7 Best Farming Junglers in League of Legends

Not much of a social person? Don’t worry, League of Legends has the role just for you. Staying away as much as possible from enemies until you stack some items is an excellent strategy to get more objectives and more gold in the later stages of the game. The jungle is filled with nasty creatures wanting to get killed by your hand and will grant you vast resources of gold and experience, further helping you to level up faster. 

But as a jungler, you will need to achieve more than just killing some harmless monsters. After getting your required items, it is time to open your eyes to more rewarding activities. A great way to gain advantages over your opponents is by helping your team secure enemy towers, killing the more enormous monsters like the Drakes, Rift Herald, and Baron. 

While waiting for your jungle monsters to respawn, it is a good choice to make a successful gank. Doing so will get you or your teammate precious kills that will show their power as the game progresses. Try to do all of the things mentioned above repeatedly, and you will be one effective jungler that secures the bag.

So, in the text below, we will be talking about the champions that can farm more efficiently than others, helping their team win the game faster.

The Best Farming Junglers in League of Legends

7.  Master Yi

Master Yi is a champion that only requires mashing your Q button to rip from one through another enemy and, in the end, get a pentakill. The true damage he can output is insane and very welcomed for every team with Master Yi. This makes him untargetable, and his Q ability is excellent for fighting multiple opponents. Nevertheless, it is also great for quickly going through your camps.

Master Yi is great for farming because his abilities give him high damage output and bonus attack speed to aid him in farming his camps. He has very early ganking potential to help his teammates against enemies that are over pushing the lane, granting them an excellent advantage. He fits the job description as he can effectively farm during any game stage.

His W can increase Yi’s sustainability, further helping him destroy his enemies with ease. Overall, he is a great duelist that can conquer the jungle and secure many objectives all by himself if he is playing the right way.

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6. Hecarim

The fastest unicorn in the universe, Hecarim is one tough horse that can sweep through the jungle with ease. The faster he runs, the more damage he deals, meaning that he is the right candidate for this list. His kit is packed with lots of damage, a sustainable ability that allows him to heal some of his missing Health, a great burst of movement speed that helps him gain more damage for his passive and fearing ultimate grat for chasing down your opponents.

Once this horse gets hold of some of its needed items, he becomes a monster that you cant catch nor kill. Going for a tanky build will make him one of the most sustainable champions in the game that is very hard to kill. He will clear the monster camps very swiftly and move on to secure more and more objectives and make significant advantages against his opponent jungler. Very good at engaging into enemy backlines to take enemy carry down and win a teamfight.

5.  Amumu

Amumu the sad mummy most certainly is the king of the hill when it comes to the section of junglers. He is one tanky bruiser that deals insane amounts of magic damage. Make your opponents go through COVID all over again with your fantastic crowd control abilities that can lockdown enemies in a vast radius. Combining the tankiness and magic damage output, Amumu can dominate the jungle as he will be killing them quickly,  even the Drakes.

Amumu can be a sustainable tank for the team if he is, but appropriately, which also deals great amounts of magic damage. That damage will significantly decrease the time he spends in the jungle killing monsters, and he can move on to killing champions. His specialty is engagement. With his Q ability from distant places, he can stick onto grouped opponents and activate his ultimate to stun all of them, granting great advantage in teamfights.

4. Rammus

Rammus is another fast and beefy jungler that can help you take lots of advantages in the early game. He serves as a tank that is great at engaging squishy opponents. Paired with Thirnmail, Rammus can be unstoppable because, after his taunt, you will be dealing lots of damage to yourself while he dances and laughs at you. And after he gets some kills while doing the above, enemy carry won’t be damaging him. His Q ability gives him enough movement speed to go from one lane to another in just a couple of seconds. Pair that with Predator rune and Ghost summoner spell, and you won’t stop at any red lights.

Rammus is a very decent champion with a decent clear of the jungle, focusing on more important tasks early in the game. Great pick when your team doesn’t have any tanks. He is one reliable armadillo equipped with crowd control and speed to engage and make tough times for his opponents, conquering the rift.

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3. Nunu & Willump

Nunu is nothing to fear in the first levels, but after he hits that power spike, he can deal massive amounts of magic damage while also being a tank. Putting some points in his W will make the tiny snowball into a mega snowball that will nuke and erase from existence anyone he hits. Nunu & Willump are very fast and agile jungler that clear the jungle camps with ease, like that snowball, granting them a considerable movement speed. Also, in her kit, the ultimate gives some shield. Plus, it blows a massive amount of damage on anyone too close.

Nunu & Willump are carrying second smite. When used on monsters and minions, his Q ability deals substantial damage and, most importantly, gives Nunu & Willump all the missing Health they need. This ability is a great way to get back some of that green stuff back when you are low, significantly below 40%, eating most of the monsters using just one ability. That makes Nunu a great jungler who can clear his camps quickly and generate many gank possibilities to help his team.

2. Olaf

Olaf is a mad Viking filled with rage that hits hard when you are not paying attention to him. He has a fascinating set of abilities that help kill jungle monster camps. Olaf may not be a very mobile champion, but Riot gave him the ability to deal massive amounts of damage and enormous bursts of attack speed to compensate for that. His axes are doing a pretty good job when clearing camps, as the cooldown resets after Olaf picks the axe he had just thrown.

When Olaf uses his ultimate ability, he is filled with rage that makes him invulnerable to any crowd control ability used by his opponents. That makes up for the lack of dashes and flashes he doesn’t have. With that said, he can run down any enemy that dares to oppose him, dealing massive blows onto them. The faster he gets his power spike, the faster his clearing speed will be, meaning he is pretty decent at clearing camps and cutting wood in teamfights.

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1. Warwick

Similar to Nunu&Willump, ability-wise, Warwick is one hungry wolf that hunts his food by sniffing them out. The beneficial passive ability allows him to track enemies that are low on Health and gives him movement speed if he chooses to hunt them down. He is very good at clearing his jungle and making successful ganks after hitting level 6 and getting that fantastic leap to catch any running enemy.

Warwick is an excellent farming jungler because he can devour monsters in very little time and switch to devouring enemy champions with his passive ability. If you are extremely low on Health, know that Warwick knows where you are, and he won’t hesitate to try you head-on. 

So be careful and stick to any ally. His Q allows him to heal while biting onto anything alive, increasing his sustainability alongside his E, making him take minor damage and apply fear onto anyone too close. His ultimate is also great for engaging in fights or running away as far as possible when you become the hunted.

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