Best AP Support Items in League of Legends

How’s it going, summoners? How many League Points do you still need until the next tier? The ranked season is currently at its peak, so any advice is welcome to improve your score. 

Today we are interested in items – much-needed resources for the champion to be able to dominate the Summoner’s Rift. You all know how it goes – champions choose the lane on which to start the game and start with farming. 

Farming means killing enemy minions and at the same time cleaning the lane. With every minions killed, your champion wins a certain amount of gold. Big minions means more gold, smaller minions, less gold. 

With this gold, champions return to base and buy items they want to have in their build. 

Each item contributes to a certain characteristic of your champion – some items increase movement speed, some items increase attack damage, and so on. Today, we are interested in AP items that are being built on support champions.

In the League of Legends, the two teams are fighting for dominance and for the victory that brings League Points, and League Points are important for the transition of players to a better tier. 

This journey is not easy at all, and everyone who plays ranked matches knows that. Since League of Legends is a team game, all 5 players on the map must work together to defeat the enemy team.

Sometimes it happens that some players reject team play, thus disrupting their team’s strategy and practically allowing a 4v5 match to be played. 

Furthermore, some players are intentionally toxic and also disrupt team harmony. If the harmony in the team is disturbed, the chances of the team to win are also disturbed.

However, sometimes it can happen that only one champion carries the whole team by himself, and this is made possible by the items he collects during the game – and of course, the skill of the player who controls the champion behind the keyboard.

Many long-time players who follow updates and the game will say that a lot has changed. And what can be noticed the most is that there is not so much difference in strength between champions. 

To rephrase in the context of this article – support champions are no longer weak and do not only serve to protect the backs of their adc teammates. 

Support champions today can be so strengthened to carry the game by themselves, which was not the case before.

Support champions can increase their strength by buying very powerful items and thus becoming an automatic threat to their enemies. 

Today, in the League of Legends more than 200 items can be found, some items are outdated and some are very popular day by day. 

Players who do not know what to buy on their champions can easily be helped by the internet where they will find tips for different builds. Here you can find various builds for offensive play, or defensive play, for example.

Now it’s time for the list of 5 best AP items intended for support champions.

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5. Abyssal Mask

Abyssal Mask is one of the oldest items in the League of Legends, and many players bypass it so it is an underrated one also. 

Abyssal Mask is an ideal item for support champions who are equally ready to deal damage to their enemies but also to become tanky ones. With Abyssal Mask, your champion will get AP but also extra mana. 

However, that’s not all – with this item, your champion can boost extra damage to all allies who are on targets fully disabled or maybe stunned. 

Reliable support champions will always try to take the opportunity to help their teammates stop enemy champions in an attempt to attack. Luckily, the Abyssal Mask will be helpful in those moments.

4. Shurelya´s Battlesong

Many support players will agree that Shurelya´s Battlesong is one of the better items that ap support champions need to build. Shurelya´s Battlesong has many benefits, it is also one of the items that can really improve the overall impression of a support champion. 

The champion who buys this item will get extra cooldown reduction, health and, of course, ability power. To complete the overall impression, Shurelya´s Battlesong has the ability to regenerate flaws, which is ideal for champions who often use their spells. 

This item also has an active that accelerates your support champion and his teammates who are nearby. This is a quick fix when you need to catch enemy champions who are on the run, or when you need to get out of a potentially dangerous situation.

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3. Moonstone Renewer 

Moonstone Renewer is an item that will greatly strengthen some support champions such as Janna or Seraphine. 

Moonstone Renewer gives your support champion 200 Health, 20 Ability Haste, 100% Base Mana Regen and 40 Ability Power. Seems nice, isn’t it? 

With this item, your champion can engage in team fights and also heal his teammates, which is an extra advantage. Mythic Passive grants all other Legendary items your champion has, 5 ability haste. 

Maybe Moonstone Renewer is not your most common choice but give it a try in the next game to see how your support champion will behave and whether he will be stronger than before.

2. Zhonya´s Hourglass

Zhonya´s Hourglass has become the ultimate item for all mage and AP champions. Zhonya´s Hourglass gives your champion even +75 Ability Power, + 10% Cooldown Reduction and 45 Armor. 

Great package, if you ask every professional player. Mostly you will see it on champions who play on mid lane, but support champions also have many benefits from it. 

What is most special about this item is the fact that when a player activates Zhonya´s Hourglass on his champion, that champion becomes invulnerable, and no one can harm him for a full 2.5 seconds. 

In League of Legends fights, 2.5 seconds is a lot of time. For example, while your champion is invulnerable other teammates can come to his aid and thus allow him to escape when protection expires. 

If you play as support, don’t hesitate and buy Zhonya’s Hourglass as soon as you collect enough gold.

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1. Imperial Mandate

Imperial Mandate has not been part of the League of Legends items collection for a long time, it is quite new, so many players do not buy it. However, they make a big mistake here. 

Imperial Mandate is probably the best ap item that support champions can have in their build. Especially on champions who like to poke their enemies. It will give your champion extra damage, so it’s a great choice. 

If you like to play with Lux or Seraphine who can stun their enemies, this item will be a great way for them to increase their strength. It is very likely that this relatively new item will reach its peak very soon, especially if it is found in their build by professional League of Legends players who will promote it in this way. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Now that you know this information, it’s the right time to include the Imperial Mandate in the next game.

Final Thoughts

Choosing from the large number of items that Riot has made available is sometimes a really difficult decision. Especially when we play with champions who are versatile – they can play as mages, or as supports, for example. 

In that case, we have to decide whether we want to play passively or aggressively, and then choose the right build based on that. 

Here are just 5 best ap items that are meant for support champions, so choose them in your next match and see for yourself if they contribute to your champion and if you want to include them in your primary build. 

Please, don´t hesitate to share your opinion with us after you play with these items. Of course, don’t forget to have fun playing League of Legends.

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