How Do Accounts Get IP Banned in League of Legends?

How Do Accounts Get IP Banned in League of Legends? Explained Guide

Many often wonder if and how their accounts can be banned. There are plenty of answers to this question and many variations thereof.

IP bans have arisen recently as the topic of discussion among League of Legends players. With Riot Games enlarging their punishment systems, many are stricken with the fear that they will be permanently locked from playing the game.

Banning an account is one thing, but having your whole IP address blacklisted is a whole other story.

In this article, we will discuss how Riot bans IP addresses and if they even do it at all. Since it is short, I’ll be adding a quick section on what not to do in League of Legends to avoid any form of ban.

Here we go.

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How to avoid getting banned in League of Legends?

First and foremost, we’ll see why you could get banned. Riot has, throughout the years (and likely relating to their direct ownership from China) draconically punished players for a multitude of reasons.

The primary reason for bans is speech. Any form of “unacceptable” speech is bannable in League of Legends, with some more than others. League of Legends has almost entirely removed the human factor when it comes to banning players. Instead, an AI bans specific things said in the chat.

Most notably, the AI will immediately issue 14-day bans to players who type “kys” in chat and are subsequently reported. Racial slurs are also equally punishable, with the likes of the “n-word” being likely the ones most persecuted.

Other chat stuff can warrant a ban, though it will not be instantaneous. Sometimes you might get your game checked by an actual support member, and if they determine you were toxic/harmful to the overall game – you’ll get punished. While you won’t always get a ban for bad chat behavior, it’s most likely to happen.

Another reason for being banned would be cheating or exploiting. This is primarily performed through prohibited scripts and other cheat engines that ruin the competition. Exploits in the game are subject to being abused. If you do so, you can, though it won’t always happen, get a punishment for that. However, Riot sometimes takes the blame and pardons the abuse of any exploit or bug they’ve overlooked.

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Ban Evasion

To avoid getting a ban, you simply don’t do anything I’ve said above. Act cordially towards your allies, don’t intentionally feed games (i.e., running it down Mid, trolling teammates, etc.), and don’t use scripts. These simple rules will keep you ban-free forever and likely even advance you through the honor levels. I always love some banter in the /all chat, but I never cross the line with any ridiculous or outrageous slurs.

IP Bans

Riot Games does not issue IP bans. They can, at most, ban your account. And they will, first for 14 days and then permanently. Sometimes Riot skips the former altogether, instantly issuing a permanent ban from the game. You are free to create a new account, but Riot will ban that one, too, if they figure out it’s you.

The most infamous case of someone being entirely prohibited from playing League of Legends was none other than Tyler1, who was barred from streaming or publicly disclosing that he is playing League.

Back to the subject of IP bans, you are entirely safe from this. Even if it were to happen, you could just reset your router or get a VPN and start again. It isn’t a deterrent, and Riot knows it – so they don’t even bother doing it.

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Account IP Ban League of Legends Explained Guide

League of Legends has plenty of ways of removing unwanted players from itself. IP bans are not one of them since they are too much of a hassle for Riot (or any developer) to implement. Still, it doesn’t even do much, as bypassing IP bans is as easy as ever with the advancement of VPN technology. Even without it, a simple router reset would do the trick. At any rate, you shouldn’t worry about being IP banned in League. But, keep yourself in check so as not to cross the line with any of the things I’ve named above.

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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