How to Submit Art for RP?

Submitting art for RP is a great way to gain a few additional RP for your account. It is something many players do in order to get the new skin they want. Or buy a few things from the in-game store with it.

Submit a piece of artwork you created for RP. The first thing is to contact the League of Legends team. There are a few ways to do it, but most likely, you will use the ticket system. From there on, it will be decided whether you will get the points or not.

In this article, I will explain in more detail about riot points and how to earn some by providing the company with your amazing art related to the game.

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What Are Riot Points?

Riot Points, better known as RP, are the premium currency of the game League of Legends. To get this currency, you have to purchase it with real cash.

That is the main and most common way to get riot points. Of course, there are many other ways to earn RP. 

Some of these ways include Amazon Prime Gaming, gifts from friends, submitting art for RP, or getting bonuses from the company itself (friends, relatives, or people who work at Riot).

What are RPs Used For?

Riot points, as I said above, It serve as a premium in-game currency in LoL. You can use them to buy yourself things from the game store. 

Most players use RPs to get their hands on their favorite champion skins, chromas, and emotes.

In the case of TFT (Teamfight Tactics), players can get maps, special effects, and others.

Another use for these points is to get items related to the specific game-run events. On different occasions, holidays, hew mods, or others, Players get missions and a lot of new content. 

During such times, you can buy various items with this premium currency. From specific skins to even getting a pass for getting more of the mission currency, All of this is for the sake of your performance and the chance to attain more rewards.

Overall, the riot points can be used to buy almost anything in the game, and they always come in handy.

Can You Get RP by Submitting Art?

In short, yes. That is something that has been done numerous times. Many players around the world have done this, and it works.

Of course, if you want to do it, you will need a reason. You can not simply send them your art and ask them to give you riot points for it. If you do that, it is more like extortion than asking politely.

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How to Submit Your Art for Riot Points from League of Legends?

Now, this is important. The way the process goes is something that you have to remember if you plan to do it.

The very first part is to prepare your art. In the end, you will be sending it to them for riot points. You can not simply draw something for 5 minutes and expect to get RP for it. There is actually a chance that they won’t take you seriously if you try to pull such a trick.

Once you have decided to do it seriously, You have to pick a theme. It would be good to be something closely related to a League of Legends champion or Runterra.

When you’ve decided on a theme for your drawing, It is time to focus on the process of drawing. Spend some time and make it properly. Draw something good and prepare it for mailing. 

If you draw on paper, scan it and get it on your computer. If you write digitally, you are ready to go.

Once your art is ready, the next step is to sell it. Write down the reason why you want to sell your art for RP. Tell them why you need the points and that this is the reason. Selling the art that you have worked so hard to create.

After you finish, the second step of the preparations comes to the final moments. Now it is time for you to contact them, send your artwork to them, and wait for their reply.

In order to send them your League of Legends drawing, The first thing you have to do is go to their website. From there, you have to log in to your personal account. Find the support button and click on it.

Follow the steps and find the “write a ticket” section. From there on, you have to write a ticket to the riot company and explain the situation to them. Add the letter you have already written as step two. Add the art and send it.

If you have followed the steps properly. There is a huge chance that they approve it and send you the riot points you so desperately need.

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to ask for astronomically high numbers like 100–200 Rp. That is something that most likely will not happen. The most common situations are where they send you anywhere from 1 to 50 Rp for your art. If you need more than that. Then I advise you to try and send them multiple pieces. That is in order to reach and get the number of riot points that you need.

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How Much Art Gets Sent to Riot for RPs?

That is a good question. As I said earlier, this is a common practice for many people who need RP to get their skins, etc.

In fact, sending art, be it marvelous or just a funny caricature of League champs is a common practice and a well-known tradition. Set by the players during the years and continued. Riot happily accepts such art and gives out riot points for it.

According to the company statistics, there have been years where they got about 25 000 tickets. All of them relate to the topic of sending art for RPs. This astronomically high number shows how many players keep the tradition alive. And the fact that they do it shows that it is still alive and working.

To back this up, the company provided data showing that they received over 300,000 riot points for art submissions from all over the world. Each of these players got about 25 RPs as a reward for their efforts. And as Riot states, from the start of their program or rather a tradition. The company sent out over 7,500,000 Riot points and even more if we count the ones from this year.


In conclusion, I can say that sending Riot your art in order to get RPs. It is something possible and easily achievable. In most cases, you will get your 25 riot points, and you will be able to get the missing points that you need for your skin. 

It is critical, though, that you do not abuse this. As the only thing that can happen is to backfire on you, you get nothing. No one wants to spend time preparing something and then get nothing for it, right? That is why if you have plans to play a few tricks, you better not do it!

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