What To Do When You Fall Behind In LoL?

We all started the same league, we both have the same CS count, and I never leave my lane, yet we are still behind in gold and levels against the enemy team. You may have encountered this scene and all you got to do is ask the same thing.

Falling behind in League means that the enemy player or the enemy team has amassed more gold and XP compared to yours. And falling behind has a lot of consequences. I’m pretty sure you already know that. 

More gold means more items for the enemy. That is crucial since that is how you get above the enemy team. 

Also, more XP means higher levels. Another crucial thing since higher levels mean more and refined skills for the enemy champions. You wouldn’t want to give that kind of advantage to your enemies.

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Falling Behind in Jungle

Though you can fall behind in any lane you’re located, I think that the most crucial part is in the jungle.

Imagine this, you’ve followed all the guides, used your smite to make sure you get the monster, and you’ve rotated well and repeated throughout the game. However, you still feel the need to go back to the base just to heal yourself and regain mana and other utilities.

Well, you’re not alone in that dilemma. A lot of players have felt that and asked themselves as well.

If you’ve been reading articles in our blog, you may have noticed we describe jungling as a technical role. Well, here is one of the reasons. Just knowing the basics of jungling isn’t enough. You need to have the skills to properly utilize the jungle to your advantage.

This may be a bummer but don’t feel bad so much for yourself. Jungling requires lv 3 runes and masteries; unless you’re level 30, you won’t get the greatest results. 

However, junglers will always be left behind, owing to the fact that they do not receive as much farm as a single lane or ranged AD.

If you’re new and still demand to play as a jungler, WE recommend playing Amumu. Jungling may seem impossible for most champions but based on my experience, it is possible with Amumu. He simply does not require any runes or masteries. He’s probably the most OP jungler for beginners.

If you have progressed and believe you are capable of jungling. I recommend understanding the mechanics of jungling. Just knowing isn’t enough. You have to understand it and be able to apply it in your games.

 Know the time in which different neutrals spawn on the map. Realize where and when to ward. Always be wary of the crucial monsters such as the dragons, the RIfh Herald, and BR. These are just a few things you should understand so you won’t be left out in playing jungle.

Falling Behind as Support

When you picked a support role before pre-game match selections, you know what you’ve signed up for. Don’t you?

You’ll never have as much gold or as many levels up as your carry, and that’s what support heroes are good at. Basically, you need not worry about being left behind.

But don’t be so chill in your game, you still have the responsibilities. You are still part of the game, a crucial member indeed.

Support champions are very important in the early game when you need to dominate lanes. You can do this by harassing the enemy or with ganks. Buy some wards/smoke with the little money you get, supports such as yourself doesn’t need a lot of items, so that’s a plus. 

Also, when the carry leaves the lane to farm the jungle, for example, you need to take full advantage of that window, farm those minions he left for you. Keep in mind also to keep a TP ready for helping your team out, and take every last hit presented to you. Participate in ganks/team fights. 

This one is pretty obvious since that is the purpose of the game. Obtaining a meaty kill will assist you significantly. Nevertheless, do not attempt to steal the kill from your cores.

Your duty is to carry your colleagues in order for them to carry you. What if I’m a level lower than my ADC? I’ll gladly do whatever it takes to keep them alive and assist them to kill without difficulty.

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Falling Behind in Lanes

As a player in the lanes, there are moments in the game when you feel you have to do the most things.

It feels like you need to do better, ganking, supporting other lanes, even supporting the jungle, and keeping watch of the jungle. While that may be a good thing, what could that cost you?

Yes, you’re right, you are most probably left behind by this time.

Here are a couple of things you should consider doing and not doing to minimize being left behind by the enemy team. First, zone the map. Second, stop leashing your jungle. Third, secure those jungle camps. And finally, catch side waves.

1. Zone the Map

Zoning is an underutilized technique in League of Legends. When the opposing Support roams, the ADC will be alone in the bottom lane. You should modify your placement and move slightly forward as the ADC or Support to zone the opponent ADC away from the farm and drive them out of XP range.

2. Stop Leashing Your Jungle

Leashing your jungler is a part of the early game. But keep this in mind. When leashing your Jungler, you should be a kind person and help them get it as low as possible before returning to the lane. 

You must, however, stop leashing about 1:38 to gain the XP for the first minion. If you leave any later, you may forfeit your XP.

If you don’t gain some XP on the first wave, you’ll reach level 2 later than your opponent, which they may abuse. Many Supports, for example, such as Nautilus, Blitzcrank, or Alistar, have a potent level 2 all-in. If they reach level 2 before you, your only option is to position yourself safely.

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3. Secure Jungle Camps

This may seem illogical but believe me in this one. This is one of the many things you should exploit to get a boost against the enemy team. I like to think that this is a two bird in one stone moment. You get the XPs while the enemy team loses the XPs and buffs. 

Jungle camps can remain unoccupied for extended periods of time, especially in the latter stages of the game. If no one else on your team is taking them to get XP and CS, make sure you secure them.

However, be cautious when doing so, especially if your Jungler is down in the game and needs the XP and money to get back in. If you’re a laner, you should prioritize farming in the side lanes above farming in the jungle.

If you’ve forced the enemy into their base, attempt to take the camps on your way out to minimize their money and XP income if it’s safe.

4. Catch Side Waves

This one is a crucial mechanic. Do this properly and you’ll be in an advantageous position. Also, this tip is intended for NA Solo Q! Stop ARAMing in the middle lane and head to the side lanes for gold and XP. 

When you gather, you significantly reduce your XP and gold revenue. By entering a side lane and collecting up the crashing waves, you may avoid falling from behind and obtain your next power spike.

This is wasted XP and money, so spend time traveling from lane to lane and picking up side waves whenever feasible. Prepare to stay in a side lane for a short period of time, especially if you’re approaching your next large power boost.

Taking the lead is difficult, but maintaining it is even more difficult. You can gain a tiny advantage or prevent yourself from falling behind by following the advice in this article.

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