5 Most Toxic League of Legends Players

Playing League of Legends goes in hand with experiencing many emotions, call it happiness, satisfaction, fun, often anger, a bit of sadness when you demote to a lower division (we’ve all been there), and some of these emotions can even come by in a single game depending on how you or your teammates are performing, the outcome of a team fight or the overall result of a match!

That is what you usually experience when playing the game, but sometimes, this can be caused by a negative factor that influences your playstyle, mindset, mechanics, and in general, your way of having fun when playing! and that is Toxicity, or dealing with a Toxic player.

Toxicity usually comes by pretty commonly in League of Legends, whenever a mistake is made, you can be sure that someone on your team will start typing in the chat, or pinging on top of the champion as if they are pointing out that mistake, which is not a pleasing feeling for anyone. 

A few examples of this could be when one of your teammates is not comfortable with his given role, or when a teammate completely misses their abilities on what seemed to be a free kill that could potentially impact the outcome of the game or taking an objective.

Other times, receiving this type of behavior from a teammate is not because you misplayed or did something wrong, sometimes they would just act like that towards you because of a personal matter, especially on high elo where people play with each other frequently due to the number of players in a rank on a certain hour.

This article is a top 5 of those known kinds of players that went far and ruined the whole league experience for their teammates.

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5. Rat IRL

Rat IRL is an internet personality, mostly now for being the best Twitch in the world. He’s a very highly-skilled and talented player, yet, he takes a spot on this list. For years, despite his mechanics and personality, he has been known for being toxic, and a player that used to provide elo boosting services and account selling. 

He is also one of the former members of a group of toxic streamers called “L9”, who are known for being one of the most toxic personalities the league community has seen. Many players on the pro scene and high elo solo queue players believed he used third-party programs and scripts on his games, but he has demonstrated on his live streams that he is indeed a very skilled player.

Overall, these past few years he has focused more on his Twitch.tv, and YouTube career, he is a very fun and entertaining person to watch and has calmed down a bit on the toxic behavior he used to have before.

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4. Dardoch

As surprising as it may seem, Dardoch makes an appearance on this list.

Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett is a former professional league of legends player that used to compete on the LCS under the name of different organizations. He is a very talented player, and because of this, many teams have offered him to play on their main LCS roster, however, his stay on these teams he used to play for was not for long. 

It was revealed by some of the organizations he played for, such as Team Liquid and Immortals, that he is a very toxic player. He was caught on film flamming his teammates for their performance, and this led to the organizations and the team coaches benching him, ultimately leading to him leaving the team he was in.

Because of this behavior, it was really hard for the organizations to make him work with his other teammates to produce a healthy environment which would translate to better team results.

3. Pornstar Zilean

Pornstar Zilean is an infamous League of Legends personality, that despite being a talented and mechanical player, people in high elo used to fear having him as a teammate. He used to be a challenger Rank 1 Draven one-trick player on the EUW Server, which would sometimes duo OP Shaco, another of the most toxic players on the server. They would either stomp games or intentionally die and completely ruin the game. 

He is also the inventor of “Disco Nunu”, which became really popular among the league community to the point of people replicating it in their own ranked games. It consisted of picking Nunu, selecting Clairvoyance and Clarity as summoner spells, purchasing boots and a red trinket at the start of the game, running to lane, using Clairvoyance, and red trinket to create a lighted area and then proceeding to dance as Nunu. 

It became popular because of GrossGore being repeatedly trolled by it on stream when he was one of the big league faces on Twitch.tv. In addition to this, PS Zilean also used to be a very racist person, which led to having his chat restricted multiple times, and accounts being permanently banned, however, never received an indefinite ban as one of the players we will talk about later on this list.

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2. DarkwinJax

Khaled “DarkwinJax” Abusagr is a retired League of Legends Esport player, previously jungler for Team Solo Mebdi. His account established the highest harassment score ever recorded on EUW Server. No player, before or since has matched his degree of negative behavior. 

DarkwinJax used to threaten players by physically injuring them, including Riot employees, and also being racist towards players. It was stated on the EUW League forums that he was reported more than 1,000 times in the span of 3 months (Feb-Apr 2012).

After years of restricting and banning his account, he continued with his unacceptable behavior, and as a result of this, he was permanently banned and all future accounts would be banned on sight. He was also indefinitely banned from any Riot-affiliated League of Legends tournament.

1. Tyler1

Tyler1 is another high elo Draven one-trick player on the NA server.

He started to become popular a couple of years ago after he got into an argument with C9 Hai, an LCS player of the time, where he insulted Hai and threatened to beat him in real life.

Back in the day, you could not select your desired role when queueing to a ranked match, the pick order would decide if you got to play the role you wanted or not, and every time ADC was taken, he would troll pick and select troll summoner spells until the person that was going ADC would let him be the ADC. 

Other times, regardless of his role, he would pick Teemo and troll the game if he was in the same team with a player he didn’t like.

He had what he called an “int list”, which was a list of players that if he got them on champion select, he would just type “int” as a warning that he was going to intentionally feed that game, in order to get someone on his team to dodge. He was permanently banned over 9 times until he received the same treatment as DarkwinJax: All accounts he created would be banned on sight.

After several of his bans, he got into an argument with RiotPhreak, where he threatened him on trolling his game, to which Phreak answered he would ban his account. The main issue with this behavior is that it would influence league players to start acting the same way when seeing the punishment wasn’t very unforgiving. After this conflict, every time they would face each other in Solo queue Tyler1 would trash talk him.

After years of being under the treatment of getting banned on sight, Tyler1 reformed and changed his manners, he and his community asked Riot to lift the punishment on him for years until they finally did.

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This concludes our list of the most toxic players the community has seen, so, next time you are in a game with someone with these types of behaviors, be sure to /allmute, do not let them get in your head because it may affect your mindset. 

After all, you are arguing more with your team than you are against your enemy, and don’t even bother responding to them, as it may lead to a suspension on your account if players report you even for not letting that person take you down, the best thing you can do is report the player after the match ends. 

It may be inevitable to get mad sometimes because of a misplay or a teammate inting, but remember being toxic is never the answer for that, you can do it better, you can be a good player and be an example for everyone else if you change the way you think and some other do it as well, the game will be better for everyone, and bear in mind. if Tyler1 did it, why wouldn’t you?

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