What Support Champion Should You Main in Season 12?

It is widely acknowledged that the major DPS champion in League of Legends (LoL) is exceptional. However, it is past time for us to make way for the little man. 

When it comes to your League of Legends team’s success (or, ahem, failure, if you don’t play your cards correctly), the game’s support champions are a vital piece of the jigsaw to consider. 

This tutorial will help you brush up on your knowledge of the highest-ranked supports in the League of Legends tier list this season.

How important is the Support Role?

Although support champions are primarily responsible for healing and shielding, some also give mobility and attack speed bonuses. 

Support champions can also purchase items that benefit the entire team for the length of the battle. These items are frequently utilized to set up several plays in the lane and throughout the game, which is advantageous to the entire team. 

You will undoubtedly make a difference when you come up to the bat, regardless of whose support you choose to play beside.

Different Types of Support in League of Legends

Support characters in League of Legends are classified into three categories: enchanters, engagers, and poke supports. 

Technically, there are certain champions who may be found in more than one category. However, it is best to stay with the three categories listed above. Here’s what each of these categories is all about in detail:


Enchanters use buffs to protect their comrades from their opponents while also increasing their overall efficacy. Group them with others in order to see them at their best.


This style of support is excellent for getting the jump on opposing champions during clashes and for imposing an early dominance in the game.


Poke supports are renowned for their ability to harass their opponents with damaging or rebuffing attacks while maintaining their own health. In order to achieve victory before the combat even begins, they must first win the fight.

As well as the two primary supports, there is also sustained support, which performs a more typical function. The primary objective of this support is to heal their teammates in order for them to be able to remain in lane for as long as feasible.

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5 Support Champions To Main in Season 12

When you first load up League of Legends, you’ll be presented with a selection of support champions to pick from (depending on who you’ve unlocked, of course).

Because new updates are provided on a fairly regular basis, certain characters perform better at different periods.

1. Thresh

With a combination of sluggish and one-of-a-kind assaults, this spirit from the Shadow Isles torments his enemies and causes them great pain. 

Thresh imprisons them in his lantern for an eternity of pain, wreaking havoc on their souls in his pursuit of revenge. 

This engages/aggressive support is widely regarded as one of the strongest all-around supports in League of Legends, and his Death Sentence hook has the ability to completely shift the course of a game in an instant.

A number of benefits are available to players while using Thresh. He provides his teammates with well-rounded equipment as well as a light that they may use as an engagement or escape tool. 

Moreover, he is excellent at interacting with his hook ability, making him a perfect choice if you are looking for someone who is both aggressive and defensive. 

Although this is the case, it requires a certain level of skill to play him, and you aren’t given any escape mechanisms.

Thresh possesses a variety of powers that enable him to outperform his opponents in a number of areas. 

Thresh can help nearby ally Champions by sheltering them with a lamp, thanks to his usage of the Dark Passage spellbook ability. Death Sentence, Flay, Damnation, and The Box are some of Thresh’s other special abilities.

2. Nautilus

Nautilus, often known as “The Titan of the Depths,” is a sea monster that lives off the coast of the Blue Flame Islands. 

This armored Goliath unleashes surprise strikes and utilizes his massive anchor to aid his comrades while pulling his enemies to their doom with his massive anchor.

Apart from being innately tanky, Nautilus also makes for an excellent engagement due to his hook ability and exceptional crowd management. 

In contrast, he does not provide much disengage, and his hook ability is a skill shot, which means it has the chance to go wide or over his head.

The Staggering Blow, Dredge Line, Titan’s Wrath, Riptide, and Depth Charge are just a few of the abilities available to Nautilus. Whenever he performs this ability, he rams the earth, causing three nearby explosions that harm and slow down his opponents as a result of it.

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3. Lulu

As she wanders around Runeterra, Lulu conjures up fantastical illusions and creatures to entertain herself. Despite the fact that many people consider her magic to be unnatural, The Fae Sorceress feels that a little bit of enchantment may be beneficial in every scenario.

As well as providing attack and movement speed boosts, Lulu may also aid her teammates in inflicting damage through the use of her passive ability. On the negative side, she doesn’t provide any genuine engagement and doesn’t have any sustained power in the lane.

In addition to her enchanting talents, Lulu also has a number of unique traits such as Glitterlance, Whimsy, and Wild Growth. 

Aside from that, she receives assistance from her faerie friend Pix, who performs actions such as Help Pix!, in which Pix protects and aids a close ally or harms an enemy while providing Lulu with a view of them.

4. Bard

Bard is known by a variety of monikers, including the Wandering Caretaker, and is an advocate for balance and the common good (despite his odd methods). 

During his journey across the world, he hopes to divert the attention of any and all existence away from utter catastrophe.

This roamer provides a significant amount of damage to his opponents and has the ability to move across the map with relative ease. 

When it comes to fighting, one of his finest talents is his ability to turn the tide of a battle. In spite of this, some of his movements are quite difficult to master. Also, he isn’t very tanky, and his tunnel has the potential to be detrimental to him.

In addition to Traveler’s Call, Cosmic Binding, and Caretaker’s Shrine, Bard also possesses the skills Magical Journey and Tempered Fate, among other things. 

With the use of Cosmic Binding, Bard may use a missile to slow down his opponents. He has the power to heal the first ally who comes into touch with the Caretaker’s Shrine when he uses the Healing Shrine.

5. Taric

Taric, who has been forced to flee his homeland of Demacia, wields considerable authority as Runeterra’s protector of life, love, and beauty. He hopes to fight the taint of the Void by channeling the might of old Targon.

If you’re searching for someone who is an excellent team player, Taric is the man for the job. He has the power to provide his comrade’s armor while also making them invulnerable for a limited period of time. 

He’s also a tank, and he’s equipped with a stun and a heal. On the negative, he is a melee fighter, which means that he only has basic attacks.

There are several powers available to Taric, including Bravado, Starlight’s Touch, Bastion, Dazzle, and Cosmic Radiance. 

Cosmic Radiance grants him the ability to deliver cosmic energy to surrounding champion teammates, rendering them invulnerable for a brief period of time while the energy is being transferred.

Despite the fact that each support champion comes equipped with a unique set of skills, it is up to you to bring them to life in your game. Before you symbolically step into the part and summon your inner legend, take some time to get to know them.

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Playing Support: Some Tips and Tricks

Always ward the river

It is your responsibility as a support player to ensure that the river is always warded while your lane is exposed. When your lane is exposed, I’m referring to the fact that if your lane is being pushed, there is no danger of a river gank. 

This signifies that the dragon should be warded, but the tri-bush does not need to be warded. Ideally, you’ll want to save your ward so that you may utilize it later on in the game.

Counter dragon wards with pink wards

Pink wards provide visibility as well as the power to kill opponent wards. The result is that your team will not only have control over the dragon but they will also be blinded to ganks by your jungler. 

If your opponent returns and gets a pink ward to kill yours, you must return. Never let go of the reins of the dragon.

Ward the enemy wraith camp at the start of the game

If you know where the jungler is, you can either go aggressive or fall back and anticipate when a to gank is about to hit you in the face. This is beneficial to everyone on your team, and it can be extremely useful in both setting up and avoiding kills.

Avoid taking free damage in your lane

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Keep an eye on your placement and make certain that you are never in a situation where you may be injured or killed. You want to trade damage as often as possible and never want to get hit without countering.

Buy early oracles to counter enemy wards

An early oracle will provide a significant edge to your team. Killing enemy wards is analogous to breaking their legs in a lot of ways. They will be unable to perform for the remainder of the game.

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