The Fastest Way to Farm Tokens in League of Legends

Tokens are League of Legends’ way of implementing the battle pass system to their game. This is a progressive way to advance through different rewards of the current even. Still, unlike other battle pass systems, here it works like a currency you can spend on, and the prices of each item depend upon their rarities. 

This article will show you how to farm for tokens fast every time an event comes up in the league of legends. There are many ways to do it, so sit back and read on as you learn how to farm tokens fast in the league of legends.

What are Tokens?

Tokens are, like what I have mentioned above, serve as a currency for the current event. It has different designs based on the event that is currently taking place, but most of the time, its value remains the same. Items vary in token prices, from rare cosmetics for your current skin in the form of chromas to the rarest skins in the game that come in Mythic Prestige skins. 

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How Would I Know the Items That I Can Buy With Tokens?

You can go to your crafting screen by clicking its icon on the upper right side of the client. In there, you will see the current Token, and by clicking it, you will see the current rewards of the event. Don’t worry; even if you haven’t earned one yet, you can still look and plan, so you know what you will buy and earn for. 

Different Ways to Earn Tokens

There are multiple ways you can earn tokens in the league of legends. For one, you can play a game and earn a small number of tokens each time you win. Another way is for you to complete the missions Riot provides for free. 

These missions are easy to complete, and they commonly give 20 tokens, with some being harder but providing you with more tokens. You can also buy the pass for the event and earn a flat amount of tokens along with exclusive missions you can do to earn more.

What is The Fastest Way to Earn Tokens in League of Legends?

The fastest way to earn tokens in the league of legends is to immediately buy the pass for the current event, as this will give you even more missions that you can complete along with the free missions provided for you. Having a pass will also increase the tokens you earn for every win in a game you have. 

Some missions will require you to play the game in summoners rift, but most dictate a task, and you’re good to go in any game mode. You can abuse this by playing ARAM as games tend to finish faster than a game of Summoner’s Rift. 

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This is the fastest way to earn tokens in the league of legends, and there are no cheats or hacks that can get past Riot Games’ securities, so you will have to grind. But doing what we just said and buying a pass will give you the luxury of earning double or triple what you can earn with the free pass. Buying the pass will also allow you to earn tokens thrice as fast. 

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