Arcane Comet vs Summon Aery – Which One Is Better?

Choosing the right rune can be challenging and cause a lot of stress. For example, arcane Comet and Summon Aery are both good runes, but which is better?

There are many factors that go into making a rune great. From its ability to deal damage to how quickly it can be cast, there are various quality differences between each rune.

Comparing Arcane Comet and Summon Aery can help you find out what it takes for the perfect rune. You’ll have the opportunity to analyze both runes and learn more about each one to find out which one is best for you.

Before we even compare them, paying attention to the details and giving you the essential information regarding both runes is crucial.

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What is Arcane Comet?

Arcane Comet is one of the most popular runes in League of Legends picked by the players who mainly play mage champions.

The essence of the rune is to do additional magic damage to the enemy players you are fighting. 

As the name suggests, launching a comet at the opposing champion is triggered by your abilities ( note that you have to hit the enemy player!). 

When it comes to this rune, we can call it the main damaging one for all Ability Power champions. They all pick it, as they should, simply because it stacks mainly on their AP and some AD. 

One of the primary purposes and uses of the Arcane Comet is to give you an advantage in the firepower game. That means it adds passive damage to the one you inflict on the enemies.

For example, if you cast Lux’s ultimate ability, it will deal its overall damage to the enemy team. 

Then if the Arcane Comet cooldown is ready, it will launch at them no matter the distance and inflict more damage to them ( passive). That also works well with items that drain the enemies’ HP.

This combination is well worth using this rune, as it will do much damage in the long run and trigger the in-game items’ effects!

A considerable advantage to Arcane Comet is that it works pretty well in early to mid-game. It allows you to do more damage while simultaneously costing you nothing. 

Unfortunately, once you enter the later game, the presence of the rune will be faintly visible and felt in the team fight. 

That is because even with the scaling damage of the Arcane Comet, by the time it’s late game and everyone has items, it will be nothing more than a finishing hit for enemies in poor health.

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Summon Aery – Explained!

When it comes to runes for the Ability Power users, you will notice a similar effect they share. For example, they all deal damage in one way or another.

 In this sense, Summon Aery deals damage triggered by your abilities. If you hit an enemy while the fight is going on, the Aery will fly over to them, dealing additional magic damage. 

The damage is scaling based on your AP but adds some from your attack damage ( fixed amount).

So with that on the line, it will be best to use ability power with it – do not do crazy experiments like running the rune on AD Lulu, for example.

If you are in a fight and the Summon Aery flies off to damage your opponents, you can not recast it ( passively) till it returns to you. That means its cooldown is proportional to the distance between you and the opponents.

An interesting effect of this rune is that it serves as an empowering shield that can aid your allies besides damaging enemies. 

To do so, you have to cast the buff, heal them or shield them and send the Aery on to them. Once done with it, like when it damages the enemies, the shield will run down, and the cute spirit will return to you.

With all that information, you may deduce that this rune, although useful for Ability Power champions, is not for each and any of them. 

In fact, it is most suitable for supporting characters giving buffs, heals, and so on. They will be able to pull out the full potential of Summon Aery and use it efficiently.

Arcane Comet and Summon Aery the Comparison

As you can see from above, each rune has its pros and cons. However, they both are scaling of Ability Power and some AD and are something designed explicitly for mage characters. 

Besides that similarity, the differences are far more. The main one is that while they both deal damage to the opponents. However, the Arcane Comet can not aid allies and give them a shield while the Summon Aery can.

One has a fixated cooldown ( Arcane Comment) while the other does not, but does have scaling one based on distance. 

That means that the comment is more suitable for fighting as it does not matter how far the opponent is; once it is cast, the CD will start, and once it is ready, it can be recast. 

On this note, the Aery takes longer to return, especially if the opponent was further away.

The following comparison should be between the damage that both runes deal. The stats show that Arcane Comet has higher base damage than scale throughout the game. 

It also has a higher increasing one based on AP and AD. On the other hand, Summon Aery has like x2 less and scales slower, resulting in much lower damage. However, it can shield allies, and the scalability on this one is excellent.

With this comparison, you can judge that one is more befitting battle mages on mid and the other support roles on the bottom lane.

If you are wise with your picks and know how to judge the enemy team composition, you may play with the runes and do a few tweaks by trying something off-meta. 

But that is instead not recommended. It will be best to stick with Arcane Comet if you want to deal damage and with Summon Aery if you plan to support the team from the backlines and help them win!

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Which Items Work Best With Arcane Comet And Summon Aery?

It will aid their strong sides if we talk about items that work the best with these two runes.

With that being said, we can give an example with Arcane Comet. The rune’s primary focus is dealing damage, no matter the distance of the enemy. 

Once you strike someone with ability power, you will activate the rune, which will also deal damage upon hitting them.

That means if you have items like Demonic Embrace, Liandrys Anguish, or other ones that deal with burn Ability Power damage. 

In addition, once the Comet hits the opponent, the effects of this item will activate, resulting in even more damage.

These combinations are perfect for Arcane Comet, mainly used as a finishing move, especially in the late game. If you can activate burn effects on the enemy on low HP, they will likely succumb to it and give you some gold upon their death.

On the other hand, for Summoner Aery, you will need something like Locket of the Iron Solari, Ardents Censer, Moonstone Renewer, or Mikael’s Blessing. 

That is because these items are mainly focused on support mages. They increase healing and shielding effects and generally work better with the support side of Summoner Aery.

We recommend these items mainly because the purpose of the cute rune is to be used by supporters for aiding objectives rather than damaging the enemies. 

If you are wise, you will pick it on Lulu, who also makes excellent use of some of these items; in combination with her buffs, the effects will only scale and be of great significance.


Assuming you have read everything in the sections above. Then, you can easily differentiate between the pluses of both runes, for example, which one is better for a mage whose purpose is to obliterate the enemies and which one for one who is there to be a pillar that supports its allies.

Based on the information from our article, you know how to make the best use of both runes and how effective they are. 

We sincerely hope that we were of help. If you have any questions, leave them down below!

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