; some champions you face in this lane also can burst you within one second. Death’s Dance allows Gnar to survive said bursts and be in extended fights. 
  • Black Cleaver – Gnar can easily proc the effects of Black Cleaver while he is in his ranged form; this item also gives him bonus movement speed every time he hits an enemy with his basic attacks. Allowing him to close the gap between himself and his opponent also synergizes with the bonus movement speed from his W procs.
  • Thornmail – This item is an effortless way to inflict grievous wounds on your enemies; when he immobilizes multiple enemies with his ultimate, he can also increase the effects of Grievous wounds on them by 60%.
  • Plated Steelcaps – This item is an excellent boot upgrade as it allows Gnar to mitigate the damage he receives from basic attack pokes and tower shots. 

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Best Runes on Gnar

  • Fleet footwork
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Last stand
  • Bone plating
  • Overgrowth

When Should I Pick Gnar?

Gnar doesn’t have that many counters and works well with a team comp with an excellent follow-up. His kit revolves around team fights, so his value doesn’t fall even during the late game.

If Gnar is picked along with a team with no follow-up, he can die right after he initiates a team fight with his ultimate. He is also great against melee top laners and can be used as a lane bully, mainly because he has a slow effect from his Q.

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Gnar is an AD champion, and all of his abilities scale with Attack damage, but it doesn’t mean you need to build an all-A AD item. Building tanky items on Gnar will help him survive the retaliation of his enemies after he inflicts all the stun on them. 

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