How Much XP Does a Kill Give in League of Legends?

How Much XP per Kill in League of Legends? Complete Guide

The strength and durability of your champion depends on how you progress with the game and leveling up and earning gold are probably the two most important parts of this progress. Leveling up depends on the XP  also called ‘experience’ you gain throughout the game. The rate of gaining XP can usually be the difference between a carry and a low performer.

There are a number of ways that you can gain XP in League of Legends, getting a kill is probably the best way you gain a huge amount of XP, so let’s find out how much XP does a kill grant you in League of Legends.

XP of a kill actually depends on the circumstances under which the enemy champion is killed, the XP gained depends on the level of the champion you killed higher the level of the enemy higher is the XP and also on how many allies participated in that kill.

XP is divided between all the allies that participate in the kill, the actual math of XP is a bit more complicated, let’s see in detail how the XP numbers actually work.

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Amount of XP Gained Under Different Circumstances

Amount of XP per Kill in League of Legends Guide

  • Killing an enemy champion alone grants 42-990 XP, depending on the level of the champion killed.
  • Assisting in a kill grants 28-990 XP, depending on the level of the enemy slain just like in a solo kill
  • Experience gained is reduced individually by 0/16/32/40% for being on a higher level than the enemy killed.
Level Difference 0 1 2 3 4 or more
XP Reduced 0% 16% 32% 48% 60%
  • Just like the previous point, XP gained is increased by 16% for each level, the killed enemy is higher.

Ways to Gain XP in League of Legends

There are a total of 6 different ways in which you gain XP for your champion in order to level them up, they are listed below.

  1. Killing an enemy champion on your own.
  2. Assisting in killing a champion.
  3. Proximity to a champion’s death can also grant you XP even if you are dead, after 10 seconds of your death you will still receive experience if an enemy champion dies close to your grave.
  4. Being close to a Minions death (1600 unit) also grants experience whether you killed it or not, killing a minion will XP even from far.
  5. Being near a ward when it’s destroyed grants you experience if you’re within 1600 units of it.
  6. Killing jungle monster is another source of XP, but all the XP goes to the killer even if there are allied champions in close proximity.

Increase The Rate Of Gaining Experience

Gaining Experience Rate XP per Kill in League of Legends Guide

As discussed earlier, the rate at which you gain experience is sometimes all that matters when it comes to winning the game. In most matches, the victorious team levels up faster than the defeated team in the early game, there are even some important items that you can’t buy even if you have enough gold.

There are a number of ways by which you can boost your XP rate, to get you and your team an easy victory. Zilean’s time in a bottle is the only ability that deliberately grants experience to him and an ally, if he can channel this ability successfully, it’s not recommended to pick Zilean just for this XP, you should also consider your team composition. Ember knife is an item that can have a significant effect on your leveling-up rate, Emberknife grants bonus experience for killing jungle monsters.

The best long-lasting and sustainable way of gaining huge experience is sticking with the minion lane, by being in the lane with consistency and killing minions you can level up pretty fast, you can go for solo mid-lane if you wish to boost your XP rate even further.

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