The 10 Best Items Against Tanks in League of Legends in Season 12

Riot has made several significant changes to the items in the last several seasons (including the best items against tanks that we’re covering today). And, it was much easier in the old days when everyone knew which champs did damage and which didn’t. Now, the tank champions are dominating most games from the item changes. 

For instance, players need to build anti-tank and anti-healing items to defeat these overpowered champions in the late game. Let’s take Irelia as an example, you can quickly kill her at the early phase, but she’s almost un-killable at the late phase with her armor or healing items.

The tank items are a modular enhancement that gamers equip to enhance the abilities of their champs. The effects that tank items give on tank champs are very beneficial in the match. Effects such as Stat Buffs, Passive Effects, Auras, and Active Effects are what make these champs feared and deadly.

The main idea behind the armor and magic penetration items in LoL is to counter these tank champions by exploiting their defensive stats. Many items can be used to counter tanks, but today we will talk about the best items against tanks in League of Legends.

What Are The Best Items Against Tanks in League of Legends?

Let’s start with the five best Ability Power items against tanks.

1. Liandry’s Anguish

Liandry’s Anguish is a mythic item that deals ability damage to burn enemies and causes them to receive (60 + 6% AP) and (4% max health of the target) total magic damage for four seconds.

The item has a passive that grants up to 25 ability haste and the other five Legendary Items. Torment dispenses default damage, hence is not triggering any spell effects. It’s not blocked by a spell shield and can deal 67.2 (plus 6.72% AP) + (4.48% target’s max health) magic damage for four seconds against enemies with 1250 bonus health along with AGONY.

The Liandry’s Anguish Agony increase applies to magic damage and doesn’t produce bonus magic damage to true or physical damage types.

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2. Demonic Embrace

Demonic Embrace is a legendary item that needs Blasting Wand, Giant’s Belt, and Amplifying Tome to transform into its legendary gaze. The item costs 3000 Gold, which grants +60 ability power and +450 health to the one who buys it.

The Demonic Embrace is a scalable item that offers a minimum of 9 Dark Pact (Bonus ability power). The total AP granted for every 100 bonus health from outside sources increases by two. The Azakana Gaze deals only default damage; hence it doesn’t trigger spell effects. And, it’s not blocked by spell shield.

The Demonic Embrace gains ability power equivalent to 2% bonus health. It curses the enemies by dealing ability power, which causes them to receive (Mele 8%/Range 4.8%) of their max health as total magic damage for 4 seconds.

3. Void Staff

Void Staff is also a legendary item that grants champions +65 ability power and +45% magic penetration. This item is one of the most used by mages because it penetrates almost half of the magic resistance each tank has – making them very vulnerable against mages. 

The Void Staff’s percent magic penetration can stack multiplicatively with percent magic penetration abilities. The 45% magic penetration from this item becomes more potent as the opponent’s magic resistance increases. And, the dealt magic damage percentage increases by a factor of:

  • At 30 magic resistance – 11.58%
  • At 100 magic resistance – 29.03%
  • And, at 200 magic resistance – 42.86%

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4. Riftmaker

Riftmaker is a mythic item that grants +80 ability power, +15 ability haste, +300 health, and +8% omnivamp. It costs 3200 Gold and has a passive ability that empowers each Legendary item with 8 ability power and 2% omnivamp.

The item’s passive can also grant up to 10% omnivamp to five Legendary items and 40 ability power. While fighting with an enemy, each second deals 3% bonus damage that can stack up to three times for a max of 9%. And, when this effect is wholly stacked, it converts 100% bonus damage into true damage.

The passive effect grants true damage that takes down durable enemies. And also slight bursting fragile enemies with increased damage. Hence omnivamp gives true damage and provides healing, which is very useful for Battlemages.

5. Morellonomicon

Morellonomicon is a legendary item that’s not expensive to buy, costing only 2500 Gold. It grants +80 ability power and +250 health. The item deals magic damage to all enemy champions inflicting 40% Grievous Wounds up to 3 seconds. This also increases to 60% if the enemy has less than 50% of their max health.

It needs Blasting Wand, Oblivion Orb, and a Ruby Crystal to fully build the Morellonomicon recipe. The passive of the item deals magic damage to all enemies, regardless of the damage classification. And, when used with Liandry’s Anguish, the item’s damaging time can be extended for a bonus of 4 seconds.

These are the best AP items against tanks in League of Legends. And now, let’s continue the list with the best AD items against tanks in LoL.

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6. Kraken Slayer

Kraken Slayer is a mythical item that costs 3400 Gold. And, needs a Noonquiver, Cloak of Agility, and a Pickaxe to create the item. It boosts the stats of the champ’s abilities with +65 attack damage, 25% attack speed, and +20% critical strike chance. 

Kraken Slayer’s passive effect grants 50% bonus attack speed along with the other five legendary items. Bring it down is not blocked by spell shields, and it doesn’t apply to structures. It also stacks and triggers an on-hit effect instead of basic attacks that utilize a projectile. 

7. Black Cleaver 

Black Cleaver, the legendary item that costs 3100 Gold, can be built from Caulfield’s Warhammer, Kindlegem, and a Long Sword. It offers +40 attack damage, +25 ability haste, and +450 health. The Black Cleaver has two unique effects called “Carve” and “Rage.”

Carve deals physical damage to enemies, applying a stack of Carve for six seconds that can stack up to six times. Each Carve stack reduces the opponent’s armor by 5% and can reduce it by 30% at six stacks.

Rage also deals physical damage to opponents and grants three bonus movement speeds per each stack of Carve for two seconds, which can be up to 18.

8. Lord Dominik’s Regards

Lord Dominik’s Regards costs 3000 Gold and can be built when Last Whisper and Cloak of Agility are bought. It gives +30 attack damage, +205 critical strike chance, and +35% armor penetration.

The Giant Slayer effect deals up to 15% (based on max health) bonus physical damage on the opponents. And, the item is perfect against tank players. It can delete the armor and health of the tank enemy instantly.

ADC and Jungle champions benefit the most when using Lord Dominik’s Regards. Vayne with Kraken Slayer combined with Lord Dominik’s Regards removes the champion’s health and armor like it’s nothing.

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9. Serylda’s Grudge

The Serylda’s Grudge is a legendary item that costs 3200 Gold. And, it needs Caulfield’s Warhammer and Last Whisper to complete its recipe. The item offers +45 attack damage, +20 ability haste, and +30% armor penetration.

It has a unique effect, “Bitter Cold,” that deals ability damage and slows units by 30% for a second. Serylda’s Grudge can also be repetitively re-applied by each tick of “damage over time” effects, which causes the item’s effect to have a duration for the damage debuff, and until one second after the last damage tick.

10. Mortal Reminder

The Legendary item “Mortal Reminder” costs 2500 Gold and can be built by purchasing an Executioner’s Calling and a Zeal. The item offers +25 attack damage, +25% attack speed, +20% critical strike chance, and +7% movement speed. The item is perfect against tanks. It’s cheap and offers so much to anyone who uses it.

Mortal Reminder has a unique effect, “Sepsis,” that deals physical damage to opponents inflicting 30% Grievous Wounds for three seconds. When you attack an enemy three times in a row, while they’re still affected by the Grievous Wounds is increasing their effects up to 60%. And, deals physical damage to enemies inflicted by 60% Grievous Wounds can refresh the empowering effect.

The Mortal Reminder is used the same way as mages use Morellonomicon. Both of them have the purpose of lowering the self-healing effects of the enemy. 

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