8 Best LoL Support Champions for Late Game Scaling!

The Best Support Champions for Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of League of Legends, finding the right support champion that excels in the late game can truly make a difference between victory and defeat. As the game progresses, these exceptional supports become even more impactful, providing game-changing utility, control, and team fight presence.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the top late-game scaling support champions that you should consider adding to your roster. We’ll dive deep into their unique abilities, playstyles, and synergies that make them formidable allies in the long run. 

Whether you’re a support main looking to carry your team to victory, or simply curious about the best late-game supports to complement your preferred carry, this guide has you covered!

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8. Thresh

Thresh Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

As a late game scaling support, Thresh has a lot going for him. His Q ability, Death Sentence, can hook enemies from afar and bring them closer to your team, setting up easy kills. 

His W ability, Dark Passage, allows him to shield and pull allies towards him, which is especially useful for saving teammates from danger or engaging in team fights. And of course, his E ability, Flay, can knock back enemies or pull them towards him, making it a versatile tool for both engage and disengage.

But the real star of the show is Thresh’s ultimate ability, The Box. This ability creates a large area of terrain that slows and damages enemies who try to pass through it. Not only does this ability provide an excellent way to separate enemies from their allies, but it also serves as a great zoning tool that can help control objectives and choke points.

Thresh’s lantern, though, is what sets him apart from other supports. It provides a shield and pulls allies towards him, which is already great, but it also grants allies who click on it a significant boost of movement speed. This makes it an invaluable tool for catching enemies or escaping dangerous situations.

7. Lulu

Lulu Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

Lulu is known for her ability to enhance and protect her allies, making her a valuable addition to any team composition. With her Pix ability, she can grant an ally increased damage and vision, while her Whimsy spell can grant a movement speed boost and make them immune to crowd control effects. 

However, the real deal lies in her ultimate, Wild Growth, which can turn an ally into a giant, giving them increased health and knocking up nearby enemies.

Late game is where Lulu really shines. With her ability to buff up her allies, she can turn them into unstoppable forces of nature. And her ability to protect them from harm means that even the most squishy of champions can survive in team fights. She may not be the flashiest support out there, but her utility and versatility make her a valuable addition to any team.

6. Janna

Janna Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

Janna’s late game scaling potential is nothing to sneeze at. Her abilities become even more powerful as the game progresses, and she becomes an unstoppable force of nature. Her passive, Tailwind, grants her and her allies bonus movement speed, allowing them to zoom across the map and dodge enemy attacks with ease. 

Her Howling Gale can knock up multiple enemies in a team fight, giving her team the opportunity to deal massive damage. Her Zephyr can slow down enemies to a crawl, making them easy targets for her team’s DPS.

But wait, there’s more! Janna’s Monsoon ultimate is one of the most game-changing abilities in League of Legends. With just a press of a button, Janna can heal and knock back all enemies around her, giving her team the opportunity to secure kills and objectives. 

Plus, the knockback effect is perfect for interrupting enemy abilities and saving allies from certain doom.

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5. Bard

Bard Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

Bard’s kit is a combination of utility and damage, making him a unique support that can fill various roles depending on the situation. His Q, Cosmic Binding, can stun enemies and set up plays, while his W, Caretaker’s Shrine, provides healing and speed boosts for himself and his allies. And let’s not forget his ultimate, Tempered Fate, which can turn the tide of a team fight by freezing enemies in time.

But what makes Bard truly bursty and perplexing is his passive, Meeps. Every time Bard collects a chime, he gains a new Meep, which he can use to enhance his basic attacks with additional damage and slow effects. And as Bard collects more chimes, his Meeps become even more powerful, turning him into a true late-game threat.

With his chime collecting ability, Bard can easily scale into the late game and become a terrifying force to be reckoned with. His Meeps can deal significant damage to enemy champions, and his utility spells become even more valuable as the game goes on. And with his ultimate’s ability to freeze enemies in place, Bard can single-handedly turn the tide of a team fight in his team’s favor.

4. Taric

Taric Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

When it comes to scaling, Taric is like a fine wine – he only gets better with age. Sure, he might start off a little slow in the early game, but once he hits that mid-to-late game power spike, he becomes an absolute monster. His passive, Bravado, allows him to cast his abilities twice in a row every few seconds, which means he can spam his heals and stuns like nobody’s business.

But Taric’s real late-game potential comes from his ultimate, Cosmic Radiance. When he activates this bad boy, he grants invulnerability to all allied champions in a large area around him for a few seconds. That means your entire team can go ham on the enemy team without fear of taking damage. Talk about a game-changer!

And let’s not forget about Taric’s itemization options. With the right build, he can become an unkillable tank with insane amounts of healing and shielding. He can also dish out some serious damage with his passive and his W, Bastion, which grants additional armor and attack damage to an ally.

3. Senna

Senna Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

Senna’s kit is all about those souls. She collects them like a kid collects stickers, except these souls give her bonus attack range, critical strike chance, and life steal. By the time late game rolls around, Senna is practically swimming in souls, which means she’s hitting like a truck and sustaining herself like a vampire.

But it’s not just her souls that make her a late-game scaling monster. Her ultimate, “Dawning Shadow,” is like the final boss of support ultimates. It shields her allies, damages her enemies, and can even be used to snipe someone from across the map. If that’s not late-game scaling potential, I don’t know what is.

Her passive, “Absolution,” allows her to convert some of her attack damage into bonus mist, which can then be used to buy powerful items for her and her teammates. It’s like she’s running her own little black market, except instead of selling weapons and drugs, she’s selling crit chance and life steal.

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2. Zilean

Zilean Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

Late-game scaling? Oh, Zilean has got that covered. With his ability to speed up allies and slow down enemies, he can control the battlefield like a time-warping maestro. And let’s not forget about his bombs, which can deal massive damage in team fights.

But the real late-game potential of Zilean lies in his ultimate. That’s right, the Chronoshift. With a well-timed ultimate, Zilean can bring a fallen ally back to life, turning the tide of a fight in your favor. It’s like having a second chance at life, and who doesn’t love that?

In fact, Zilean’s ultimate is so powerful that some players call him the “guardian angel” of League of Legends. So, if you want to turn back time and bring your team back from the brink of defeat, look no further than Zilean. 

1. Soraka

Soraka Best Support Champion Late Game Scaling in League of Legends

Soraka’s definitely one of the most interesting champions to play, with her ability to heal her allies while still dealing damage to her foes.

When it comes to late-game scaling, Soraka truly shines like a star. Her healing abilities become even stronger as she gains more levels, and her ultimate, Wish, can heal all of her allies no matter where they are on the map. It’s like having a personal ambulance on standby.

But that’s not all – Soraka’s late-game scaling potential also comes from her ability to silence enemy champions. This can be incredibly useful in team fights, especially if the enemy team has a lot of high-mobility champions who rely on their abilities to survive.

And let’s not forget about her bananas! While they may seem like a silly ability, they can actually pack quite a punch in the late game. With enough ability power, Soraka’s bananas can deal massive damage to her enemies, making her a force to be reckoned with.


With this knowledge, you’re now equipped to make strategic choices when it comes to selecting your support champions and optimizing your gameplay for the late stages of the game. 

Remember, the key to mastering these champions is practice, adaptation, and staying up-to-date with the latest meta shifts and balance changes.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the Rift, and may your newfound understanding of late-game scaling support champions lead you to many epic victories!

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